Thursday 26 November 2020

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Wednesday 25 November 2020

New Details about Robert Frith's Death Comes to Light

Contrary to Alternative Media claims that one of the Wilfred Wong child-rescue six, namely Robert Frith (65) was found hanging in his prison cell in HMP Berwyn, mainstream media have clarified the grisly detail that Frith actually died from suffocation after being discovered with a plastic bag over his head.

Following the inquest into Frith's death, The NorthWestWales Live news outlet, has published a news report stating;

"A man charged with an alleged child kidnapping on Anglesey was found dead in his prison cell, an inquest heard.

Robert Frith of Tyn Parc, Holyhead, was discovered in his bed with a plastic bag over his head at HMP Berwyn in Wrexham just after 8.30am on November 14.

Paramedics were called but the the former psychiatric nurse was pronounced dead after being formally identified by prison officers."

As reported by The NorthWestWales Live news:

An inquest opening at Ruthin County Hall today heard the 65-year-old had been arrested and remanded in custody on November 9, ahead of a plea and trial preparation hearing in relation to the alleged kidnapping of a child in Gaerwen.

Coroner for North Wales east and central, John Gittins said checks had been carried out at the prison at around 5pm on November 13 - the night before Mr Frith was discovered dead.

A Home Office postmortem was carried out by Dr Brian Rodgers, who gave a provisional cause of death as plastic bag suffocation.

Mr Gittins said deaths in custody automatically trigger a coroner's inquest and said he will adjourn the hearing to await the findings of an investigation by the Prison and Probation Ombudsman before listing the matter for full inquest.

It comes after Mr Frith appeared at Llandudno Magistrates Court alongside five other defendants on November 9 accused of kidnapping a child under ten on November 4.

He was due to appear again before Caernarfon Crown Court on December 7.

The other defendants in the case are Jane Claire Going-Hill, 59, of Pump Street,  Holyhead; Anke Hill, 50, of Cae Glas, Holyhead; Edward Stevenson, 68, of Parnell Close, Maidenbower, Crawley, West Sussex; Janet Stevenson, 66, a charity counsellor, of Parnell Close, Maidenbower, Crawley, West Sussex and Wilfred Wong, 55, of Pied Bull Court, Galen Place, Camden, London.

Prosecutor James Neary said the defendants are alleged to have “unlawfully and by force or fraud took or carried away a child against his will”.

Wong is also charged with possessing a knife.


Robert Frith was Murdered

Saturday 21 November 2020

Robert Frith was Murdered.

A shocking claim has been made by Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) survivor Jeanette Archer, that Robert Frith, (a 65 year old man arrested alongside SRA crusader Wilfred Wong and five others, for allegedly kidnapping an eight-year-old child), was murdered in Berwyn Prison, having been found hanging in his prison cell.

SRA Survivor - Jeanette Archer

“There are a lot of comments coming up about Robert, and yes exactly, he was murdered. He was murdered.

During a 47 minute LIVE Facebook broadcast, Jeanette Archer explained in stark terms, that she did not believe Robert Frith committed suicide, but was instead killed.

She said, “Unfortunately the news that came in about Robert Frith was true. He had died. He was found hanging in his cell. Now I posted that because I want you to know that was exactly that, he was found hanging in his cell. Not he had killed himself. Not he has hung himself. Because I don’t believe, and one day I might be proven wrong, but I do not believe, knowing what I know, that Robert killed himself. I do not believe that. I believe that he was murdered and I am going to call it as I see it. I believe he was suicide'd by the satanists.”

“I believe he was suicide'd by the satanists.”

Speaking about the developing story in which six people were arrested last Saturday (14th November) for allegedly kidnapping an eight-year-old child, and for the first time introducing a SRA element into the narrative, Jeanette Archer (53) herself a SRA childhood survivor, spoke passionately, cool and calmly about the man at the centre of the story, 65-year-old, ex barrister Wilfred Wong, and the circumstances which led up to their collective arrest.

Wilfred Wong in conversation with Brian Gerrish

“Wilfred Wong is in prison. Wilfred was rescuing a child from a satanic cult alongside and with the child's mother and sister, as in the child’s aunty, the mother’s sister. And the mother’s sister’s husband. And a couple of other people.”

