Monday, 8 July 2019

Decorated Soldier, Simon Bean M.B.E threatens to kill leading Truther :Andy :Devine in cold bloodied murder, during a Facebook Live feed.

“I’m coming for you Andy and I am going to wipe you out. I am going to put a knife through your fucking brain. Do you understand me, you cunt? I am coming for you and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Mad veteran Simon Bean MBE, threatens to travel to Greece, and murder :Andy :Devine, by plunging a knife through his brain.

:Andy :Devine is a leading speaker in the Truth Movement, and host of his ever popular 2-5 hours long marathon shows; and is the most vocal champion of Moai King John Wanoa, a 67 year old man who has sacked Queen Elizabeth II as the Trustee of the Queen Victoria Trust Fund, worth in today’s money, (plus damages, compensation and interest) equals £970 million trillion trillion.

Desperate to squash an Islamic style Awakening happening in the UK, four leading champions of the Truth Movement have been rounded up and detained using fraudulent mental health committals.

  • Equity Lawyer, Edward Ellis
  • Protected Citizen and Sussex Police corruption Whistle-blower, John Paterson
  • Financial Fraud Whistle-blower, Lee Cant
  • Surrogate King William IV Monarch, John Wanoa

Is Simon Bean mentally insane?

After promising to “bringing this country to its fucking knees,” and later, promising to disrupt Dover port, at the start of the summer holidays, concerns are growing for Bean’s mental health and police intervention is now a certainty.

Humiliated after vowing to bring 2 million veterans onto the streets of London, but achieving of a tiny fraction of that, damaged veteran leader, Bean, seems desperate to re-assert his reputation, by vowing to disrupt Dover Port, at the start of the Summer holidays.

In a Statement of Intent published on Facebook

“We are going to go a step up and we are going to close Dover Port.”

“What’s the significance of Dover Port? Every hour two ferries going across to the Continent every hour, also two ferries coming in every hour. So if we disrupt for four hours, that sixteen boats that are either going to be in port, moored off-shore, or doing circle in the channel until such times as they get in.”

Set to bring massive disruptions to thousands of families setting out on their Summer holidays, madman Simon Bean has chosen to target Dover, with the specific aim of disrupting 16 ferries across a 4-hour period.

He predicts, “In those 4 hours we’d have closed two ports, two ports in France and one in Dover. Two ferry terminals closed. 16 ferries cancelled or held up, over a period of 4 hours. We’ll then move on. If we’ve got what we want great, if we don’t get what we want, we’ll go from there and on something else at a later date."

At Green Park, in sight of Buckingham Palace

Having turned a corner of Green Park in London into a stinking latrine, from Friday 28 June to Monday 1 July, and having failed to muster 2 million veterans, and failed to have blocked anything from going in or out of Parliament, and having failed to have brought the country to it’s “fucking Knees;” madman Bean will no doubt, fail to stop any ferry from leaving on-time from any port, whether at Dover or Calais.

Music by Rick Astley - Dance

Killer Bean

  • Man ex-Warrant Officer Simon Bean MBE, 54, claims to lead a movement of 4.8 million ex-servicemen and women
  • He’s threatened to travel to Greece and murder a leading Truther in the Truth Movement, :Andy :Devine, in clod-blood, by stating publicly “I’ll put a knife through your fucking brain.”
  • He said he and others are prepared to use their military training to cripple the UK, by disrupting Dover Port at the height of the Summer holidays, bringing misery to thousands of families and tourists, by disrupting 16 ferries over four hours.
  • Demands an end to the persecution and prosecution of veterans that served in Northern Ireland


After being featured in the Daily Mail newspaper, which ran with the following headline:

“We will bring this country to its fucking knees”: Furious veterans threaten to grind the UK to a halt by shutting down transport routes and water supplies unless the prosecution of ex-Northern Ireland soldiers is stopped.

After promising to “bring this country to its fucking knees,” madman veteran Simon Bean MBE, has caused more controversy by vowing to travel to Greece to murder in cold blood, a leader speaker in the Truth Movement, called :Andy :Devine.

“I’m coming for you Andy and I am going to wipe you out. I am going to put a knife through your fucking brain. Do you understand me, you cunt? I am coming for you and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

According to the Daily Mail, Retired warrant officer Simon Bean MBE, 54, is leading a mammoth movement of ex-servicemen and women who are campaigning to stop the prosecution of troops deployed to the conflict during the Troubles.

In truth madman Simon Bean, has listened fake PenDragon Gary Clarke, himself poisoned by the satanic Hoaxtead community, into believing Satan will gift him the world, if he follows his mantra of chaos and disorder.

Loyal to a Wicked Queen

Blindly loyal to a Queen who has betrayed them, (having sold the UK out to the European Union), Simon Bean called off his Green Park occupation, after being assured by Conservative party leader and PM hopeful Boris Johnson, who pledged to end the 'unfair' hounding of Northern Ireland veterans.

With nothing more solid than an empty pledge from a comedic politician, famed for being a buffoon and liar; Simon Bean is now facing serious allegations of treason, and a growing person of interest to secret services.

Simon Bean, who joined the Royal Corps Transport in 1983, told MailOnline: 'Our strategy now is to put as much pressure on the government and politicians to stop the persecution and prosecution of veterans.”

“And if they don't, then we're going to basically bring this country to its fucking knees.”

He added: 'We will do it the way we know, because the government at the end of the day trained us. And the tool they used to train us was other soldiers. Soldiers train soldiers and that's the way it is.

'And they've trained us so well that we could stop this country in an hour from now if we wanted to. And we will.

'Transport systems, power supplies, water supplies. We'll shut the country down. There are 4.4 million veterans in this country.'

Mr Bean, who served in Bosnia, Northern Ireland and was also Princess Anne's personal protection officer, is pushing for a law to safeguard veterans from constant inquiries decades after the conflict. 

Bean claims that his campaign is supported by tens of thousands of people - indeed, 200,000 people have viewed his Facebook Live feed during which he promised to travel to Greece, and put a knife through :Andy :Devine’s brain.

Looking at Simon Bean’s track record; we doubt Simon Bean will ever go to Greece; and that if he ever does, he will do so to offer :Andy :Devine, a grovelling apology.

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