Saturday, 25 October 2014


I’m standing as an Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015 because I don’t trust anyone else to serve the people of Brighton better than I will.

Born in Brighton’s Royal Sussex County Hospital:

  • My infant years were spent growing up in the Seven Dials area,
  • My teenage years in Portslade,
  • My young adult years in the Brunswick Hove area and
  • Now as a family man in Moulsecoomb.

I’m a Man of the People because my children go to local schools; I’ve worked hard in hard-working jobs like hard-working people do. I’m at the hard-end of the evil Conservative ideology and share the highs and lows, suffering and triumph of the common people who number so many in this country.


Here is something to think.


A vote for Independence on May 7th 2015 means a vote for:

  • Non-Privatisation of the NHS.
  • No to ideology tax cuts and persecution of the poor, such as the Bedroom Tax, Labour’s Freeze on Child Benefit, ATOS and other attacks on State Welfare.
  • Michael Reynolds inspired sustainable ‘Earthship’ housing to counter-act the 11,000 housing shortage in Brighton and Hove.
  • Moai Tidal Electric, bulk free energy captured at the base of the sea, doing away with the need for fracking and off-shore above surface wind turbines.
  • A cure for Cancer by exploring the claims by Canadian born Rick Simpson and thousands of others from around the world that Hemp Oil cures cancer and many other life debilitating diseases.
A vote for Independence on 7th May 2015 is a vote for breaking the mold and thinking outside the box. The sky’s the limit, so why not a new currency for an Independent Brighton & Hove too?

  • Based on the Lewes/Bradbury Pounds, a new currency based on the collective worth of Brighton’s people as opposed to the debt based fiat currencies of the fraudulent world banks.
If you want to go as far as a new and independent currency, why not go all the way and get a new Monarchy too?

  • I’m the only politician in the UK to acknowledge native Moai King John Wanoa of New Zealand as having a rightful claim to the British Throne. As he rightly points out in a number of Youtube videos and affidavits published on the World Court of Facebook, “Queen Elizabeth Windsor has been sacked as the head Trustee of the Queen Victoria Trust fund (750 Thousands tons of Gold – worth about £970 Million Trillion Trillion in today’s money) for bringing King William IV’s Trust Fund into disrepute having been found guilty of Crimes against Humanity by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.”
Learn more about King John Wanoa and the gifts he brings the People of the Common Wealth around the world, as the leading contender to the British Throne once the international arrest warrant of Queen Elizabeth Windsor is executed.


To ensure I win the Brighton Kemptown General Election I need to let the people of Brighton and Kemptown know they have an Independent candidate to choose from.


The secret of success to win the Brighton Kemptown election is to deliver a leaflet to every door in Brighton Kemptown.

With Labour, Conservatives, Liberals and Green’s receiving political donations in the thousands, I have yet to receive one single penny.

In a city of such notable celebrities as:

  • David Walliams
  • Chris Eubank Snr
  • Peter James
  • Bill Smith
  • Steve Coogan
  • Norman Cook
  • Katie Price
You would have hoped someone would have thrown me a £5,000 donation to print and deliver 5000 leaflets?


  • I’ve been the only person to hold Katy Bourne the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SPCC) to account and have found her wanting.

Learn more about what I do as the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC)

  • I raised the concerns of Moulsecoombe ghettoization and put forward the Moulsecoombe Development Plan.
Learn more about my plans for a redevelopment of Moulsecoombe to compliment the Preston Barracks development, the new Albion 5-Star Hotel development, The Keep archive centre and the newly opened Bevy Pub.

  • I’m in negotiations with Moai born John Wanoa, of Moai Tidal Electric to bring Moai Tidal electric turbines to the coast of Brighton.
  • I’m the only Brighton politician to acknowledge corruption in Sussex Police and call for a public inquiry into the Sussex police enquiry of the Katrina Taylor (no relation) murder of 1996 in Brighton.
Learn more about my work bringing justice to murdered mother of one, Katrina Taylor.


Saturday, 11 October 2014


Danielle la Verite the new darling of the Alternative View media, now ranked up there with Kerry Ann-Howitt, wrote this today:

“It's really difficult to relate to people, that because we who have people following our videos, articles or shows, that we're not in cahoots. I get passed tons of information that most people don't see or hear about. Those of us who interview one & other or share someone else's work, are simply uniting against the system - not any of you lot. We're the ones putting our arses on the line & if any of you decided to do the same, you'd very quickly see how you'd get accused of all manner of ludicrous shite. Yes, there are of course people put in front of you to create chaos but have a bit of sense about you & really think it through before you judge. I, like many others have sacrificed our anonymity to try to make a change. You can & should do the same.
The most ridiculous claim, is that this is a lucrative occupation - I can absolutely assure you, it's nothing of the sort. Most of us put our arses on the line for no monetary gain whatsoever & none of us have a pot to piss in. So before you get sucked in to the cognitive dissonance - think about what we've done. You have your anonymity, you don't have trolls, or police, or liars up your arses on a daily basis.
Just think on”

Which got me thinking:


Danielle does make good points which I can identify with.