“It was a success. For quite a while until they got caught 200 odd miles later. They almost made it. They almost saved that child. “

“Wilfred has saved many children over the years and helped many mums or dads escape with their children to rescue them out of cults.”

“He has done so much good work, he is devoted. Wilfred was a barrister. He had a successful career and he gave it all up to do this. He’s been doing this fight for nearly 30 years.” 

“So Wilfred getting caught and coming exceptionally close to saving that child and exceptionally close to exposing that cult, that satanic cult where the child was being held.”

While the mainstream media are sticking to their story of a child kidnapping at knife-point, the Alternative Media has been ablaze with speculation, rumour and innuendo, calling this a ‘rescue’ rather than a ‘kidnapping’.

The most recent example of this, was the rumour that Wilfred Wong had been admitted to hospital having been castrated by fellow inmates.

This was addressed by Archer, when she said, “There was information that came out that Wilfred was in hospital and I put a post up when I got this information because I felt, I owe that. Because when information comes in, even though it comes to me, I don't own it and I need to share it. That’s my duty. I took it back down because I soon then realized that it may not be completely correct. Even though it came from a very credible source.”

Claiming her “credible source” were two “amazing women” whose partners were also in Berwyn Prison in Wrexham, North Wales, Archer continued, “I also started to suspect that this may have been satanist at play, because psychological warfare is a big thing for them. And they know that if that message got out, that Wilfred was in hospital, the details of him being hospitalized were awful, and if that information got out, we’d all be very frightened.”

“So I started to probe a little bit more and a couple of other guys within our team were probing and what we know at the moment is, is likely that he hadn’t been hurt and that he’s OK.”

“The thing is the satanists will be pulling all these tricks right now, OK.

As well as claiming the father of the eight-year-old child is a satanist, Archer goes further to claim that the police officers involved in apprehending Wong and his accomplices, were also part of a satanic ring, operating in the Anglesey area of North-West Wales.

“For those who know me, know my story and watch my lives, know that there are satanic police. And how it works is for example, this satanic cult, which is based in Wales, the local police to that cult, will have satanists in that police force. Because if ever anything ever goes wrong they know the right people to phone. So it’s safe to say, the people who caught Wilfred, and the mum and her baby, her child, would have been involved with that cult.”

While SRA is generally viewed as a ‘myth’, and various SRA stories of the past labelled ‘Satanic Panic’ by the general press, Archer is part of a growing movement of SRA survivors coming forward and telling their stories.

Either recounting true life memories or stoking the fire of a new satanic panic, Archer speaks with conviction and authority of her past and her determination to stand up for fellow SRA victims and whistle-blowers.

“The absolute tragedy to this situation is that the child was returned to the cult, to the father who is the satanist. Back into the hands of him and the cult. So that child is now back in and being held in the cult.”

“That’s the absolute tragedy here, because as we know there are thousands and thousands of children being held in satanic cults in the UK alone. And as you know, I was one of those children. Which is why I speak out now. Which is why I feel it’s my duty to put myself at risk every single day to do this, what I’m doing and the love and support that comes into me is very much tied into a lot of worry for me and I appreciate that. Because yes, of course I am a target but I will not, I will not, stop doing this out of fear.”

“I’ve spent so many years of my life being in fear. My whole childhood was dominated by fear and terror and I know a lot of you guys get frightened. But it will not come even close to what a child goes through at the hands of these cults, at the hands of satanists. And all the other children who are abused, sexually abused in our care homes. Look into the stories of our Beech Home team. That have been through atrocities, that if you haven’t been through it, you could never even start to imagine how it feels.”

“We have to fight with everything we have, against the evil that is dominating this planet. And that isn’t something I say lightly. It is dominating our planet. But the good news is there is far more of us than there is of them.”

“I always told you I will lead the charge and I will do that, but we all need to stand up and we all need to stand together.”

