Friday 27 January 2017


I often feel as if the Zombie Apocalypse is now and that the world around me is occupied by brain dead zombies and that I'm one of only a handful of people who survived the brain-washing from our tell-a-lie-vision, responsible for turning so many people into brain-dead victims of government propaganda.

I do my best to look like the rest of them who wander aimlessly through life, subservient to the lies and deceptions which our government's endlessly pumps out on a daily basis. I daren't reveal my true nature in fear of the hordes of zombie brain-dead pointing me out to the Thought Police (TP), who would arrive within minutes in their police wagons, to drive me away to an undisclosed location for re-education.

Like millions of others, I'm forced to endure eight hours a day sat at a desk within a corporate organisation, to keep a roof over my head and food on the table; while captive, I'm forced to listen to the daily diatribe and tripe which these brain-dead zombies discuss with delight.

Repeating verbatim what Gary Lineker said on Match of the Day, regaling the awe inspiring achievements of ex American President Barack Obama, and how they still can't believe the ultimate heroine of the world, Hilary Clinton didn't make it to the White House, whilst that horrible, wicked, foul man called Trump, made it there instead.

I often feel like killing myself. Its either that or becoming a brain-dead zombie myself and with my hand on heart, I'd rather meet my Maker than for that to happen.

I scream silently in my head, "Beam me up Scotty," having to listen to my corporate superiors telling the office how much they've learnt from Youtube about the world around them. My ears prick up because I've learnt a lot about the world from Youtube but my heart rapidly sinks when I hear exactly what the zombie brain-dead have been watching:

If I told my zombie brain-dead work colleagues what I watch on Youtube, all Hell would break loose and the TP would be called within minutes:

A funny thing happened on the way to the Moon. (Well worth a Watch!)

Actually it nearly happened the other day. I didn't get much sleep the night before and within minutes of sitting at my desk in the morning, my disguise slipped.

The Queen Bee of the office, (whose name is being kept private for legal reasons), was telling us all about how terribly horrible and dreadful President Trump is. "I hate him; I genuinely despise the man and everything he stands for," she said with evident pride in her assessment.

Centered around the clip of Melania Trump's smile slipping into a frown, after Trump turning his back on her during his Inauguration, Queen Bee and her minions, Polly Whatis and Frilly Nilly, cackled like witches around their cauldron, as they agreed what hell it must be for her to be married to such an evil man.

I hadn't seen the clip, which by all accounts had gone viral across Social Media, and choose to keep my opinion to myself that being married to a billionaire couldn't be allbad, and that there could have been lots of reasons why her smile dropped as soon as his back was turned.

After all the talk of his assassination (of which Queen Bee was soooo looking forward to) I imagined Melanie, wasn't too pleased to be standing directly behind him!

Since then a video has been posted which paints a very different story of why her smile disappeared. It would seem she had been chastising young Barron for fidgeting and was rather annoyed with her son, more than anything to do with her husband.

I was brought into the conversation when Frilly Nilly shouted out that I'm a Trump supporter! To which I politely but firmly explained I'm not, but that I'm equally not a supporter of any politician, especially Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

I've been hearing the same old shit for months; and having kept my mouth shut through all her hate talk and wishes for Trump to be assassinated, I forgot the potential danger of speaking out of turn and asked what President Obama had ever done for the world.

"Obama Care" she readily shot back, though how ObamaCare helped anyone outside of America is anyone's guess.

Daring to go to the edge, I made the observation, "I've heard an interesting fact the other day; apparently Obama is the only American President in history to have been at war everyday of his Presidency."

Queen Bee wasn't impressed and replied as if he still deserved his Nobel Peace Prize with the curt reply, "It wasn't Obama's fault he's been at war; he inherited wars from Bush."

Fuck me, the intelligent reasoning capacity of the brain-dead zombies really is non-existent and never ceases to amaze me.

Clearly tired and not thinking straight, I lambasted Obama for choosing to increase the use of drones, to demonstrate the ruthlessness of his approach to conflict resolution.

"Well what would you have done then, if you were President?" Queen Bee angrily retorted.

'What the fuck I would have done if I was President' I screamed silently in my head, 'What the fuck would I have done?'

I would have arrested every fucking politician in the Senate and Congress; I would have arrested the head of the CIA and FBI, I would have invaded the UK and disposed the Queen of England and I would have invaded Israel, while I was at it.

