Tuesday, 31 January 2023

I will NOT BE INTIMIDATED! - Now on Rumble!

Saudi Royal Family £20Billion Investment into Brighton2222Project

Securing Brighton's future into the 22nd century and beyond, a £20Billion investment from the Saudi Public Fund is set to turn Matt Taylor's King Arthur Film & TV Studios Brighton2222Project into a reality.

King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Changing the world with their $500Billion NEOM PROJECT, building a 170 kilometre long linear futuristic city in the Northwestern Tabuk Province of Saudi Arabia, both King Salman and his son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, are set to visit Brighton this Summer to see for themselves the proposed location for the King Arthur Film & TV Studios, a major new tourist attraction Moulsecoomb Moon Base One, a tunnel to the sea, a new West Pier, plus a man-made island off Brighton's coast...

Bringing thousands of jobs to one of Britain's most economically deprived neighbourhoods, maverick politician Matt Taylor, is putting his Brighton2222Project at the centre of his political campaign to be the next Member of Parliament in the expected 2024 General Election for the constituency of Brighton Kemptown.


Running parallel with the ideology, thinking and vision of the NEOM PROJECT, the King Arthur Film and TV Studios will be built using Michael Reynolds Earthship technologies, namely with recycled materials, capturing and recycling its own water, growing its own food and harnessing the energy of the sun. 

As part of a larger Brighton2222Project, a tunnel is planned from Mouslecoomb to Brighton's seafront, where a new Earthship pier will be built, alongside an article island of Brighton's coast.

Bringing Hollywood to Brighton, the King Arthur The War King movie trilogy will be filmed on the rolling hills of the South Downs, recreating the glory days of the turn of the last century, when Brighton led the world in movie production.

Dear King Salman and Son
You are both cordially invited to Brighton
Be Right On in Brighton



Monday, 30 January 2023

Lorraine Kelly Pleads to King Charles NOT to Tell All...

Week day morning TV host Lorraine Kelly has pleaded with King Charles, NOT to reveal all, in the greatly anticipated forthcoming Tell All, with the BBC.

Lined up to be interviewed by veteran BBC journalist Jonathan Dimpleby, Lorraine Kelly said, "That would make sense because he [Dimbleby] wrote the book but can I just say, King Charles, if you're watching, I know you are, please don't.

"Just don't. Don't do it. It could make things - if I was advising him, I would say please, please, please don't. No, take the high ground."

Saturday, 28 January 2023

Live with Guerrilla Democracy News - Watching Trump & King Charles III


Tuesday, 24 January 2023

My focus on Satan Hunters for 2023 by James Hind


What is a Satan Hunter?

A Satan Hunter is an individual who promotes Satanic Panic narratives such as those promoted by QAnon, that a target individual or group of people torture, rape, murder and eat children in the worship of Satan. Such Satan Hunters promote Satanic Panic false narratives for reasons of power, fame, financial gain, revenge or ideology.

The three required conditions that will result in a Satan Hunter being listed and challenged by satanhunter.com and I.

  1. The Satan Hunter is promoting a Satanic Panic narrative.
  2. The Satan Hunter has in their actions in my opinion harmed or abused a child.
  3. The Satan Hunter is based in the UK, or the child victim of the Satan Hunter is based in the UK.

Priority 1 Satan Hunters who pose an immediate threat to children and the vulnerable

These Satan Hunters I have allocated financial resources to in order to monitor and challenge them.

  1. Richard Carvath – Royal Wootton Bassett
  2. Angela Power Disney – Oldcastle, Eire
  3. Owen Lucas – in Exile in Eire
  4. Matt Taylor – Brighton, West Sussex
  5. Nathaniel Harris – Bristol

PRIORITY 2 Satan Hunters who pose an ongoing threat to children and the vulnerable

These Satan Hunters I will monitor and challenge.

  1. Jeanette Archer, Cranleigh, Surrey
  2. Andrew Devine, in Exile in Greece
  3. Brian Willmot, Bournemouth
  4. Jon Wedger, London
  5. Abraham Christie, in Exile in Morocco
  6. Ella Draper, in Exile in Spain
  7. Samantha Baldwin, UK
  8. Neelu Berry, London

PRIORITY 3 Satan Hunters who are semi-active

These Satan Hunters are monitored and reported upon.

  1. Becki Percy, in Exile in USA
  2. Lydia Lowe, Gravesend, Kent

PRIORITY 4 Satan Hunters who are inactive

These Satan Hunters are monitored.