“It’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

Following in the footsteps of decades of SRA scandals, most recently hitting the news

headlines with the news that BBC DJ and children’s TV presenter Jimmy Saville, was

part of a SRA ring; Archer is viewed by her supporters as a champion and support for

both herself and Wilfred Wong is so strong, that a vigil is being planned for

Wednesday 2nd December 2020 at 12 pm, outside of Berwyn Prison, designed to lend vocal

support to Wong and the others caught up in this child rescue satanic nightmare.

Archer is determined to tell her story and ensure other victims of SRA are given the

freedom and support to tell their stories.

“I know better than most how they operate. And i just want to stop them. It reminds

me and what I think about every single day, of the children who remain captive in

the cults, like right now as I’m speaking to you. Children are being tortured

and raped.”

“We have to use this situation to up our game and fight even stronger.”

“Of course there are survivors that have moments of, you know, feeling frightened and wanting to just hide away so not to attract attention to ourselves because we know the consequences of that and we know how we are brainwashed and programmed to be silent.”

“This kind of stuff, the message they send with Robert, and the rumours they started about Wilfred being in hospital and putting Wilfred in prison in the first place. All this stuff is to silence us. Its messaging.”

“There is nothing they could ever do that will stop me, ever!”

Wilfred Wong

Friday 20 November 2020

Robert Frith was Found hanging in his Prison Cell & Wilfred Wong Castrated.

Its been confirmed by Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) survivor Jeanette Archer, that Robert Frith, aged 65, (one of the six arrested in connection with an alleged kidnapping of an eight year old child), was found hanging in his cell on Saturday 14 November 2020.

The latest news in this developing story is that Wilfred Wong is himself now in hospital, feared castrated by fellow inmates.

Jeanette Archer - SRA Survivor

Naked Man Climbing out of Buckingham Palace Finally Debunked.


Tuesday 17 November 2020

Did Robert Frith Commit Suicide?



Robert Frith, (One of the Wilfred Wong Six) Dies in Prison.

New Details Emerge in the Wilfred Wong Kidnap/Rescue Story

SRA Wilfred Wong – It was a ‘Rescue’ not a ‘Kidnap’!

SRA Expert Wilfred Wong Arrested for Child Kidnap



Robert Frith, (One of the Wilfred Wong Six) Dies in Prison.

The developing story of the eight-year-old child kidnap/rescue, has taken on a sinister turn of events, with the breaking news that one of the six arrested, former psychiatric nurse, Robert Frith 65, of Tyne Parc, Holyhead, Wales, has been found dead at HMP Berwyn in Wrexham on Saturday 15 November 2020.

Charged in connection with the alleged kidnapping of a child, alongside Jane Claire Going-Hill, 59, Anke Hill, 50, Edward Stevenson, 68, Janet Stevenson, 66 and Wilfred Wong, 55, Robert Frith is said to have died in custody on 14 November. 

No further details are known at this point.

With the mainstream media reporting this story as a kidnapping crime, the Alternative News media, are instead painting a different story of a child rescued by his mother, to save him from a life with his abusive father, alleged to have committed sexual assault against him, alongside “other men.”

Read More: New Details Emerge in the Wilfred Wong Kidnap/Rescue Story

Citizen Journalists - :Andrew :Devine & Angela Power-Disney

With an online campaign of #IStandwithWilfredWong gaining momentum, public perception of this story, (which never stops giving), appears to be moving beyond the shock and horror of a well known SRA crusader (Wilfred Wong) being caught doing what he accuses others of doing, but instead the realization that this is a rescue story, of which the actions of the State and Police, have not only failed the child at the centre of this story, but also the child’s mother and now an alleged accomplice in what appears to be a rescue of a vulnerable child, caught up in a child abuse nightmare.


Man charged in connection with alleged Anglesey child kidnapping dies in prison

SRA Expert Wilfred Wong Arrested for Child Kidnap

SRA Wilfred Wong - It was a 'Rescue' not a 'Kidnap'!

Check Out Taylor's Freedom...


Naked Man Climbing out of Buckingham Palace Window – Debunked? I don’t think so!

I think anyone who believes the 2015 footage of a naked man climbing out of a Buckingham Palace window has been debunked as a fake, are gravely mistaken.

The jury is definitely still out.