  • We're the ones putting our arses on the line.
  • The most ridiculous claim, is that this is a lucrative occupation.
  • Most of us put our arses on the line for no monetary gain whatsoever & none of us have a pot to piss in.

Joining the AV community has cost me ‘personally’ in more than the financial sense of the word.

I lost my friends and now I’ve lost the 13 year relationship with my partner Karina.

Having splashed out £500-£800 on the Ian R Crane’s AV5 fiasco, I know more than many what’s it’s like to be, up-close and personal with the Alternative View’s elite.

I shalln’t go over old ground again, but I written an article which covers my dealing with the Alternative View since 2012 when I just became involved.

But, no matter how “sensationalist” Ian R Crane calls me, I’ve still got a bug-in-my-bonnet that an Ultra-Sonic Weapon was used against the AV5 Delegation all Saturday night and Sunday morning.


It took Ian R Crane 5 months to answer my simply question:


“Matt, you have proven time and time again that your primary motivation is to be sensationalist without bothering to offer even the most basic research to support your conjecture and accusation. As most people attending AV5 were in possession of either a 'Smart' phone or camera, I am surprised that no-one has posted a photo or video evidence supporting your sensationalist claim that such device was deployed! Consequently, I have not made any comment on any 'ultra-sonic weapon' allegedly deployed at AV5, 'cos I neither saw nor witnessed anything to justify making any statement. I believe Thomas Sheridan claimed that he didn't feel too welll on the Sunday morning ... but neither did a number of others due to them taking advantage of being amongst like-minded people and talking over a beer or three long into the night! Seemingly, the 'Ultra-sonic weapon' is totally ineffectual upon those of who elected not to indulge in copius quanties of alcohol! Maybe there's a design fault?”

So there you go Thomas Sheridan, Ian R Crane dismisses your claim as fiction thought up after the indulgent of “copius quanties of alcohol!”


This is from a guy who wouldn’t tell us the full story of what happened to Gregg Nikolettos on the golf green of Sunday morning because he was concerned of spreading ‘conjecture,’ only to bang on about Gregg’s missing 60 hours in Dubai and a mysterious Homeland Security guy who lead Gregg astray!

While I’m calling Ian R Crane an arsehole, I’m not accusing him of being a shill or pro-co-blow-dooh or whatever it is?

Anyone who gets a testimony like:

“All the time I have worked with Ian, I have never known him to be anything but upfront and honest. He has never given me any reason to doubt his integrity.”

Is good enough for me!

But and there is inevitably a BIG BUT!

Chris Spivey has demonstrated that even the most well known Truther’s in the Alternative View scene are frauds and shills.

I have done it myself catching the crew at the UK Column smearing my name.

Mark Devlin, the UK’s leading AV DJ says:

“If you listened to everything you heard, you'd have to deduce that absolutely everyone in the truth/ alternative scene is a troll/ disinfo agent/ insider, including you and me. If there's a concerted plan afoot to sow disillusionment in this scene, in making it unclear who you can really trust, I'd say it's succeeded. At the end of the day, all you're left with is your own personal judgment and intuition as to who's the real deal and who’s suspect.”



Yes, even though I haven’t got a pot to piss in, even though I’ve lost all my friends and about to move out from my relationship after 13 years, and even though I’m now viewed as a NON-VIOLENT EXTREMIST by David Cameron; I say it’s been worth it.

Knowing the truth has been worth all the heart aches, all the ridicule and all the mocking.

The likes of;

  • Tom ‘Catpooo’ Cahill
  • Sharon Zeki
  • Charlie Fucks
  • Jane Russell

(In fact I’ve got another name to add to the list of know shills; I’ll explain why later.)

  • Ruari Barratt

Can go fuck themselves! We in the Alternative View are on a mission. Nothing will stand in the way and the likes of you, David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth II will not stop us from victory…



Following the second illegal arrest of controversial on-line writer Chris Spivey, his local newspaper The Echo has gone one step further and described Chris Spivey as “now one of the highest-profile conspiracy theorists in the world.”

Having reported the arrest of Chris Spivey on the 30 July 2014 in Essex, alongside the Sun and the Daily Mail newspapers, the Echo report:

Chris Spivey, 51, was arrested at his home in Rochford, but police have refused to reveal why.
He was previously arrested on suspicion of harassment via social media in July after he claimed the British establishment hoaxed the soldier’s public beheading to foster hatred against Muslims But police said the latest arrest was for an unrelated matter.


While the Echo hadn’t a clue what that ‘Unrelated Matter’ was at the time of printing, we know from Chris Spivey that the ‘unrelated matter,’ was pictures of child pornography and bestiality.