  1. Wilfred Wong, Prison.
  2. Belinda McKenzie, London
  3. Sabine McNeill, in Exile in Germany
  4. Janet Stevenson, Prison
  5. Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, Charlottesville, USA
  6. Jake Clarke, UK

The stench of their hypocrisy precedes and lingers long after… imagine such loving Christians encouraging suicide and threatening death upon strangers.🤦

It defies belief what these so-called “Christians” do and say under the banner of their religion.

Thursday, 19 January 2023

A £20 billion fantasy of Matt Taylor by James Hind

Brighton based Matt Taylor is something of a Walter Mitty in my experience, always indulging in fantasy whilst abusing women and children for which he at least once a year gets arrested for. There is that Jeanette Archer claim of the late Queen of England turning into a giant baby-eating lizard and then torturing her in the dungeons of Windsor Castle, which Taylor endorses as truth with little in the way of critical thinking, when his fellow Satan Hunting comrades such as Jon Wedger, Richard Carvath and Nathaniel Harris reject such claims as absurd. There is that crazy day when Taylor ran a live video show and contacted all the media claiming that Russian agents were coming to Brighton to murder everyone in a chemical attack just because I said something Putin was alleged to have disliked. Then there is the latest mad claims that Taylor has won a £20 billion investment from the Saudi Royal Family for his vanity project of a King Arthur studios, a theme park, a lunar base and an artificial island off Brighton coast.

Claims unsupported by independent verification and consultation

I always love to read local news in “The Argos” of Brighton. Sadly, there is no news of a Matt Taylor inspired £20 billion investment into Brighton, which would not only make the local news, but also the national news. Instead, we are encouraged to read a freebie WordPress platform of unevidenced claims by Matt Taylor of grandiose investment and plans for Brighton. It is a wonderful thing to have epic fantasies inside Taylor’s head rather than something tangible, because then Taylor would have to consult with planners, residents and the politicians in Brighton; and I am sure many would have something to say about a monument of a “crown” being installed on a hill overlooking Brighton in honour of the Saudis. If Taylor is inspired to ring the newspapers and the BBC about a claim I had caused a terrorist attack to be planned against the people of Brighton, then Taylor would have been as equally motivated to announce this massive investment in Brighton. Matt Taylor strangely has said nothing to the official media.

Actions speak louder than words

Back in December of 2022 Taylor ran a Facebook live for four hours attended by three viewers. This action by Matt Taylor speaks louder than words that Taylor’s claims about a £20 billion investment is cow dung. Why? Because nobody in their right mind would be wasting their time on such frivolous 4 hour lives attended by three people when they could have better used their limited time on a massive multi-billion project for which they would gain substantial income from. This “live” is a typical example of how Taylor spends his day, creating content about low-end rubbish to entertain a crowd of people of less than 30, half of who hate him.

An investment into a man with no experience

The Saudis are not stupid, they will ask the obvious questions such as if the person they will work with in an investment opportunity has the experience and skills to turn a profit in the project. With regards to the film studios Taylor has limited acting experience and probably has never played a major role in a film project involving many actors and staff. Sure, he probably can create videos and has done the odd community film project, but nothing on the scale that makes him suitable to run a film studios let alone run a massive King Arthur film project. The lunar base idea and a tunnel to an artificial island would require engineering, scientific and technical skills and experience; none which Taylor has. I would have thought Elon Musk, who would see a lunar base as a stepping stone to his Mars ambitions, being an enthusiastic early ally to Taylor and his idea, but apparently there is no Musk involvement; nor is the UK Government involved, considering they are trying and failing to get a British space project going.

Investment in a risky character

Matt Taylor’s character presents something of a high investment risk. Back in December 2022 Matt Taylor was arrested by the police, apparently for stalking a vulnerable person putting them in fear of their life. Taylor is often finding himself in the news and in trouble with the police, due to an obsessive need to stalk and abuse women, children, vulnerable people and public figures. Taylor has been arrested on suspicion of having indecent images of children and of showing teenage boys baby beheading pictures with view to having sex with them in a woodland. Taylor indulges in risky behaviour around young teenage males, filming them and talking in sexual terms with other deviants about them. Taylor often runs video and content that is derogatory about the British Royal Family, claiming they are shapeshifting lizards, and wants to replace the British monarch with a disturbed Maori fraudster from New Zealand. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, from the Saudi point of view the personal homosexual experiences of Taylor and his support of Satanism, as well as his hostility to the British Royal Family, might be rather alarming to them. It is no point investing in a person and their idea if the association is likely to cause a serious public relations disaster for the Saudis.

