Thursday, 16 April 2020

Neelu Chaudhari - Thoughts of the Day 16 April 2020

Sourced from Neelu Chaudhari's Facebook:
Most people have gone into the debate about the facts of whether the coronavirus is a real threat or a fake threat. In my opinion it is totally irrelevant what two opposing sides of the debate disagree on. What is relevant is what could have gone wrong that did not go wrong if the system had not stopped. The English language is about what is written, spoken and debated. It is not about what is not written, spoken or debated. So it is very important to learn to read in between the lines as to what has been deliberately left out to deceive and mislead the masses into fear.
As Children of God, we are protected by the hierarchy of angels of the Universes, part of the Galactic Federation of Love and Light. Due to the utter stupidity of the Dark Reptilian Cannibal Entities, which had made their way to the top of the Banking and the Corporate Pirate Currency Government Structures, wearing suits and ties, with clean-shaven faces, who secretly signed the Greada treaty in 1954 and murdered all Whistleblowers , Leaders and Presidents, who found out about it and opposed it, like MK Gandhi, JFK, Benazir Bhutto, Indira Gandhi, Phil Schneider.... during the Paedophile World War 3 preview of the Reptilian World War 4, to conceal our Divinity, escalate our slavery, steal our equal share of Gold Prosperity... And try to steal Gods planet from God's children.
So there was a plan to vaccinate the entire population on this planet 7.6 billion of us, so that the reptilians could steal this planet from the galactic Federation of love and light whom we, humanity serve under God, God's laws and our Freewill.
Would you rather stay at home or go to work if there were no pirate loans, bills or debts?
Would you rather have your children at home where you can keep an eye on them or send them to school where the teachers and headteachers could be Witnesses of coughs sneezes runny noses and send your children in an ambulance never to be seen or heard again?
Would you rather get picked up from the streets in an ambulance and forced injected or worse put on a do not resuscitate order, murdered in hospital without anyone knowing the facts of the death OR stay at home
There is a war going on between God and and the reptilians, it is an intergalactic inter-universal inter-dimensional war and it is testing us for our resilience to evil, threats with our inner courage and intention to win.
Evil can only enter through weakness, alcohol, drugs and fear. We here in the third dimension are also 12th dimensional Gods, coexisting in all the dimensions from the third dimension to the 12th dimension and collectively fighting the evil in all the dimensions. The reptilian humanoids can telepathically and through torturing babies, put fear frequencies into the universe. Our first priority is to stop the torture and murder of babies on this planet. The charity commission via the UK headquarters at 102 Petty France, where the Ministry of Justice and the the Crown Prosecution Service are also based, together with the Vatican and the war machine of America's Washington DC, have been heading the Demise of God's children in-service to the devil. All the scripts have been written by the Reptilian humanoids, stolen from the whistleblowers and used as templates for creating Artificial Intelligence programs, synthesised in the underground bases including the United Nations.
These AI programs generate the scripts for the puppets in parliaments and governments of the corporate structures and which Julian Assange Exposes. That is the reason why Julian Assange is being used as a tug-of-war between the reptilian agenda and humanity. The reptilian agenda will continue to fall as long as the whistleblowers are kept in captivity.
So please, thank God we are still alive on this planet at this time because of all the activity that is going on in the universe on our behalf.
Many attempts to destroy humanity and take over this planet have failed because of our hard work, because of our courage and resilience to fight the evil and protect the children and babies.
Please be grateful that we have a very bright future without the Pirates corporate structure of slave mastery by the reptilians and slavery of God's children on God's planet, aka COVID 19 WAR, WE WON.
Please focus on the light, heart, sun and mother Earth to always be thankful for being alive which is a miracle in itself.
Truly, circumstances are manifesting such that the woman, the mother, the wife, the sister, the daughter, the aunt, the grandmother are coming out of slavery into their element as equal partner in the war to fight evil through the heart.
Mother Earth is rising

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