Monday, 11 July 2016

The 'E-mail' which forced Andrea Leadsom out of the Conservative Leadership.

Running scared having read Brian Setchfield's email
Dear Mrs Leadsom.
My name is Mr Setchfield and I have some very serious and alarming matters that I wish to reveal to you in relation to the RT HON Theresa May.
I have with the assistance of my team for a considerable amount of time now, repeatedly reported the most serious criminality to Mrs May and to her PA, Ms Jenny Sharkey, but, unfortunately, it has been met with the proverbial wall of silence, which as I am sure you will appreciate is most concerning to us, bearing in mind of course, the very serious nature of the matters that we have constantly placed before the RT HON Lady.
It is further the case, that we had again contacted Mrs May on Wednesday 29th June 2016, at 17.14pm, which was of course before she had announced that she intended to be considered for the role of the position of being elected as the Prime Minister of the UK.
We have listed below for your convenience the very email letter that we had sent to the RT HON Theresa May and to all of the recipients copied into that email. Furthermore, the email below has also a revealing timeline of the events which had also been sent previously by us to Mrs May. We do believe you will find the information below self explanatory.
We do most sincerely trust that this email letter to you and that of its contents, will alert you to the fact, that it will of course naturally now be impossible for the RT HON Mrs Theresa May to continue to be in the running for the position of the Prime Ministers position, and, quite clearly, that once this matter has been exposed and revealed publicly by you as a trusted member of the Conservative Party, it will of course leave the clear pathway for you to be elected as the new Prime Minister of the UK, where the general public will be looking to you to negotiate the timely departure of the UK from the European Parliament. 
Finally, we would ask if you would please be kind enough to reply to us by return so as to bring about some kind of formal investigation into all of the very serious criminality that has taken place at the hands of the most vile “ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS” that the Uk has ever had the displeasure of having to endure, thank you.
Yours sincerely
Team Setchfield.

To:  Cc: ;;;; ; ;;;  ;;; Peter Eyre <>;; Foxfield Management
Dear Mrs May.
My name is Mr Setchfield and you will of course recall, that myself and my team had repeatedly reported serious “Fraud and Deception” to you and to your PA, Ms Jenny Sharkey, that is to say, with reference to the serious amounts of money that has been stolen from the “British Treasury” and, that the theft had been carried out by an “ORGANISED GNG OF CRIMINALS”. I have for your convenience listed below the email that we had sent to you on Wednesday 28th October 2015, at 16.60pm.
Mrs May, I have to say that it was very disappointing to not have received any kind of acknowledgement form you and Jenny as we had truly expected you to have dealt with the matter as a matter of urgency.
I now feel that I should reiterate the very serious matter to you once again, because, to date the theft of the serious amounts of money that has been stolen, remains stolen. I also feel that I must further reiterate to you that the possible murder of a member of the Public at the hands of Police Sergeant Matthew Presland, Police No (CP 806) also still remains dormant.
I would ask if you would please be kind enough to reply to us by return as a matter of urgency, and, of course naturally, before you consider your own position to stand for the Prime Ministers position.
We look forward to hearing from you, thank you.
Yours sincerely
Mr Setchfield.


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