Matt Taylor is associated with fraud

Either because he is naïve or is a grifting con-artist, Taylor is associated with frauds and fraudsters. I personally saw Taylor promoting a stranger from Africa claiming to be asking for donations for an orphanage, something I and others looked into, and found to be highly suspect. Taylor is quite happy with no critical thinking and zero due diligence to support and promote grifters such as the African or Jeanette Archer and her lizard shapeshifting scams; which alone makes him a high risk prospect for handling the money of other people. Of serious concern was the association of Taylor with a convicted fraudster called John Wanoa as director of MOAI POWER HOUSE GROUP LIMITED, which made promises of a return on investment for a tidal energy project; both who had no engineering experience or skills in renewable energy projects, which required huge capital investment to begin with, and attracted investment from individuals with false promises, income that was not declared in the company accounts and vanished into the ether. Apparently Taylor had restrictions placed upon him on holding bank accounts as a result of this scam.

Taylor proposes that a company is formed of himself, John Wanoa and another shady fraudster called Andrew Devine to handle the Saudi investment and project. Together with the alleged Saudi investment there is also the risk to taxpayer money and the vulnerable public of being persuaded to invest in a high risk adventure with a bunch of risky characters handling the money. There is also the question of if the alleged investment is legitimate and not the proceeds of money laundering by terrorists and criminals; at least two of the proposed directors of the new company – Taylor and Devine – are convicted of drug distribution.

A branding fail

At the core of the branding of Taylor for his vanity project is his claim of a King Arthur association with Brighton and a lot of other dubious claims. I have written on the falseness of the Matt Taylor King Arthur claims, and I think if the story behind the King Arthur project is suspect, then so is everything else, including the man himself.

If it had been me working on a historical figure to associate with a Brighton business, it would have been Charles Dickens, who spent many years writing his books whilst staying in Brighton, including his book Oliver Twist. Sadly, Matt Taylor prefers fantasy, speculation and fraud over the authentic, so he prefers King Arthur than Charles Dickens to front his fantasy vanity projects.

Sunday, 15 January 2023

More from MattTaylorTV!

On King Arthur and his Fool (Matt Taylor) by James Hind (SatanicViews.wordpress.com)

Sourced from SatanicViews.wordpress.com

As a historian I have been planning a post to challenge the claims of a Satan Hunter called Matt Taylor of Brighton about King Arthur. Matt Taylor is a well known fool who promotes narratives that Satanists eat and rape babies, hence his Satan Hunter tag. Taylor also is known for his obsession with King Arthur, and in some of his social media refers to himself as King Arthur II. Taylor wants the people of Brighton to vote him in as a Member of Parliament with the promise of gaining private and public investment for a film studios and theme park based on King Arthur. Like everything that Matt Taylor promotes his historical argument for promoting his vanity project is dubious, making claims without evidence or knowing what he is talking about.

Before I make comment on the ten claims Matthew Taylor makes about King Arthur in the linked blog post, I want to just mention that there is no evidence that King Arthur had any connection to Brighton. Taking into account major sources such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and the Annales Cambriae, by the time King Arthur arrives on the scene in the 490’s Brighton area was in the control of the Saxons. By 470 all but two of the Roman shore forts had fallen to the Saxons: those in East Anglia and Kent. On either side of Brighton on the South Coast of Britain the two remaining Roman shore forts fell to the Saxons: Pevensey (490) and Portsmouth (501). For some twenty years King Arthur was fighting the Irish and Picts in the North, Wales and Cornwall, and was only ready to take on a major alliance of Saxons and British elements in a showdown at the Battle of Badon (Bath area) in 519. Neither Arthur or any Romano-British leader would ever reconquer East Anglia, Kent or the Brighton area from the Saxons. The victory of Arthur at Badon only halted the advance of the Saxons for a generation, it did not roll back the Saxon conquests and kick them out of Britain. Matt Taylor would have been better off promoting the Charles Dickens connection to Brighton rather than an unevidenced claim involving King Arthur.

Claim: “There was more than one King Arthur”

Writers and bards only claim there was one Arthur, who probably lived between 450 and 550. Sources might say that a leader was like Arthur, but none who was compared to Arthur ever matched him in changing the fortunes of the Romano-British. The Romano-British leaders that followed from King Arthur were all mostly betrayed and murdered by their fellows, and their impact on the fortunes of the Romano-British was limited and short-lived.

