Monday, 13 November 2017

The Paradise Papers reveal that the Queen is the worst parasite of them all.

Sourced from Daily Record, written by Annie Brown.

While hardworking Brits have to declare every penny HRH is forgiven for being 'unaware' of where her millions are invested, says columnist Annie Brown.

£10million of the Queen's cash is said to have been invested in offshore tax haven funds
It should come as no shock that Royal cash has been invested offshore in the unscrupulous sharks of Brighthouse.

There is a fag paper of difference between the parasitical nature of the Royal institution and Brighthouse, who have made millions lending to the poor.

Through the leaked Paradise Papers, we now know the Duchy of Lancaster has invested £10million in offshore funds in the Cayman Islands.

The monarch’s private estate of the Duchy is now worth half a billion pounds and it pays more than £20million a year in private income to the Queen .

We know she has racehorses to feed but as was asked of Queen Victoria, what’s she doing with it?
The Queen pays tax on the income she gets from the Duchy but, pinch your nose for this, she doesn’t need to declare how much.

Lizzy and Prince Charles, are not legally obliged to pay tax but do so on a “voluntary” basis.
Which rather makes a misnomer of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

The Queen and Prince Charles aren't legally obliged to pay tax
So while firefighters and nurses and you and I have to declare every penny or we end up in Her Majesty’s clink, the Queen can technically pay what amounts to diddly squat.

While “benefit scroungers” and immigrants are demonised, the worst parasite of all is revered. The Queen’s financial advisers have been criticised for bringing the “monarchy into disrepute” and some honourable brown nose will no doubt be brought to task.

In the meantime, the Queen is forgiven for being ”unware” of where her £10million was invested, as though it’s change one loses down the sofa.

Graham Smith of Republic said: “We should expect higher standards from our head of state.” Yes, we should but we don’t. Quite how the Queen came to get her begloved paws on the Duchy purse is a murky topic.

In the report, the House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts, argued that the income was “an accident of history”, stemming from arrangements established in the 14th century which “might not be appropriate today”.

In other words, somewhere along the line, we were robbed.

The Duchy have claimed the Queen hasn’t received any tax advantage from the offshore investments.

While the majority in the UK have been forced to their knees by austerity, the wealthy have soared in their prosperity.

What makes all of this even more unpalatable is that instead of resenting the Queen, we put her on a bejewelled pedestal.

Yesterday, food banks revealed they will struggle to meet the soaring need for emergency food supplies this Christmas, from families hit by delays in payment of Universal Credit .

It really is time to wake up and smell how one truly stinks.

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