Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Prince William and George killed in a terrorist attack? A special report by Matt Taylor

Prince William and George killed in a terrorist attack?
Controversial conspiracy researcher Chris Spivey has made a chilling prediction in his new article, 'So where does that leave Madeleine?' that there is a plan to kill Prince William and his son Prince George, in a staged terrorist attack, with the intention of leading to all out Word War, wiping out Islam off the face of the Earth.

Chris Spivey writes, "I personally think that their plan is to kill Willie (and maybe George too) in a staged terrapin attack which will lead to all out World War, which in turn will reduce the world population tenfold and wipe Islam off the face of the Earth.... Just sayin."

Appealing his conviction in 2015 of harassment against the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby, after an article he published 'The Drummer Man,' alleged Lee Rigby and his family are fictitious characters  created by MI5, to perpetrate an insidious agenda against Islam; Chris Spivey has caused renewed controversy in his recent article 'Night of theLiving Dead,' in which he contends that not only Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed didn't die in the infamous car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997, but neither Princess Diana or Dodi Al Fayed even exist.

He explains, "I believe Diana: Princess of Wales never actually existed except on paper and was only brought to life via a series of actresses and very rich 'it' girls. Young Diana was in all probability played by Charlotte Goldsmith youngest child of James Goldsmith and sister to Zac Goldsmith and Jemima Khan."

Implying that a secret ministry within government photo-shop pictures to create multiple public personas, Spivey uses a face comparison application to illustrate the similarity between various well known personalities. Taking a picture published in the national press, he over-lays the picture of another person with the first, to illustrate that two different faces originate from one.

While many dismiss Spivey's research as the ramblings of a mad man, he's quick to retort, "It is indisputable and impossible to debunk."

Boasting of a readership in it's millions, Spivey has opened himself up to ridicule in much the same way as another famous conspiracy researcher, David Icke; when he claimed the Windsor Royal family were descended from a reptilian race originating outer space.

As Spivey writes, "Course, those who have been denouncing me lately with comments about how I have lost the plot, or I have been blackmailed into using these photo comparisons, or I am working for MI5, all fall into two groups. Group A. Those who think that they are so wide awake and egotistical that anything passed their point of understanding must be bullshit..... Lose the ego fellas, you have an awful long journey to travel yet. Group B. GCHQ paid/blackmailed trolls desperately trying to make me look a laughing stock because I have nearly cracked how the monsters game plan works... Fuck off from my website you sewer dwelling scabby nonce cunts."

With more and more people now aware of conspiracies and the Alternative Media, the most recent of which was the headlines of American Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, having a body double to hide an illness becoming international news, Spivey is promising to publish more explosive articles revealing a hidden world of criminality unknown in modern history.

"You see, as I have said and will prove in the coming months: At least a third of our MP's do not exist, hence the need for them to be kept at a distance from the public."

Defiant in the face of public condemnation, ridicule and police harassment, Spivey is blazing a trail in the Alternative Media as the leading conspiracy researcher going further down the proverbial rabbit hole than anyone has gone before.

He writes, "I have given you more than enough indisputable evidence that extreme, organized crime is being committed..... So report it. In fact I think that it is an offence not to. And when I say report it, I don't mean email your PCC enclosing a link to this or other articles... Indeed, that will get you nowhere. Course, by all means print off any relevant information to include as proof but you must report your allegation in person at your local police station.... Do not be fobbed off. You are a British citizen reporting an extremely serious crime that is occurring on British soil. Don't just sit back and leave it to others, that ain't going to work because you can bet your fucking life that those 'others' will be doing the same as you."

Only time will tell whether Chris Spivey is acknowledged as a genius of his age or just a mentally ill man, drunk on the national and international platform which the internet offers anyone who sets their own website.

Leaving the last word to Raine1, a loyal reader who left this comment in response to Spivey's latest article:

"A lot of people night not be able to get their heads around this, but just remember that there was a time when NONE of us would have believed that the entire British establishment, from Queenie downwards, are into child rape, murder and Satanism. We now know that there is overwhelming evidence that this is indeed the case."

Everything you always wanted to know about Chris Spivey, but were afraid to ask:

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