What a stupid fucking question to ask. Of-course I didn't dare give the response which was screaming to be heard, so I answered lamely, "I would have looked at the alternative options rather than bombing the fuck out of a country from thousands of meters up in the sky."

"Well using a drone is better than sending troops in," she said defending Obama to the hilt.

"Well I beg to differ."

"Oh do you," in evident disgust that I could possible disagree with her.

It was obvious that our conversation was getting us nowhere.

I would of loved to bring up much more on Obama but I knew if I did my cover would be blow and the TP would be called quicker than I could say, 'Barack Obama is a satanic worshipping liar who deserves to be thrown in jail for the crimes he's committed against humanity.”
  • I would have brought up the subject of Obama faking the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden to deflect attention away from his fake birth certificate.
  • I would have brought up his servitude to the banking cartels, who he allowed into his White House and let get away with the biggest banking fraud in world history.
  • I would have brought up his daily kill list, in which he assassinated hundreds of people, without trial.
  • I would have brought up the whistleblower secret serviceman Paul Horner, who published a tell-all book called 'The Black House' in which he revealed Obama was a gay muslim; not with-standing the persistent rumours that his wife Michelle, is a man called Michael.
  • And I would have dearly loved to bring up the video in which Larry Sinclair, revealed he gave Obama a blow-job and shared a crack cocaine pipe with him.

Donald John Trump

"But I just hate the man, I despise him, he revolts me, disgusts me, sickens me," she continued with evil intent in her eyes, ready to slash out at me if I dare to say anything else contrary to her beliefs.

"Well I hate Theresa May, but I don't keep going on about it." I said with a sense of finality that the conversation was getting us nowhere.

"Oh in that case I'll shut up then," she replied turning her back on me to look at her computer screen. 'I wish you would," I thought.

Then young Polly Whatis piped up and said, "That's the problem with politics, it always turns nasty," giving me the accusing stare of being the one who turned nasty.

"I won't talk then," Queen Bee continued, driving home her disgust at having been told to shut the fuck up, in a round about way...

It was a lucky escape and a lesson well learned. Its very very very dangerous to speak one's mind in a room full of brain-dead zombies.

When the insane took over the asylum

Perhaps I'm mad and its best for everyone I join the Zombie brain dead horde. But I just can't bring myself to do it. Its like forcing a heterosexual man to suck dick. It just goes against all the norm of common decency.

I'll admit I'm mad. Totally loony and bonkers. No doubt as little as twenty five years ago, I would of been carted away to the asylum and locked in a padded cell for believing everything the government told us were lies.

To be awake while the majority sleeps, puts me in a minority group, persecuted as once were the early Christians and the modern day LGBT community.

It seems I've got no other choice but to persist. Carry on and hide my true nature from the Zombie brain-dead horde.

I'll do what I can as part of the 'Resistance' and pray for the day the Zombie brain-dead wake up from their brainwashed slumbered and the Zombie Apocalypse comes to an end.

At the end of the day, I'd rather walk the path of life with the people shown in the video below, that the zombie brain-dead arse-holes who I share the corporate office with...

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Why am I supporting Spivey, when he thinks I'm a fuckin arsehole?

Its only fair I answer this question from Fuck The State; (who asks why I am supporting Spivey when he thinks I'm a fuckin arsehole?) Seeing as he took the time to ask me...

In case you don't know who Chris Spivey is... Please check out the following article I wrote in 2013.

Who the fuck is Chris Spivey?
The reason I’ve taken Chris Spivey’s articles on board is because they are well crafted, articulated, researched and written. Another major factor is ...
He's been splashed across the tabloid front pages of late, having his conviction for harassing the family of murdered solider Lee Rigby, upheld at his appeal court hearing.
The UK's most controversial blogger, Chris Spivey, has lost his appeal against his 2015 conviction of harassment against the family of alleged murder of Lee Rigby...
Lyn Rigby (Lee's mum) has been making the most of the public outrage and has been lapping up the public sympathy from both the public and celebrities alike.
HOLLY Willoughby choked back tears on This Morning after Lee Rigby’s mum told how she was forced to re-live her son’s horrific killing in court. Lyn Rigby was threatened with arrest unl…
Now; to specifically answer Fuck The State's question; I'm supporting Spivey because what is happening to him affects all of us in the Truth Movement.
The Truth Movement finds itself as the 21st Century's most persecuted minority
Fuck The State is right to say that Spivey thinks I'm a fuckin arsehole. He's most recently called me a 'Gay Clown' and no doubt calls me much more behind closed doors.

