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Chris Spivey is back. A national hero to many and a nasty internet troll to mass media newspapers, the controversial writer has bounced back on the internet with a vengeance.

Having declared “That’s all Folks” following his conviction of harassment against Lee Rigby’s family, Chris Spivey has posted an article “I Am I Said” in which he sets out in crystal clarity how he’s been fitted up by a corrupt establishment for telling the truth about such false flag events as the Woolwich beheadings, the Glasgow bin tragedy, the Tunisia terror attack, 7/7 terror attacks and many more.

Unfortunately, that situation is not getting any better as it is now becoming blatantly obvious to me that the ‘Establishment’ is not content with shutting me up – they are in fact after crushing me and my totally innocent family.”

Squashing disturbing rumours he had committed suicide Chris Spivey has sent out the signal that he’s back and he’s back for good.

The site is still up and running and will continue to do so even if I get sent to prison for a crime I didn’t commit…”

Many thousands of others went into mourning facing the prospect of never reading a Chris Spivey article again.


Words don't do justice to the sadness I feel today. Our community is broken our hopes that we could fight and make a difference are gone. Our voices have been silenced. And the implications for this country don't bare thinking about, Chris Spivey has been a true warrior, and to his and his families detriment fought the system better than anyone ever. I fully support and understand his decision, there is only so much one man can take, and to take his reputation the way they have saddens me so much. Where will the disenfranchised the disillusioned the disheartened go now, when they need help?” - Lisa Pea

I have not meet Chris in person but a have been reading his site for years and I will greatly miss him and will thousands of others.” - Kylie Healy, Long time reader from Perth, Western Australia.

It’s a sad day man, don’t ever think you were alone and nobody was standing up, we are a few at a time. You helped so many see just how rotten this world really is. If this is truly your last post then you will be missed. Our thoughts are with you.” - Neil Smeaton

Gutted.” - Gareth.

Mind you, while thousands mourned, others rejoiced at the good news.

This week the news that Chris Spivey is in court, convicted of harassment of members of the family of Lee Rigby, the soldier who was murdered at Woolwich, has cheered me up immensely, and I do feel that, if Chris Spivey, as he has been warned, does end up with a custodial sentence, justice will have been done and a stand made for freedom of speech. Which is the excuse Chris Spivey uses for writing his obscene, deranged drivel, now mercifully deleted from the internet.

Due to Chris Spivey's appearance in court this week he has deleted his blog, immediately the airwaves are fresher and clearer, the ether seems brighter and easier to communicate within, maybe just imagination but I for one am relieved that Chris Spivey's obscene, unpleasant and untruthful blog is no more.” - Sharon Gifford aka Mother Damnable.

Chris Spivey is a cunt. A gargantuan cunt. A pig-ignorant, barely literate, inarticulate conspiracy theorist cunt with a website on which he posits his ridiculous theories that pretty much every major national disaster and/or world tragedy is a hoax staged by “crisis actors” sponsored and arranged by the government of whichever country the event takes place in.” - A cunt who cunts cunts!

Sam Cameron is Elizabeth Owens
Chris Spivey is a LUNATIC To even suggest that this family is involved in a conspiracy like this is beyond words or imagination. This is a slap in the face to the memory of their loved one. OMG.” - Michelle Lee.

With his articles littered with profanities, Chris Spivey has earned himself the reputation of being the leading and most controversial writer in the Alternative Media.

Championed by Guerrilla Democracy News as the person most likely to trigger a British revolution, Chris has come under sustained criticism for putting forward the suggestion that a company of crisis actors are instrumental in virtually every major terror attack in the world.

A step too far for many readers is the suggestion that Sam Cameron doubled as Elizabeth Owens, a witness at the 7/7 inquest and that widow of alleged 7/7 bomber Samantha Lewthwaite, was a crisis actor who played Rebecca Rigby in the Woolwich event.

While Chris exposes many more crisis actors by using a Face Comparison application, other researchers carry on where he's left off suggesting actor Jonathan Pryce is Pope Francis. While I'm stunned at my resemblance to Barry from East enders!