Claim: “King Arthur didn’t pull a sword from a stone to become King

Matt Taylor falls for the ignorance of literalism. A lot of sources on King Arthur use metaphor and symbol to represent ideas associated with King Arthur. A common theme in Celtic storytelling is how there is a bond between a king and the land through which prosperity flows: the sword is a symbol of that bond. A king that is disabled by reason of mind or body has to stand down in Celtic society, or sickness, famine and poverty will follow and turn a once healthy land to waste. Towards the end of the reign of King Arthur his bond with the land was impaired, hence the Grail Quest, and the notions of the Waste Land, lost swords, a lost Queen and the maimed Fisher King. The final battle of King Arthur at Camlann suggests King Arthur survived, but was maimed, and hence had to stand down as King.

Matt Taylor says:

“All the King Arthur’s throughout history were born into their roles, and neither King Arthur I or King Arthur II, needed to pull a sword from a stone to claim their right to rule.”

Matt Taylor “Top 10 Misconceptions about King Arthur” 26 June 2019

Although I use “king” for convenience, at the point of history of the last days of Romano-Britain there are no kings: there are emperors, generals and civilian administrators such as magistrates. Even though Arthur had a large army and fleet at his command, he was appointed by an assembly of Roman officials and generals to become overall general of the Romano-British military – a magister militum or “Pendragon”. He was not born to his role, he was chosen by the Romano-British administration of the time, in the same manner as Vortigern, Ambrosius and Uther Pendragon was chosen as their overall general. Few sources ever credit Arthur with law making, public works such as maintaining or building roads, issuing coins or any other civilian role: it is pure military role. Arthur was answerable to the Romano-British assembly that appointed him their general.

“Royal inheritance was passed down between father and son”

Matt Taylor “Top 10 Misconceptions about King Arthur” 26 June 2019

Celtic society did not follow the inheritance practice of father to son as Taylor claims such as the idea that eldest son inherits everything on the death of their father. In Celtic society all sons (possibly daughters as well), including the acknowledged bastards, will get a share of the lands ruled by their father: if there are six individuals inheriting the land of their deceased father, the lands are divided into six parts, the youngest getting first choice all the way to the oldest. One of the reasons why the Celtic peoples could never properly oppose the Romans, Saxons and Normans was they were too busy killing each other in civil wars over inheritance. One way for a son to opt out of being murdered in an inheritance struggle was to join the church as a bishop. Nearly all Celtic “saints” are from aristocracy.

Claim: “Merlin was not a wizard

For reasons that are a mystery to me both Ambrosius Aurelius (uncle to Arthur, brother to Uther Pendragon) and Uther Pendragon (father of Arthur) are both eluded to in some of the sources to be of the Druidic and Bardic class in Celtic society. As a child Ambrosius was presented to Vortigern as a child at Dinas Emrys due to his castle constantly falling down, where he uttered the famous prophecies as written down by Geoffrey of Monmouth, and where the story of two fighting dragons comes from. Ambrosius was associated with the story of enchanting a fog so that Uther Pendragon could sleep with another man’s wife and beget Arthur. Ambrosius is said to have taken Arthur into his household. Again, Matt Taylor fails to appreciate metaphor and symbolic storytelling. It should be noted that Romano-British society was flexible about people moving between roles of bards, priests, generals, emperors and magistrates, so Ambrosius was as capable of moving between a Druid-Bardic role to general to emperor just as easily. As far as Celtic society was concerned, the Druids and Bards were walkers between the worlds, and were arguably seen as magicians or wizards.

Claim: “Guinevere didn’t have an affair with Lancelot

Just to complicate things the sources speak of three Guineveres, and these people and Lancelot may be symbolic tools of storytelling rather than real people. Guinevere represents the land, and her loss in various stories is another example of criticism of Arthur in storytelling that he has favoured his own vanity and glory over the land, the people and his British heritage. Lancelot represents an alternative perfect leader that the land has decided to turn it’s support to over Arthur, and thus this is metaphorically an affair. When Arthur was said to be campaigning in Gaul, his right-hand man looking after Britain whilst he was gone, attacked his fortress (perhaps Cadbury) and ran off with Guinevere, which began the events leading to the Battle of Camlann.