Monday 16 November 2020

New Details Emerge in the Wilfred Wong Kidnap/Rescue Story

:Andrew :Devine & Angela Power-Disney

Citizen journalists :Andrew :Devine and Angela Power-Disney have shed new light on the developing Wilfred Wong kidnap/rescue story.

A close friend to the German mother of the child at the centre of this story, it's been revealed that the father is alleged to have committed sexual acts upon the child,( together which other men), which ultimately lead to the child being taken into foster care and a police investigation started.

 A veterinarian by trade, the mother was said to have fallen in love with the unnamed father and had a child. It's alleged the father turned out to be “not so good,” and consequently the marriage fell apart.

In a detailed email sent to :Andre :Devine, the father was said to have maintained regular contact with the child, but over time the child became more and more withdrawn, until one day he said he didn’t want to see him anymore.

“Uncomfortable and embarrassed,” the child disclosed the alleged sexual abuse he received from his father and other unnamed men.

Plainly shocked and distraught, the mother escaped her homeland of Germany and brought a house and land in Wales UK, with the intention of starting life afresh, as far away from the father as possible.

Unclear of the specific details, the mother told the German Youth Welfare office of the child’s allegations, after which the police were informed, and UK social services became involved once the mother and child arrived in Wales.

To the horror of the mother, the child was taken into foster care while the allegations were investigated.

Assured that justice would prevail, the mother lost all faith in the system, after the judge sided with the father, and accused her of having mental health issues.

Clearly in need of help, the mother turned to the internet for assistance, where after she made contact with SRA crusader and ex-barrister Wilfred Wong.

Wilfred Wong

Alleging that the father was “threatening and stalking,” the mother, Wong made further allegations that the father was, “linked to special circles of child abuse.”

It was at this point that the child was placed into new foster care, where-after the mother lost all contact with the kid, unaware and uninformed of where the child had been placed.

After a new Family Court hearing, and to the shock and horror of the mother, the judge denied all contact between the child and mother, and instead granted full access to the father.

With a trial set for mid November 2020, and fearing the worst, the mother saw her only chance of saving her son from further abuse was to rescue him from foster care, and go into hiding in Europe.

For legal reasons separate to the Wilfred Wong story, Guerrilla Democracy News is unable to link the interview or encourage anyone to view the videos.

As the biggest story sweeping the UK’s Alternative News media, a new picture of this disturbing event is only now coming to light.


SRA Expert Wilfred Wong Arrested for Child Kidnap

Friday 13 November 2020

Sussex Police Guilty of Manslaughter.

Sussex Police find themselves guilty of manslaughter following reports that SEVEN people died following contact with their police force in the past year.

The statistics from the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), show that across England and Wales, there were 206 deaths following police contact in 2019-20.


Thursday 12 November 2020

SRA Wilfred Wong - It was a 'Rescue' not a 'Kidnap'!

New information has come to light in regards to ex-Barrister and SRA crusader Wilfred Wong.

Reported in the mainstream media as a child kidnapping at knife-point, SRA survivor Jeanette Archer has provided new information, claiming a ‘rescue, rather than a ‘kidnapping’.

Jeanette Archer

During a Facebook live she said, “The facts so far. Wilfred rescued a child from a satanic cult. With the child’s mother. The mother was in the car.”

Referencing the case of Samantha Baldwin, in which her children were alleged to have been sexually abused by her ex-husband and their father, only for them to be taken from the mother and given back to the father, Archer continues:

“The child was snatched back alright. So the child was taken from a healthy mother and given to a satanic father OK, and was kept in the satanic cult.”

Careful not to commit contempt of court, by naming the mother of the child, (which in doing so would identify the child); both Archer and UK Column News have now added fuel to the fire, by accusing the child’s father of being a Satanist, and that Wilfred Wong’s arrest, and those of the other five, is part of a conspiracy to cover up satanic abuse of a child.

Opinions remain divided, as comments posted on Chancer’s Youtube channel show: "Truther" Arrested for Kidnapping 8-Year-Old at Knifepoint.

“There is no such thing as satanic sexual abuse, there is just child abuse, these cretins that claim this have watched far too much horror films.”


“Wilfred Wong is a true man of God who exposes SRA and helps victims. I believe in him and stand by him.”

