Monday 1 March 2021

Ex lead singer of East 17 Brian Harvey says he's a "Dead man."

In a highly charged and emotional late night YouTube live, Brian Harvey, the ex lead singer of the highly successful 90's boy band East 17, has said he's a "Dead man," following his investigation into phone hacking by the Murdoch newspaper empire.

Fearing for his life and an assassination attempt at any moment, Brian Harvey has been for years exposing a Truth Movement plot to set him up as the fall guy for a bigger sting operation, involving high profile paedophiles in government and attached to the Windsor Royal Family.

Set up by high profile Truth Movement players, namely Bill Maloney, Ian Puddick and Chris Fay, Brian Harvey was fed a cock and bull story that the Grandfather of the Truth Movement David Icke was a paedophile and many other were too, including the nation's favourite gardener Alan Titchmarsh, politicians Edwina Curry, Kenneth Clarke, Leon Brittan, ex PM John Major, singer Elton John and the nation's favourite boxer, Frank Bruno.

"When I give the names, you just say yes."

Supplied with a 'Ninja camera', given to him by Ian Puddick, Brian Harvey claims he was fed lies about prominent personalities by Bill Maloney, while in conversation with Chris Fay and Andrew Ash, with the intention of going public with the information, which would ultimately be proved to be untrue, resulting in Brian Harvey being discredited, alongside the Truth Movement and any further allegations of paedophilia within government and the Windsor Royal family too.

Coming to terms with the state sponsored psychological operation being played against him, Brian Harvey has been left mentally battered and bruised by the on-going negative publicity, that continues to be inflicted upon him by high profile players in the Truth Movement, such as Shaun Attwood and Jon Wedger.

Metropolitan police have visited Brian Harvey's address to check on this welfare, but no investigation has been launched into the allegations he's making.

For more information on  Brian Harvey and his sensational story of phone hacking, misinformation and skullduggery at the highest levels of government and royalty, subscribe to Brian Harvey TV on YouTube. 

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