Claim: “King Arthur created The Round Table

The Round Table is another symbol of story telling to convey a universal concept in the West amongst the Romans, Celts, Picts, Irish and Germanic peoples of the patron-client system. It was not practical or possible for Arthur for instance to drive the Saxons out of Britain, so when he defeated them at Badon he asked their leaders to pledge loyalty to him as client leaders, giving him tribute and support in his wars on request in return for his patronage and protection. Arthur had to deal with at least five different peoples of five languages, including the Alans, who originally came from Iran and made up a significant part of his army and navy from Brittany. The claim of equality amongst the followers of Arthur by Matt Taylor is deluded. All these leaders pledged to Arthur was bound by a complex network of patron-client relationships, often to the point there was conflicts of interest, especially in inheritance struggles and blood feud.

Claim: “King Arthur invented the Summer ‘Festive’ Games

The role of creating and running games falls to civilian administrators such as magistrates. Arthur was a pure general, dealing with military matters, and there is no evidence in the written record that he ran any games or was involved in any civilian roles.

Claim: “King Arthur’s son did not kill him

This is a matter of speculation. In the written record Arthur killed at least one of his sons. Other sources claim that Mordred is a bastard son of Arthur and mortally wounded him at Camlann. A lot is written about a son of Arthur known as the Hound of the Sea, who was a cause of many conflicts that Arthur had to deal with. Although a son may have not killed Arthur a son or sons contributed to his fall at Camlann.

Claim: “King Arthur didn’t give Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake

Matt Taylor again falls for literalism and ignorance of the King Arthur tradition. Going back to the dawn of civilisation people give gifts to rivers, wells, lakes and springs: think of the modern day throwing coins into a well for a wish. The land was personified as a female who lived in a watery realm connected by sources of water. Throwing swords into lakes is a favoured tradition amongst the Celtic peoples. The sword that symbolises the bond between king and land was returned to the land on the death of Arthur. Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake are symbolic metaphors for concepts around the relationship of a ruler and the land on behalf of their people.

Claim: “King Arthur didn’t die in battle

The written record infers that Arthur did not fall at Camlann but was so badly wounded he had to resign his leadership role. Arthur may have existed in obscurity for a while in Cornwall but he eventually died of his wounds. The claim by Matt Taylor that Arthur died by assassination by a native American Indian in the USA is fanciful and without any evidence. Tradition claims Arthur was buried in Glastonbury, but in my opinion his body was moved by ship back to a family mausoleum in Brittany or perhaps Soissons.

Claim: “King Arthur’s Kingdom was destroyed by asteroid debris”

Strictly speaking Arthur has a claim to being Emperor rather than King, and the area of his influence included: Wales (especially Gwent and Gwynedd); Somerset to the limit of Exeter; both sides of the River Severn; Wessex; the Roman outposts of Gloucester; Cirencester and Carlisle; Brittany; and a small colony in Spain. Those in Lothian and Powys, although related by blood, were generally hostile towards Arthur.

There is no scientific evidence or written evidence to suggest that any of the lands associated with Arthur was devastated by asteroids. The written record suggests Arthur died in the 530’s, his son, the Hound of the Sea, died in 560. In the years around the death of Arthur in around 536 a volcanic eruption plunged the whole world into a winter with extreme weather events that caused chaos throughout the world with crop failures, famine, resulting in social disorder and war. It is claimed 536 was the worst year to be alive. The Justinian Plague hit in 541 killing an estimated 25-60% of the European population. Matt Taylor claims that asteroids destroyed Britain in 562, however the overall record for the West shows that Emperor Justinian I is settling into a long reign and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records the slow onward march of the Saxons into Romano-British lands.

Matt Taylor claims Arthur built 700 ships and sailed from Britain to the USA. The problem with this claim is that the Romano-British did not know USA existed and were generally terrified of travelling beyond Eire into a realm that belonged to the otherworld filled with gods and monsters. Roman ships were not designed for long ocean voyages. It would be 200-300 years later under the Vikings that North America would be discovered using ships that followed the lands and ice of the far north into Canada through a gradual process of exploration and colonisation. Those who funded and supported Arthur as a war leader would not have given consent to the enormous expenditure to fit out 700 ships, nor to strip their Britain and Brittany of soldiers required to keep the Germanic invaders out of those lands. The Saxons and Franks would have been delighted and taken full advantage if the Romano-British followers of Arthur all vanished from Britain and Brittany for a trip to the USA. Gregory of Tours (538-594) would have recorded such a major undertaking of 700 ships going to the USA under anyone, including Arthur, but there is no mention of such an event.

