Friday, 18 October 2019

Matt Taylor's Harassment Horror

Matt Taylor, who was found guilty of harassment in 2017 and guilty of contempt in 2018, has been arrested for the seventh time in 2 years, for harassing the father at the centre of the Hampstead Satanic case, identifiable only as Mr D.

Crying out for help and insisting he’s misunderstood by society, Joker Matt Taylor recently claimed to be the winner of the record breaking £169 Euro-lottery.

A hero to many and a villain to few, Matt Taylor is set to break onto Brighton’s comedy circuit, showcasing his unique style of buffoonery, mixed with cutting edge political and social satire.

Championing good causes and a leading writer in the alternative Truth Movement, (of which he says he’s The Daddy’), Matt Taylor hopes to meet with Walt Disney executives within days, to discuss the £200 million investment into a New Camelot Film/TV Studios to be built in Brighton, as a stepping stone to film a King Arthur II film Trilogy, putting Brighton back on the map is a major movie making capital of the World…

Did you know that from 1895-1900, Brighton produced 184 more films than Hollywood?
At that time, Hollywood was nothing but an obscure town in California.

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