Jonathan Pryce is Pope Francis - Barry from Eastenders is Matt Taylor

His contention that nearly all the happy family pictures of Prince William, Princess Katie and their son Prince George are photoshopped is a contention too far.

Many believe Chris Spivey has lost all credibility., but as so often the case, when you follow the evidence, no one knows where you’ll end up.


It's a measure of Chris Spivey’s character and conviction that he's prepare to journey down the proverbial rabbit’s hole and share with the world everything he finds along the way.

The same can be said about David Icke and his contention that those in power are actually shape shifting reptilians from another dimension.

Either way, Chris Spivey put his reputation on the line and in doing so has revealed a story unbelievable to many and the ultimate truth to others.

Shying away from the one subject which certain people want him to address, (The Hampstead case) Chris Spivey has hit out against his critics who say he isn't a journalist.

In his latest article 'I Am Said I,' and feeling somewhat insecure after the recent national backlash against his work, integrity and character, he said:

“So what is a journalist?
Well, according to Merriam-Webster a Journalist is:
(A) A person engaged in journalism; especially : a writer or editor for a news medium
(B) A writer who aims at a mass audience
(C) Someone who keeps a journal.
So in regard to category A, it is pretty safe to say that I am a writer.”

Before going onto rightfully boast;

“My website – [] – is currently ranked at 210,052 in the world, 10,649 in the UK, 10,968 in Australia and 472,491 in the USA… Which trust me, is an altogether fucking brilliant ranking.”

Guerrilla Democracy News is the first to admit grabbing onto the coat tails of Chris Spivey to boast it's own readership numbers. The acclaimed 'Who the Fuck is Chris Spivey?' remains a reader's favourite and tops the most viewed blog on a daily basis.

As Chris Spivey mentions in his article 'I Am I Said' about his new found nemesis Jimmy Jones the Outlaw:

You see, Jones is apparently crowing about how heavy his webshite traffic is, yet he is too dumb to realise that it is only people coming to see what the fucked up faggot is saying about me as opposed to new found supporters.”

Its true for Guerrilla Democracy too. Having reported comprehensively on Chris Spivey, its fair to say that if you type “Chris Spivey” into Google's search engine, you will find at least two Guerrilla Democracy News blogs about him.


While his loyal supporters accuse me of “taking the piss;” I prefer to think 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.'

From a personal point of view; I hold no shame or guilt in “taking the piss” out of Chris Spivey. It certainly doesn't mean I don't support him or that I wouldn't move Heaven and Earth to come to his defence.

The very fact that I've never personally gone up to support him at any of his court appearances shouldn't give the impression I don't care.

We all have our own families to care for; and having blown all my money helping a grumpy old git defend himself against Sussex Police corruption and keep his home free from criminal thugs; I literally don't have the money to spend on a train journey up to Essex.

I didn't appreciate being pulled up by him for making friends with another nemesis of his, Tom Cahill. We all have to deal with our critics and protractors, and the fact I choose to deal with Tom Cahill by offering my hand of friendship is none of Chris Spivey's business.

Further to which I didn't appreciate being treated like a naughty school boy for questioning his refusal to address the Hampstead case, only to be chastised for not turning up to support him, while others did.

Who I support and who I don't has fuck all to do with you or anyone else... However, now you have brought the subject up, I don't remember seeing you at my court case last month... Course, shouting your mouth off at me is a sure fire way of losing mine.”

As far as I'm concerned I can be a supporter of someone without having to agree with his or her's every word.

Chris Spivey looking goofy
Take John Smith's comment for example:

Why did you choose such unflattering pics of Spivey when you claim to be a supporter?”

In the same way as 'one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter'; I actually choose to use this picture because I believed it showed Chris Spivey's fun side.

Perhaps its just a natural talent I have to wind people up the wrong way. Though one thing is for sure; after 40 plus years of doing it, I'm not about to stop any time soon.

Taking a tip out of Chris Spivey's book, a voice in my head is asking- “Who is this blog about? Chris Spivey or me?”



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