Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Dear God, Thank you for your love and devotion.

  1. Write- Horror Chiller - Political Thriller
  2. King Arthur II
  3. Comic strip based on my dairies
  • Secure an agent
  1. Eve White - 54 Gloucester Street, London, SWIV 4EG @eveagaency
  2. Charlie Viney & Kate Shaw - The Viney Shaw Agency, 23 Erlanger rd, Telegraph Hill, London, SE14 5TF - 02077323331
  • Secure £20 million over 4 years deal
  • Contact Wilson and Baram
  • Send Rosie KA2 text
Dear Reader, can you help me fulfil my dreams and aspirations? Please leave your advice below and with your help we can achieve my goals and aspirations for 2018.

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