Thursday, 11 July 2019


Dear Julia,

You should know that after intervention by my  colleague and Brother Mr Brian Setchfield, I finally had a meeting with the Manager and three other witnesses. or so-called "psychiatrists"  who I refer to as snake oil salesman, due to my own research with Prof George Lees, who is a Professor of Neuroscience and Drug Safety.  After I explained the Nuremberg Treaty to the manager he promptly released me and I walked out yesterday morning.  lol.

Mr Brian Setchfield in an extremely important person and has five name changes since his birth to protect his real Identity.  He set-up Crimestoppers with Lord Michael Ashcroft, I know who he really is, and you would will be shocked when you find out. I have been advised NOT to contact Sussex Police or Gillian Jones who was the disgusting woman who got me arrested. However I have a three hour interview which I am in the process of of getting from The CPS.   

I am still being attacked by The Hoaxtead Mob.

As you are aware WPC Katy Latham of The Met Police released one of their assassins after he tried to murder me at Southwark Crown Court, at  David Noakes Trial.  These people for some ungodly reason are being protected by The Free-masonic Police Network.  

Now read on, I have tons of it

Remember what I warn about in many of the 100s of Video's I have produced, backed-up with 100 percent forensic proof.  The BBC, and Freemasonic Network are the enemy within. Remember remember 5 November 2017 

Lucky for me that Barrie's wife, just happened to go to the same private girls school as one of my Ex's in the late 60's, that's how I get access to him and other whistle blowers, however, I don't think it will take the criminal fraud network very long to issue another mental health fraud on all the people in this very important video.   

Who is Hoaxtead Karen Irving Learn more about Karen Irving who is behind the Hoaxtead Operation

John Paterson

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