Yes, it was only a matter of time before Chris Spivey was accused of being a paedophile and a sheep shagger!

As Chris Spivey wrote in the ‘Scandal’ article relating to the second arrest.

“So, what was the charge?
Indecent images on my stolen computers apparently. Worse still, indecent images of little girls, little boys and bestiality – which covers just about every angle really… My bad!”

And that wasn’t all he wrote:

Bucking the recent trend of not naming names, Chris Spivey came out in deviant mood, with his first article since his most recent arrest, to expose a well known Alternative View personality as being instrumental in getting those incriminating and illegal pictures onto his hard-drive.

You see, it would appear that things started to go downhill for Chris Spivey after taking Jimmy Jones aka The Outlaw’s (JJ) advice to get himself a new tech guy who knew what he was doing.

Up until then Chris was happy with his site and it wasn’t costing him the price of a monthly mortgage to run it. As he admits in his ‘Scandal’ article:

“Now, as you all can see I had no reason really to distrust JJ back then and with me being computer illiterate and in desperate need of a Tech Guy – just to check that my site was secure – I was extremely grateful when Jimmy came up with a fella willing to have a look at the tech side of my site.”

I’ve had a confrontation of sorts with Jimmy Jones myself.

It was while I was being smeared by the UK Column crew. I had been dumped from their forum and my £15 a year subscription for their newspaper was declined.

I admit I was feeling hard-done-by and victimized.

So, you could imagine my mood when I discovered my Guerrilla Democracy News link on Jimmy Jones Essential Links page was missing.

“What’s Jimmy Jones problem with me now?” I thought and went to search him out on Facebook to ask.

Low and behold, Jimmy Jones had un-friended me and I couldn’t message him personally because he wasn’t my friend and I wasn’t about to send a new friend request to ask him.

So I asked him via his comment box.

“Wow, Guerrilla Democracy News has been dumped from your essential links and it would appear you have dumped me as your FB friend…
Was it something I said?”

To which he kindly explained:

“Not at all mate :)
I am checking and re-sorting the essential links as some were corrupted and were directing readers to completely different sites for some reason.
They will be reinstated when I sort out the problem.
As for Facebook, I have deleted my account due to my stalkers and assorted trolls copying almost everything I write, and hosting it on hate sites as well as editing certain things to report to the police.
Plus they were stealing personal photographs of friends’ children.
The links will be back up soon.”

Of-course I pledged my support to him.

“Yes I've been following your story and quite frankly I've been scared shitless. I don't want to deepen the mood than it already is, but reading what you are going through horrifies me and I thank my lucky stars I'm not going through at least 10% what you are going through.
The reason I'm remaining quiet on the matter is that I'm scared. Maybe not for you, but for me.
Child-abuse scares the shit out of me and the thought of dealing with the horror stalker which you have stalking you makes me literally shiver with fear.
I'm ready to be brave now and stand shoulder to shoulder.”

Well after that little spat I didn’t give Jimmy Jones anymore attention.


With Tom Cahill holding the top spot as the most obvious shill and Co-Pro-Intel-Operative (I know all the slang I do!) operating in the Alternative Media, Chris Spivey has come along and has changed the status quo.

Ironically Jimmy Jones most recent article is on this very subject: Is Disinformation and Propaganda making the Truth Movement Impotent?

Boring the reader with over a 100 words, Jimmy Jones ends with this cop-out:

“I have no intention of singling out, nor am I going to name any one person I believe is spreading disinformation, I merely wish to present my own views of what I perceive to be the weaknesses of, and the obviously disrupting elements that exist within the Truth Movement.”

Good job Chris Spivey names names.

“Tom Catpooo, the government paid, feces obsessed jungle junkie who is incapable of processing the most basic of facts, Sharon Zeki, the god obsessed stupid slag who can’t stand rejection and writes needy shite poetry in adoration of the paedophile Michael Jackson, Charlie Fucks, the pathetic wannabe who never will be, but does a nice line in bullshit & thinks the world owes her a living and Jane Russell, the acid tongued, hypocritical ice bitch who never did anything for anyone except slag them off – I am going to expose you all for the lying shite scumbags that you really are… Moreover, I am not going to do it with guesses, lies or distorted facts. I am going to do it with printed proof and I am going to be scathing… Oh, and I’m not finished with you yet JJ, ya fucking two faced, back stabbing, paedophile protecting cowboy.
None of you have done fuck all except slag others off and foster mistrust in the Alternative Media.
So lets see who is still standing tall at the end shall we?”

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Following the unprecedented speech by David Cameron at the U.N in which he declared war on the notion of conspiracy theory, events have taken on darker undertones with the recent suicide of self confessed web troll Brenda Leyland and the arrest of alleged web troll Chris Spivey (for a second time).

