Thursday 3 April 2014


The world is awash with whistle-blowers, with over a hundred mentioned in Wikipedia, going back to as far as 1777, when Samual Thaw blew the whistle on the torturing of British POWs by Commodore Esek Hopkins, (the commander-in-chief of the Continental Navy); to Edward Snowden who’s blown the lid on the world’s intelligence communities, surely, the obvious question must be asked;

Should we believe what the whistle-blowers say?

Prominent Whistle-blowers of our Age include.

·        Julian Assange

·        Bradley Manning

·        Edward Snowdon

·        Andrew

·        Karen Hudes

·        Richard D Hall’s Military Black Op man

·        Kevin Annett

·        Michael Shrimpton

·        Ben Fellows

Take for example the most recent whistle-blower doing the rounds, Karen Hudes.

Blowing the whistle on corruption in the Banking industry, Karen Hudes is now saying that a third species of Humanity actually controls the world’s money and hides on-masse in the Vatican City.


Now I'm open to new theories as much as the next man. Science has confirmed there have indeed been different species of mankind. A beautiful documentary posted by UFO TV reminds us that the Cro-Magnon species of Humanity actually breed with the Neanderthal Species of Humanity, giving birth to you and I, the Homosapien species of Humanity.

If you haven’t already seen this documentary, I strongly recommend you do… 

Essentially the theory concludes, Cro-Magnon worshipped the Sun and were active during the day, where they mastered the arts of hunting. The Neanderthals worshipped the Moon and were active at night, where they mastered the arts of spirituality, dreams and song.

Neanderthal Girl
We, the most modern species of Humanity, Homosapien, were the product of Neanderthal women, raped by Cro-Magnon men.

It’s a truly fascinating documentary and urge everyone to see it.

So, having acknowledged there have been different species of Humanity throughout the ages; does it make sense to believe what Karen Hudes is saying?

"This group has large brains. They are very distinct from homo sapiens. Their DNA is so different that if the two species mated, their offspring would be infertile and we know this because there DNA was just tested. They have skulls all over the place..." - Karen Hudes, March 7th, 2014

She is asking us to believe that a different species of Humanity called Hominids, reside in the Vatican and wear large hats to hide their elongated heads.

Hominid Skulls
 As Karen Hude is quoted to have said:

“The group that's behind the network of control... One of these groups are hominids, they're not human beings. They are very smart, they are not creative, hominids are mathematical. They had a much stronger force in the earlier ice-age. They have elongated skulls, they may produce offspring in mating with female humans, but that offspring is not fertile. We live in a world of secret societies, and secrets, and the information that ought to be public is not public.”

Take of your hat, not a chance!
Surely the point can be proven if we stormed the Vatican on-masse and took their hats of their heads and we’ll know for certain, as to whether what she says is the truth or just a crazy fantasy.


Forced off the terrestrial television, Richard D Hall continues to stream ground breaking documentaries via the internet. His latest earth shattering show breaks the news that not only are aliens mutilating cows, sheep and horses, but they are also mutilating humans.

This is how Richard D Hall introduced this earth shattering news:

Derek Gough
“After reading Derek Gough’s intriguing post on my internet forum, I communicated with him via email and telephone in 2009, and having got the basic details of his story, I was keen to interview him. Certain people in the UFO field have tried to cast aspersions over Derek Gough and contend he may have fabricated his story.”

Now I respect and value Richard D Hall’s opinion. If it wasn’t for his show I wouldn’t have known the truth behind the 7/7 London Bomb attacks, with his interview with Nick Kollerstrom and I would still be none-the-wiser about 9/11 if it wasn't for his interview with Dr Judy Wood.

So when Richard D Halls says, “After meeting him several times and exchanged much communications, I can vouch that Derek Gough is a 100% reliable witness, his story can be collaborated and I have proof that his military contact is real,” its good enough for me.

But then we get thrown into the Twilight Zone, because having convinced yourself that whatever Richard D Hall says from that point on to be the truth, you have to deal with the impossibility that aliens are mutilating human beings on mass and that human government’s around the world are in collusion with the aliens to allow this to happen.

This is what Derek Gough said, having received a telephone call in 1997, after posting an advert asking for people with information about UFO’s to come forward.

“He claimed to be a military man who worked in a NATO black op’s team. He was one of 11 men who were selected from Special Forces regiment stationed at Hereford. The 11 were all volunteers who were asked if they wanted to be part of a special; group, of which the operations will be dangerous and something different.”

The function of the team.

·        A fast response to find and secure operations

·        On a 24 hour standby

·        Dispatched in military aircraft/helicopter

·        To specific locations where UFO activity had been monitored

·        Secure the ground for any remains or evidence

·        Prevent any disturbance of the site

This military black op’s whistleblower then goes on to describe having to deal with 30-40 mutilated human bodies locating in countries ranging from:

·        England

·        Scotland

·        Ireland

·        Spain

·        Germany

·        Yugoslavia

·        Russia

A second team called The Collectors would arrive afterwards to clean up the site. This black op’s team were the first in and the last out and could be on site for up to 5 days, before the clean up team arrived, often having to fend for themselves in remote regions of Europe.

As Richard D Hall reiterates:

“After much perseverance I have made independent contact with Derek Gough’s military source and:

·        I know his name

·        I know where he lives

·        I have film footage of him

·        And I have had several meetings with him.

Michael Shrimpton
Kevin Annett


Confirms the ex Prime Minister of the UK Edward Heath, raped and killed young boys on his yacht.


Exposes the mass crimes of the Church in Canada and goes even further to issue Common Law arrest warrants against Queen Elizabeth of England, the Pope’s past and present, and many others of Crimes against Humanity.


Under the protection of Bill Maloney from Pie’n’Mash films, he would have us believe that the Queen is part of an international paedophile ring, that Leon Brittain is a paedophile and that Edwina Curry is a sexual predator.


Ben Fellows
Hasn’t stopped banging on about how Ken Clarke, Minister of Justice, grabbing his cock, believing Ben to be only 15 years old. Further to this, Ben’s latest revelations are:

·        Andrew Lloyd Webber stuck his tongue down his throat

·        He snorted cocaine with Joanna Lumley

Read more: Ken Clarke Grab a Cock Shocker – This article has been taken down once from the internet already. Read it because you know the powers that be, don’t want you to.


I've even got my very own whistle-blower (who wishes to remain private for the time being), who's blew the whistle on why the ex-Sussex Chief Constable Martin Richards really retired?

Read more: Why Martin Richards really retired?

Thus far whistle-blowers have been proven to be accurate sources of information. While the secrets made public by the likes of Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowdon, are splashed across our TV and newspapers, the secrets revealed by the likes of Andrew, Karen Hudes and Richard D Hall aren't.

If every whistle blower was to be believed we would be living in a world where:

·        Aliens mutilate Humans

·        Different species of Man

·        Institutional Child-abuse

·        Paedophiles in Parliament

·        Criminal Queen’s and Pope’s

Would be acknowledged as true and a part of everyday life.

The question remains, should we believe what Whistle-Blowers say, because if we were to, the world will be a very different world than it is today.

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