Tuesday, 3 January 2023

Beware of Dick Dastardly!

Depicted as the cartoon character Dick Dastardly, James Hind is a dangerous individual who I warn everyone and anyone about, due to this obsessive, relentless, fixated and unwanted trolling of anyone and everyone who doesn't view the world, through his own perverted and distorted eyes.

Anyone and everyone who supports this man, is in my opinion, deluded and deranged, and must hand themselves into their nearest police station, surrendering themselves for aiding and abetting a serious criminal.

I first heard of James Hind in August 2020, when he published a tweet naming me, with the message "I will keep a close eye on Matt Taylor"

Making false allegations that CP was found in my possession as "(FACT)", James Hind is putting me and my family in immediate danger from the community around me, branding me a paedophile with zero evidence to back it up.

While I vehemently deny ever looking at, sharing or downloading any CP of any kind, James Hind himself happily admits to sharing and viewing CP material of "the top level."

In the Tweet below he makes the false statement that a Category B indecent image of a child was found on my devices as a "(FACT)"

To set the record straight, it was alleged by Sussex Police that a Category B indecent image of a child was found on my device, but it's certainly NOT a "(FACT)", because it wasn't proven in COURT.

It was then purely an allegation, and remains to this day, purely an ALLEGATION.

In the same way I was arrested in the run up to Christmas 2020, for taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with after showing them videos of babies being beheaded, and that I acknowledged I was arrested for taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of babies being beheaded, DOESN'T MEAN I TOOK THREE TEENAGE BOYS INTO THE WOODS TO HAVE SEX WITH, AFTER SHOWING THEM VIDEOS OF BABIES BEING BEHEADED.

As with the allegation of having CP in my possession, it is still an UNPROVEN ALLEGATION.

Having confessed to being a 12-year-old online decoy, tasked with identifying and removing paedophiles from a popular children's and teenagers social media site, which he waited a year before being made a moderator, James Hind remains the PRIME SUSPECT in enticing the three teenage boys into making a false and malicious allegation against me.

He's on record as offering £300 towards anyone who takes civil action against me, and again on record for offering to make a payment to a solicitor of Shellie Mote's choice, to start civil proceedings against me.

What we do know for a FACT is that he never once reported any paedophiles to the police, because in his own words, "it is not in my nature to be the cause of the ruin of the lives of others unlike the hunters, I dont like that on my mind."

It is worthy of note at this juncture, that I was arrested on the 18 November 2022, for Stalking with Violence, following an malicious allegation from James Hind number one fan. (Whose name I cannot mention due to bail conditions.)

Read more: Being Kidnapped! By Matt Taylor!

James publicly admits that he would never report me to police himself, but instead prefers third parties to do so on his behalf.

James Hind makes no secret that he changes his strategies towards so called 'Satan Hunters,' and has joined in with the chorus to do everything he can to get me either sectioned, imprisoned or killed (S.I.K).

James Hind has got a mental illness.

He claims to view his life from a third party perspective. Watching himself lead his life, as if watching himself in a movie.

"I live in a permanent trap of dissociation."

While I would have diagnosed him with D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder) based on his own description of his mental health, James confesses to suffer from Depersonalisation/Dearealisation, which is in FACT a Dissociative mental health disorder in itself.

While James claims to have suffered low scale child abuse as a 6 year old child, he also claims that the testimony of Jeanette Archer, (who claims to have been a victim of the most serious category of child abuse, namely Satanic Ritual Abuse,) was enough to trigger him to the extent of getting group and individual therapy sessions to deal with the memories.

James Hind is the leading defender of anything S.R.A.

The leading champion in defending the husband of Sam Baldwin, (who she claims to have sexually abused her children and been part of a Satanic paedophile ring), James Hind consistently defends anyone accused of Satanic Ritual Abuse.


Most recently James Hind has been linked to a sock puppet account called Blakewood, alleged to have created a fake Facebook account of myself, to viciously troll, intimidate and upset an innocent couple, Kelly Rusling and Billy Bennell.

It is my humble opinion, as an Ex Royal Military Policeman, trained in criminal investigations, that James Hind, (the self confessed Brighton based satanist), is a very dangerous individual, who has, and continues to pose a grave and immediate danger to children and adults alike.

Stealing the words of Angela Power-Disney, anyone defending this man, "needs to give their head a wobble....."

