Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I'm sorry Chris Spivey

I owe Chris Spivey an apology.

"Ha ha and to think that come members of the wide awake club think that I have lost the plot with this photo malarkey," he wrote in his article dated 22 August 2016, 'Oi Ou, Call A Copper.'                 
I must admit that I was one of those members of the 'wide awake club' that did think he had 'lost the plot with this photo malarkey' and I said so in my derogatory article published on Guerrilla Democracy News, asking the question, "Has Chris Spivey gone totally mad?
I wrote, "Spivey would have us believe a Harry Potter style Ministry of Magic department is at work in which hundreds of people turn up to an inconspicuous building in London, and get to work following a preordained script written years in advance, sitting down at their desks spending their days writing news articles, manipulating photos and videos before cascading them out to the press to be shown on television and printed in the papers."
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I just couldn't get my head around the enormity of what he was alleging; namely that a Harry Potter style Ministry of Magic department was at work in which hundreds of people are sitting down at their desks spending their days writing news articles, manipulating photos and videos before cascading them out to the press to be shown on television and printed in the papers.
Having followed Chris Spivey since reading his ground breaking article The Drummer Man (exposing the Woolwich false flag event) and Monsters Inc, (exposing the Windsor Royal Family) I've come to respect and value the man's judgment, research and opinion. 
So when Spivey says he's convinced of something, I'm inclined to believe him.
"I am now going to prove – beyond all fucking doubt – that the former Essex PCC, Nick Alston is the Lincolnshire Chief Cuntstable, Neil Rhodes…" 
You can't get much more 'convinced' than reading statements like that.
While Spivey has singled out Zen Gardener as a character who's done "enormous damage done to the alternative media," I've played my own part in discrediting him, and for that I apologize unreservedly.
When Spivey says, "However, these accusing bods who were once self professed partisans quite clearly continue to read every word I write so I will just say to those who have said they are no longer going to donate to the site because I write crap, that is fine – no problem whatsoever." I hang my head in shame because he could well be talking about me. I'm one of those "self professed partisans," who swore never to read another Spivey article again, only to wait with bated breathe to read every Spivey article as soon as it's published.
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I even remember hassling him to hurry up and publish his Princess Diana article, after which I still haven't finished reading it!
As Spivey complains, "I don’t like this job and the merits certainly do not go anywhere near compensating me for the shite I get."
And then continues, "Oh and one more thing – Those new critics who once donated a fiver in 3 installments: Fuck off and don’t visit the site instead of carrying on reading as normal in parasite mode ya fucking ponses." 
Me again! I must confess.... I put my hands up and agree that Spivey is right in saying it..
"I will conclude that polite request by telling you this. I did not know about Zen Gardner. However, the reason for that is in all likelihood due to the fact that I never read his site or any other alternative view sites for that matter, unless in the course of research I am led there via a google search.
Neither am I interested in or reading the findings of the self appointed, unwanted, alternative-view police in their never ending witch-hunt of those within our domain. After all they are just untalented fuck-ups looking to make a name for themselves off of someone’s hard work or more often than not, they are the security services scabby bitches who will expose anyone that they are told to without the least shred of evidence to back their claim."
The bottom line is that Spivey has revealed that the state of play to be even more dire than we have been lead to believe.
Spivey has uncovered a Ministry of Magic which are photocopying pictures of a single person, to convince society that they are two different people, or even multiple people.
The crimes and deception of our Over-Lords is even worse than we thought.
The only question now is what to do about it?
Call in the Russians as Kevin Annett proposes; or call in our own Royal Military Police to investigate. I expect Spivey's findings are of such an unbelievable nature that its going to take sometime before his conclusions sink in, and while I'm afraid it may be too late by then, the ultimate answer lies within ourselves, and the power of us to say NO, we ain't buying their bullshit no longer and we're prepared to do something about it.
I'm sorry for doubting you Spivey! 
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