Friday, 1 July 2016

The Downfall of New Labour

The Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) have sent out the message loud and clear, 'Parliament is no place for good and decent men or women.'

Jeremy Corbyn
I'm watching from the back back back benches in total shock and horror, as the Labour Party slaughter their leader for no other reason than being a good and decent man.

Call me naïve if you wish, perhaps I am; but I was always under the impression that the opposition party were in opposition to oppose the policies and ideals of the governing party.

Oh how wrong am I?

I used to joke that they are all in it together; both the Conservatives and Labour. Oh how right am I?

According to 'They Work For You' website, Angela Eagle; Jeremy Corbyn's rival for the Labour leadership voted for:

·  a stricter asylum system
·  university tuition fees increasing from £1125 per year to up to £3000 per year
·  the introduction of ID cards
·  90 days without charge
·  for the invasion of Iraq
·  against an investigation into the Iraq war
·  the retention of Trident nuclear weapons
·  air strikes on Islamic State in Iraq
·  air strikes on Islamic State in Syria 

I expect this voting record would mirror that of Hilary Benn too.
What is the use of having an opposition when their voting record matches that of their opposition?
This is the beauty of Jeremy Corbyn and the reason why 60% of grass-root Labour members voted for him. They voted for him because he walks the walk and talks the talks. He votes against the Nasty Nazi Conservative Government and does so consistently.
I find it incredible that the bully boys and girls of the PLP aren't letting him fight a general election. 
The evidence suggests that he'll win with a landslide.
I've personally voted for every political party (except the Liberal Democrats), during my 27 years of voting eligibility. I got so disillusioned with politicians breaking their promises, that I ran as an independent candidate in the Brighton Kemptown 2015 General Election, in which I came last with 69 votes! (This taught me a lesson, that honest men have no place in Parliament,) but even I'll vote Labour under Jeremy Corbyn, and I'm your Average Joe with the same mind-set as a million other Average Joe's in Great Britain.
The Travesty of Democracy
We are being taken for a ride, and the 172 Labour MP's who voted against Jeremy Corbyn in his vote of confidence are the culprits.
"For heaven's sake man, go!"
Watching the venom of David Cameron looking Jeremy Corbyn in the eye, and hollering at him from across the Common's dispatch box, to "for heaven's sake man, go;" gives the impression that its David Cameron leading the revolt and the Labour party following his lead.
My golden rule when it comes to politics is to say 'no' when a politician tells us to say 'yes'; that its 'bad' if a politician tells us its 'good', and to 'go' when a politician tells us to 'stay'.
It was for this reason that I didn't vote in the EU referendum. One nasty arse-hole telling me to 'stay' and another telling me to 'go'. Fuck that for a game of dominoes.
It’s with this in mind that when David Cameron says its "in my party's interest for him to sit there, it's not in the national interest," what he actually means is that "it's in the national interest for Jeremy Corbyn to be the leader of the Labour party because he'll win the next general election with a landslide and that it's in his party's interest that he goes."
 These politicians really are the lowest of the low; dirty rotten liars and back stabbers, paedophiles, fraudsters and murderers.
All this will come out.... It’s already common knowledge in the Truth Movement and once the news breaks on mainstream news there will be a revolution within 24 hours.
As I've already said, call me naïve, but I thought Jeremy Corbyn was a cunning plan by minions of Queen Elizabeth II to appease the British public and throw them a crumb to perpetuate the myth that democracy is alive and kicking in the United Kingdom.
After-all he appears to have done nothing about the child-abuse scandal in his North Islington constituency.
Jeremy Corbyn turns a blind eye to child-abuse
David Cameron
I'm changing my mind now. Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn is the real deal; a good and decent man who slipped through the net of Parliamentary vice, perversion and immorality?
Either way, (and for what it’s worth), I wish Jeremy Corbyn stays the course and out-flanks his rebel MP's.
If you want to vote for austerity, join the nasty party. If you want to renew the Trident missile system, join the nasty party, if you want to perpetuate war, poverty and child-abuse; you know what to do - (All together now---) Join the Nasty Nazis Conservative party.
There is always a silver lining in everything and the silver lining in the Jeremy Corbyn rebellion story, is that the nasty conservatives masquerading as Labour MP's have been exposed.
We have all known that the Labour party has been infiltrated by the nasty Tories since Tony Blair came to power. That's why the Labour party was called New Labour.
Thankfully the downfall of the New Labour Party is in progress and out of the fallen bricks and mortar will rise the Old Labour. Proper opposition with proper values and principles.

Proper Labour, not this wishy washy bullshit; men with girl names, stabbing their bosses in the back...

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