Read more: Is James Hind a Paedophile?

Read more: Analysing James Hind's Response to being called a paedophile!

Read more: Who's Calling Me a Paedo?

While James Hind is the first to report anyone and everyone who says the name of Child A, from the Wilfred Wong kidnap case, falsely citing the child suffers abuse if anyone does, he was the first to emotionally abuse three teenage boys following the death of their father.

Posted within 48 hours of the death of King Arthur legend Ross Broadstock.

While James Hind sexualises a picture of a new born baby, by comparing the clip of the ambilical cord to an erect penis, he continues to show a distressing picture of a child being kidnapped as his profile picture.

While James Hind accuses me of being a paedophile, it is James Hind who is the paedophile hiding in plain sight.

Sunday, 1 January 2023

Highlights and Lowpoints of 2022

We were all on such a high after Freddy's New Year extravaganza! Or was that the Year before? Its hard to remember!

It all went wrong from then on, from January to December!

The in-fighting was terrible. Everyone hated Convid, my moderators were getting the Mouse treatment, and strange Dave was issuing public statements reflecting his disgust and revulsion at my rude adult humour towards the ladies in the audience.

He took particular offence at me jokedly teasing the ladies to get their tits out for the boys.

(I once said that to a female RMP soldier in the army! We often held naked bars in our Corp's Soldier's Mess! She said no to getting her tits out, so I asked her to show us her Fanny instead; to which she duly obliged. Flashing her neatly trimmed minge to all the boys!)

Can you imagine strange Dave hearing that!!! He'd be horrified.

I'm sure I lost a YouTube channel about then, due to vicious porn bombing by Plisko the Bellend.

I've lost so many, I've lost count.

I lost one to Plisko and then I lost the other to Freddy and Becks.

I haven't publicly spoken about this yet, and seeing that I don't want to take anything from 2022 to 2023, I best come clean and tell you.

While I take full responsibility for losing a YouTube channel, I've blamed Freddy and Becks, using the same justification in which Paris blamed Steve for himself putting his fist through his laptop screen.

I did something in response to the bullshit Freddy and Becks was putting out about Justin, which under normal circumstances would have got me a weeks ban, but instead resulted in my channel being scrubbed, compounded with the previous strikes to my channel from the S.I.K Mouse stalking gang.

And then Justin came into my life.

To which I can confidently state, was the outstanding highlight of the year.

What with going to Brighton beach and getting naked with the teenage boys!

Little Miss Innocence duly followed, and it's been murder ever since.

(Though we did enjoy one particular night in Brighton when Justin, myself, Little Miss Innocent and my magical imaginary girlfriend, all met up at Brighton's Palace Pier for tapas and drinks!)

Of course, I expect you can all guess my outstanding lowpoint of the year!

Being kidnapped from my own home, with all my most precious worldly belongings stolen, thrown in a police cell for 15 plus hours, accused of Stalking with Violence a person I've never met, nor want to meet.


And then the tragic deaths of friends and loved ones.

The first shock was cricketing legend Shane Warne.

Then my dear Aunty Eileen (Fully Vaccinated!)

And to the absolute shock and horror of the Hidden British History community, (and three teenage boys) King Arthur legend Ross Broadstock.

Let's take a moment to remember all those amazing people lost to the Rapture in 2022!

And recently (although his death was accidentally announced during the World Cup tournament by Gary Lineker,) football legend Pele.

And only yesterday we heard that Vivian Westward passed away at the aged of 81, and today news just in that the disgraced former Pope Benedict has kicked the bucket, and is on his way to Hell.

The sad and tragic passing of our friends and loved one's aside, it was the year in which one era ended and another began.

From the Elizabethan Age to the Carolean Age.

But it was also the year The Voice of Reason Alex Belfield was sentenced to a 5 year prison sentence for stalking four BBC radio personalities, the most famous being Jeremy Vine.

While it's hard to talk about, I took great satisfaction in being the first YouTuber to break the news of Belfield's sentence.

And the Belfield Stalking Trial of the Century wasn't the only world shattering event I was fortunate enough to cover.

I was there when Boris Johnson resigned.

I was there when Liz Truss entered 10 Downing Street, as I was there when she left it too.

I was there for the Queen's death, her funeral and everything in between.

But my greatest YouTube achievement of the year was without a doubt, bringing my audience live footage of NASA's DART space probe smashing into the micro-asteroid Dimorphos!