Accusing anyone who doesn’t believe the official versions of 7/7 and 9/11 to be non-violent extremists as bad as those who cut dummies head’s off in the desert, David Cameron has signalled to the dark forces that its ALL SYSTEM GO AGAINST EXTREMISTS OF ALL KIND.

With the apparent suicide of Brenda Leyland still sinking in, it would appear that the criteria of a non-violent extremist has expanded to include anyone who:

  • Doubts the innocence of Kate & Gerry McCann.
  • Doubts that anyone has been beheaded by ISIS.
  • Doubts the official Woolwich Beheading incident.

Having to go on the offensive to defend his own backside, David Cameron gave a carefully coded speech at the U.N which has seen a clamp-down on so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ ahead of the next general election.

While Theresa May said non-violent extremists would be dealt with on the provision the Conservative’s win the mandate of the people in 2015 to:

  • Stop non-violent extremists from publicly speaking.
  • Stop non-violent extremists access to social media.
  • Stop non-violent extremists from uploading extremist videos onto Youtube.

It would appear David Cameron has taken the initiative and intends to slam down on non-violent extremists now, rather than waiting for a mandate from the people to do so.


First arrested in July 2014 for alleged harassment of Lee Rigby’s family, Chris Spivey came under sustained attack by certain individuals, Tom Cahill predominately, for being a shill, alleging his arrest was a Mi5 sponsored false flag event!

Reported by his daughter Stacy on Facebook, Chris Spivey was arrested again on Monday 6th October:

Without bothering to apply the normal procedures of law on this occasion, it appears police officers from Southend Police station in Essex were dispatched to bring back Chris Spivey by all and any means necessary.

While the last time Chris Spivey was pulled in, it was on the orders of Manchester Police; no information is forthcoming from the Southend Police station where Chris Spivey is currently being held.

  • According to a comment left by Wolfie, Chris is at Southend police station. Tel: 01245 491 491.

With his daughter Stacey scared and frightened at home, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next? Or rather, who will be next?

  • Ian R Crane
  • Nick Kollerstrom
  • Richard D Hall

Having made a public appeal for anyone to come and keep her and her baby company while Chris Spivey is in jail, Stacey is maintaining a brave face while inside fearing for her dad’s life.

“I don't like what he does. Putting it bluntly.”

With the Alternative Media in full swing coming to Chris Spivey’s defense, certain sections of the Alternative Media continue to call into question his moral compass and character.

Take for example Ste Matthew Murray, who questions the credibility of Chris Spivey’s arrest, while perpetuating the smear that Chris Spivey is a shill.

Read more: Chris Spivey has been ‘arrested’ again! Or has he?


Many people are coming to Chris Spivey’s defence by sharing the news and voicing their outrage, but what can we do?

While Chris Spivey will be the first to call for war, the question on everyone’s lips is what can we do right now?


We know the last time Chris Spivey was arrested, he was left deflated and disappointed that having been detained for over 24 hours, there was no-one outside the police station to meet him when he was released.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again…

Chris Spivey needs to know he has support and the best way to show our support is to literally go to the Southend Police station where he is being held and shout out our support with anything at hand, be it with loud speakers or cupped hands.


Thursday, 2 October 2014


In a U.N speech to a near empty audience, David Cameron called anyone who disbelieved the official versions of 7/7 and 9/11, to be extremists who are as dangerous as the extremists beheading dummies in Syria and Iraq.
The only extremists I see are David Cameron and his coalition led government.
Throwing down the gauntlet, David Cameron is waging war against the millions of non violent law abiding citizens of the UK, who have come to the horrific realisation that their government are being run by sexually depraved perverts and paedophiles, and that our Royal family are also implicated in the vice and criminality choking the heart of the British Establishment.

Theresa May spits poison:

  • They will not be allowed to publicly speak their extremist views
  • They will not be allowed access to social media to spread their extremist views
  • They will not be allowed to upload extremist videos onto Youtube

That’s my career up in smoke then!

But who are the real Conspiracy Theorists?

Considering both America and Britain went to war on the theory that Saddam Hussein conspired with Bin Laden to acquire weapons of mass destruction; its hypocrisy of the highest order to call anyone who doubts the events of 9/11 and 7/7 extremists.

If anyone is left in any doubts that 7/7 and 9/11 weren’t false flag events then check out.

While you are at it you may as well check out-

All essential reading that wipes the board of David Cameron’s lies and deceptions.

  • Do you remember when he had to cut his holiday short and tell us the threat level had raised?
  • Remember how he wouldn’t look anyone in the eyes as they asked their questions?
  • Remember recently during the second common’s vote to decide whether to go to war or not? His hands were shaking.

This is the circumstantial evidence that David Cameron is lying through his teeth and is evidently shitting himself in case his lies and deception become clear to the world.


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