We were mates once upon a time, but that was before I asked him to comment on the Hampstead Kid's case and took a more satirical view.
Wednesday, 1 April 2015. My Mate Matt.
While Grand-dad Chris Spivey is under the impression he's done much to bring the Alternative Media together, the truth couldn't be further away from the ...

The fact Spivey lost his appeal and has been convicted of harassing a crisis actor, who played a role in a staged false flag terror attack, is concern for everyone who's active in the Alternative Media/Truth Movement.

Spivey today, me tomorrow and everyone next week. So to answer Fuck The States question in full, I'm supporting Spivey because it isn't just about him, its about all of us.

And in answer to his allegation that I'm trying to ride on his coat tails; he's absolutely right...

Tuesday 24 January 2017

The Legend of the Sword v's The Legend of the real King Arthur II.

With the imminent release of Guy Ritchie's new King Arthur movie, The Legend of the Sword, now is the perfect time for a quick ancient British history lesson.

While Guy is peddling the French romantic fiction of a would-be King pulling a sword from a stone, mentored by a grey haired wizard called Merlin; the truth of King Arthur makes for a much better blockbuster. (Does anyone know Mel Gibson's number?)

The first King Arthur was born during the 4th Century, son of Magnus Maximus, himself the son of Constantine the Great. Born 355AD and dead by 388AD, King Arthur I fought the Romans and went down within the annuals of the Welsh Khumry as a great and illustrious king.

Later in the 6th Century King Arthur II was born, of which so many of today's legends are based on.  King Arthur II was born in 503AD and died in 579AD, famed for fighting the Saxons, son of King Maurice, who himself was the son of the Paramount King Pendragon King Theoderic.

Both King Arthur I and II were directly related to each other, both in a long line of Kings reaching back to the first King of Britain, King Brutus and further back to the Holy Family, descended from Anne, sister of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ himself. King Brutus, a great grandson of Aeneas of Troy, came to the Island of Britain around 500BC.

Since the beginning of the 18th Century AD there has been a major suppression of British History. To the academic community there is only the tunnel vision mentality of Roman Britain, or Saxon Britain, or Viking Britain, and if any major finds are made by archaeologists they inevitably end up in one of the three mentioned categories, heaven forbid they be Khumric-British - of which there are VAST amounts of evidence and written material to blown the fake history away.

Further reading:

Monday 23 January 2017

The Persecution of Chris Spivey.

Called a ‘Twisted Conspiracy Theorist’ and a ‘Stalker,’ writer Chris Spivey is being persecuted for his beliefs by the main stream media. Comparable
Called a ‘Twisted Conspiracy Theorist,’ 'Weirdo' and a ‘Stalker,’ writer Chris Spivey is being persecuted for his beliefs by the main stream media.

Comparable to the persecution of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) community, the Truth Movement is being persecuted in the same way for holding beliefs contrary to those held by government and the brain-dead majority of society.

Spivey’s ‘crime’ was to question the government’s narrative of what happened on that fateful day in Woolwich on 22 May 2013. Spivey’s ‘crime’ was to dig deeper than any other journalist in the UK, and publish the disturbing evidence he found along the way.

Just one of many writers in the Alternative Media, Spivey is the victim of government criminality which runs deep into the heart of the British Establishment.

Boasting a readership in its millions, Spivey is the obvious ‘first’ to be targeted by a corrupt government intent on keeping their secrets secret. His appeal against the 2015 harassment conviction was a foregone conclusion to fail, because the Government could never afford to be proved wrong on such a high profile incident.

He’s vowed to never stop writing as long as his fan base contributes the money to keep his website running. Asking a member of the Truth Movement to stop unearthing the truth, is the same as asking a gay person to stop being gay.

Though fifty years this is exactly what our government insisted of the gay community.

Once the rabbit is out of the hat, it can’t be put back in. This is the same about Truth Seekers. Once they see the truth, they cannot close their eyes to it.

Millions of people realised the truth after 9/11 and 7/7. Spivey personally opened the minds of millions of readers to the false flag events of the Boston Bombings and the Paris attacks.

Our government is now insisting that Spivey goes back into his box and stops believing and researching.

Isn’t it the same as telling a transgender man to get over himself and stop having ideas of becoming a woman?

Though as early as 12 years ago, this is exactly what our government insisted of the transgender community.

The mainstream press are having a field day persecuting Spivey, safe in the knowledge they have Royal assent.