I've always boasted to my audience that I bring them news from across the Galaxy, and I took immense personal joy and satisfaction in being the only YouTuber to bring its audience live footage of a major event, 7 million miles away in our Solar System.

Which makes it all the more painful, to have my channel cancelled due to malicious and frivolous copyright strikes against me, by a jealous, obsessed and fixated YouTube rival.

The hundreds of hours of original entertainment, brought to you with all my heart and soul, cruelly wiped off the face of YouTube, because a certain individual abuses my Human and Fairuse rights.

I cannot even begin to put into words the anguish, sorrow and pain I feel, having been cancelled, my liveilhood stolen and my dreams scattered to the four corners of the Earth.

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And then there's been the abuse!

Titbit Tony The Lonely Joke Harris

Grobnob the grumpy beggar incel from Preston took great delight in putting the boot in.

As did many others! AJ the paedophile convicted dog-beater for example!


Plisko, Eric's Crack Bitch, the German Toad, James Hind, Shellie Mote to name but afew.

There was a particularly funny weekend during the summer, when James Mouse thought he had hit the jackpot, when he came across an array of videos, which he thought I had produced and uploaded.

He must had premiered nearly 10 hours of videos, which if I had premiered on my own channel, I would have been arrested and jailed for breaking a number of court orders.

James Mouse is without doubt my number one useful idiot.

And then came along the dreadful duo Ian Bradley and Myra Hindley.

Titbit Tony The Lonely Joke Harris & Little Miss Innocent

It all started on Little Miss's Birthday!

Justin and I were having a party and Little Miss Innocent gatecrashed it, and we haven't heard the end of it ever since!

Being at the receiving end of the abuse and intimidation of both Ian and Myra has been the outstanding lowpoint of the year, on par with my 18th November arrest, which has left me so distraught and broken, that I've pushed to the edge of the mental health spectrum.

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It's been another year of sabotage by a collection of jealous rivals, who've been pissing on my success ever since I first landed in YouTube so many years ago.

Leading the charge to get me either sectioned, imprisoned or killed, is the Brighton based satanist James Hind.

Believed to be behind numerous sock puppet accounts, the reclusive satanist and 12-year-old online decoy, would rather other people do this dirty business than do it himself.

This is evident by his offer to Shellie Mote of a direct payment to any solicitor who would initiate civil proceedings against me.

James Hind was also had a direct involvement in persuading xxxxxxx to make a malicious allegation of Stalking with Violence against me, plus his involvement in persuading xxxxxxx to make a malicious and frivolous allegation of Malicious Communication against me too.

This is the basis of my firm held belief that he was responsible for enticing three teenage boys to make very serious malicious allegations against me during the Christmas period of 2020.

Read more: Matt Taylor's Christmas Horror Story https://guerrillademocracy.blogspot.com/2021/07/50th-birthday-surprise-tv-presenter.html

As its also my firm held belief that he is also behind the Blakewood sock puppet account, responsible for creating a fake Facebook account of me, and causing immense alarm distress and fear towards both Kelly Rusling and Billy Bennett.

Fake Facebook Account

James Hind has been a constant cause of alarm distress and fear throughout 2022, as he was during 2021 and 2000.


Other notable events worthy of mention include creepy Dave, Secret Santa, wanting to send my children a drone each, after throwing me under a bus, and cheering on gleefully as a steamroller, and then a tank went rolling over me too.

What else comes to mind about 2022?

The betrayal of a certain person who I once viewed as a friend and co-host.

I won't say anymore on the matter because the hurt and distress of the situation is too painful to put into words right now.

Suffice to say that my trust in my fellow man has been trodden upon by the very people who pretend to be the most righteous, caring and compassionate.

For me personally, 2022 will be remembered as the year I got cancelled.

My Mantra for the New Year 2023!

I'm NOT taking anything with me into 2023
If you owe me, don't worry about it.
If you wronged me, it's all good.
If you're fighting with me, you won.
If we aren't speaking, it's cool. Be safe and I still wish you well.
If you’re talking about me, thanks for the advertisement.
If you don’t deal with me, continue not to.
If you don’t like me, I don’t care.
If you left me hanging, dont pick me up.
If you feel I wronged you, I apologise.
In all things I forgive you.
Life is too short for all the extra, unnecessary drama; no one is promised tomorrow.
I’m not bitter, I’m better.
I don’t hate you, I simply love me more.
I don’t fight... I’ve already won.

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