Patmos Revelation

“I'm sure some will try to frame this as a "rescue operation". I'll just point out that most rescues do not involve abduction at knifepoint.”

Hoaxtead Research

“Wilfred Wong is a nut job. Has been spreading religious hatred for years. Some of the people he was arrested with are clearly Christian fundamentalists and religious extremists and have issues with the pagan community.”

The True Crime Page Podcast

“There is something wrong with some of you commenting against Wilfred Wong. He was helping the mother, both got arrested now. The father is in a satanic cult.  Now the good 6 people are in prison, the child back to the satanist people. Well done to everyone making nasty comment. You care so much for the child, right?”


“Another report suggests that [REDACTED] may be the child's mother and it was an attempt to get the child to safety. There was a child counsellor there too who deals with DID and SRA. Maybe it is a custody thing after all and whoever has custody of the child is suspected of abuse? Who knows? Also, the report said that if this matter is currently in the hands of a family court, we're not likely to hear any more because family court stuff doesn't get reported due to the strictly confidential nature of each case.”

Pippa Roni


Wednesday 11 November 2020

SRA Expert Wilfred Wong Arrested for Child Kidnap

The UK’s Truth Movement is reeling from the news that top Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) expert Wilfred Wong (55), has been arrested and remanded in custody, for kidnapping an 8-year-old child at knife-point.

Wilfred Wong (55)

A regular guest on such shows with leading police whistleblower Jon Wedger, UK Column News, Brian Gerrish and ex Drug’s Kingpin turned successful Youtuber, Shaun Attwood; Wong was arrested 230 miles away from Anglesey North Wales, after a Northamptonshire Police Armed Response Vehicle team cornered his silver Citroen Picasso car on the M1 near the Newport Pagnell junction.

Wilfred Wong on UK Column News with Brian Gerrish

The unnamed 8-year-old was returned “safe and unharmed,” hours after the alleged kidnapping. 

Five other men and women have since been charged with kidnap, while Wong alone has been charged with possessing a knife.

All six appeared at Llandudno Magistrates Court (10 Nov 2020) and were remanded in custody ahead of a hearing on December 7.

Believed to be part of an SRA rescue team, the other defendants are reported to be Jane Claire Going-Hill, 59, Robert Frith, 65, a former psychiatric nurse, Anke Hill, 50, Edward Stevenson, 68 and Janet Stevenson, 66, a charity counsellor.

Leading the investigation, Detective Chief Superintendent Gareth Evans said: "This has been a frightening incident for those involved.”

"Our focus throughout has been to recover the child safe and well.”

"I am happy to report that this was achieved and I would like to thank our colleagues in Northamptonshire for their swift assistance.”

With speculation going into over-drive, commentators are divided as to the real story behind the headlines. The current scenarios include:

  1. They are heroes, having rescued the child from an imminent satanic ritual ceremony

  2. They’re involved in child trafficking themselves

  3. They’re insane and unstable fundamentalists, caught up in the SRA maelstrom, currently given credence by leading Truth Movement personalities such as Jon Wedger, Shaun Attwood and Niki Cooper.

While it would be foolish and irresponsible to commit contempt of court by speculating on the reasons why Wong and his team allegedly kidnapped the 8-year-old child, an ‘# I Stand with Wilfred Wong’ campaign has already been started on Facebook, by SRA survivor Jeanette Archer, who posted:

“Please use this #istandwithwilfredwong in every post

We need to fight for Wilfred. His commitment to fighting against SRA is like no other I’ve ever seen.”

Another supporter of Wong, Paul Rouke, sums up in a pray the general sentiment of feeling, which Wong holds within the UK’s Truth Movement.

A prayer for Wilfred Wong


A good man, a Christian activist who stands against paedophiles and SRA rings… A true man interested in real "child protection" instead police have returned an 8-year-old child to a satanist nonce, and put Wilfred in prison! The UK is sunk and resides in a swamp of vile depravity at the cost of childhood innocence.

Criticism against Wong includes comments that he is a “creep,” “dangerous,” and that he “deserves to be behind bars.”

The Trial is eagerly awaited. 

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