The Basildon Canvey Southend Echo newspaper gladly publishes the road on which Spivey lives, while lambasting him for publishing the front of the Rigby’s home, which was already published in the public domain.

The Sunday People's newspaper gladly harasses Spivey’s daughter, by turning up to her address (how they knew where she lived is anyone’s guess) to badger her for a comment about her dad’s appeal case.

Again, the corrupt press which writes in servitude for the Crown and government are allowed to harass and stalker with impunity, while anyone who publishes a word contrary to the government and Crown’s narrative of the truth, is persecuted, fined and arrested.

Friday 20 January 2017

Chris Spivey loses appeal against harassment conviction - A Special Report by Matt Taylor

The UK's most controversial blogger, Chris Spivey, has lost his appeal against his 2015 conviction of harassment against the family of alleged murder victim, Lee Rigby.

I say 'alleged' because its never been comprehensively accepted that Lee Rigby was even Lee Rigby, let alone a Fusilier in the British army, let alone beheaded in Woolwich.

While the spotlight primarily fell on Spivey, other researches such as Nick Kollerstrom also called into question the official version of what the authorities claimed happen that day.
Nick Kollerstrom — Terror on the Tube June 8, 2013 A short walk from the Woolwich DLR station takes you to a moving tribute scene, a huge mass of flowers ...

With so many inconsistencies and impossibilities littered throughout the official narrative, the Woolwich Beheading has been filed away in the same False Flag folder as 9/11, 7/7, the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook shooting and the Paris attacks.

(Quite how anyone can behead someone without a puddle of blood forming is anyone's guess. Equally how a car can smash into a lap post, bounce back 3 foot and leave no marks, is another.)

Spivey travelled further down the fabled rabbit hole than anyone and on the way uncovered disturbing evidence that Lee Rigby was a fictional creation, claiming every photo published was photo-shopped, as was all other photographs covering his wedding, his fiancĂ©, wife, son and his time in the army.

Labelled an internet troll by the national newspapers, Spivey's notoriety hit new heights during 2016 when he published his long awaited assessment of Princess Diana's car crash, in which he made the astonishing claim that she never died in the crash, and like Lee Rigby, was a fictionally character made up by the Establishment, played through her life by a number of actresses, supported by thousands of photo-shopped photographs.
The question on everyone's lips is whether or not Chris Spivey has gone totally mad?

Commanding a readership in it's millions, Spivey soon went into over-drive, and using facial comparison software as evidence of his findings, continued to publish a number of blogs calling into question nearly every story and news event published in the national press.

Loved by his fan base and hated by his critics, Spivey remained defiant that his research was indisputable and welcomed anyone to try and debunk his conclusions.
Can an article bring down the British Royal Family? Chris Spivey is set to publish his most important article he's ever written
Chris Spivey saved by his Fan Club The truth is out there, but it just depends on what truth you want to believe
Chris Spivey says he deserves to be a multi-millionaire Internet Troll who called Lee Rigby's murder a HOAX, says he deserves to be a multi-millionaire

Once a successful tattoo artist and builder, Spivey relies on donations from his readership to pay for the up keep of his blog and his daily living expenses.

Pessimistic that his appeal would succeed in the face of a corrupt legal system, Spivey must now pay a £4000 fine, which the Courts are demanding to be paid in one lump sum.

Unlikely to ever post another blog again, his vast army of supporters are pledging to get tattoos' as a means to support their fallen hero.  

While Spivey hasn't yet publicly commented on the outcome of his appeal, his right hand man and blog administrator Dogman, published this short message:

"Chris was found guilty of "harassment" and now including court costs, faces a bill of £4000, which apparently they want in one lump. Not quite sure how they think that is possible, but there you go. I can't fill you in on any further details and I cannot make my own comments regarding the proceedings, as it will reflect badly on Chris. It appears that the time is right for me to get some tattoos done!"

Under fire from all quarters, and having voiced his frustration at the lack of conviction from the British public, to address the evident corruption in public life, its anyone's guess as to what Spivey will do next.

Lee Rigby, a British soldier who was beheaded on the street of Woolwich London, by two black British men on 22nd May 2013, he was actually an orphan as some UK ...
Chris Spivey, the alternative media’s most controversial writer, has broken his silence on the progress of his long anticipated exclusive on Lee Rigby ...
In fact Chris proves beyond doubt that the Lee Rigby we believe we know is actually a fictional creation of three other people:
In light of the fact  Christopher Spivey's website is continually being hacked, I have decided to start copying his posts to Guerrilla Democ...

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