Wednesday 27 July 2022

The End of Crimebodge?

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Saturday 23 July 2022

"The President of the United States is a PAEDOPHILE with Dementia."

The President of the United States is a PAEDOPHILE with Dementia. His son is a criminal. They both commit treason by selling influence to the highest foreign bidder. Biden has committed multiple felonies including paedophilia and acts of treason and most likely America’s enemies have this and more on them as kompromat. He is compromised and under the control of America's enemies.

The way Joe Biden is with kids is beyond disturbing. He used to have a scripted line he used with every single underage girl he met "I'm going to tell you what I told my daughters, don't date boys until you are 30". He says this while he is pulling these young girls up close to his body. He uses his arm to wrap them around their waist and his hand rests about an inch beneath where the breast line begins. Then he leans over and starts whispering in their ears. He will kiss their temple and stroke their hair. Every. Single. Time. It's some of the most stomach-churning shit we've seen someone do in front of cameras and it mirrors the behaviour of paedophilic sexual predators. Wtf America!?
And guess what... no one wants to talk about it. It disappeared! But we are going to talk about it and about many other hidden scandals. No one can stop us.
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Sunday 17 July 2022

7 Days of Terror: President Putin and SATANIST from BRIGHTON, JAMES HIND

Unbeknownst to the nation, working behind the scenes, and with a vast array of contacts, resources and intelligence at their disposal, MI6 (British Intelligence) was able to keep one step ahead of Russian President Vladamir Putin’s devilish plot to drop a chemical poison bomb on Brighton beach, across the hottest weekend of the year.

The Straw that broke Putin’s back

Under strain from the Ukraine war, and internal politics within the Kremlin, it is believed that President Putin entered a “red mist of fury,” upon reading DogShitNews, (News the mainstream media hang up on,) in which it was reported a Brighton-based satanist called James Hind, said in a blog, “Likewise, my answer to Putin is drop a nuclear bomb on Moscow resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths just to get at that one leader.”

Identifying anyone who believes in the possibility of people torturing, raping, murdering and eating children for Satan, as “Satan Hunters”, SATANIST JAMES HIND said, “Under different circumstances Satan Hunters would be hunted down, put against a wall and executed by firing squad. Be under no illusion of my hatred for Satan Hunters and those that support them.”

“The Russians are worse than beasts, and thus as far as I am concerned, under me there will be no prisoners; all Russian soldiers can expect death.”


Enraged and embattled by what Brighton-based SATANIST James Hind was bringing to the table, in the war against Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin was rumoured to have entered a “red mist of fury”, upon reading DogShitNews that Brighton-based SATANIST James Hind, was willing to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, just to kill one leader.

It was only through the investigative research of DogShitNews editor Matt Taylor, that both Sussex Police and MI6, were notified on July 10, 2022, that Brighton-based SATANIST JAMES HIND, was blogging about the death and destruction of Moscow in Russia.

“Vague Undeclared Plans to Help Ukraine”

Admitting to being only a ‘small part,’ in the defence of Ukraine against Russia, SATANIST JAMES HIND boasted of bringing “unique resources,” to the table in the fight against Russia.

With reports reaching the Kremlin and the desk of President Putin, on 10 July 2022, that the “unique resource,” which was currently being brought to the table, was currently active in the Theatre of War, Putin made a decisive decision to kill all Satanists, currently fighting in the defence of Ukraine!

Said to have launched into a “red mist of fury”, as described by Kremlin officials, the straw that broke Putin’s back was the comment by Brighton-based SATANIST JAMES HIND;

“Likewise, my answer to Putin is drop a nuclear bomb on Moscow resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths just to get at that one leader.”


Exclusive to DogShitNews, President Putin was reported to have ordered two Russian agents to drop a poisoned chemical bomb on Brighton beach, willing to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, just to kill one satanist.

Intercepted in the Russian border town of Vyborg, ex-Black-Ops Super Soldier, Matt Taylor, (and now the prospective Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown 2024), was able to feed vital intelligence to Mi6 agents, on the ground, who were then able to use that intelligence to neutralise the threat to the UK, while still on Russian soil.

As the former head of the KGB, President Putin was aware that his plan had been exposed by the investigative journalism of DogShitNews, and behind his advisor’s knowledge, deployed a 12-year-old boy decoy to Brighton, with the intention of killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people, to kill one satanist.

Latest intelligence reports suggest the level of risk of an imminent terror attack on Brighton Beach, has reached 'ZERO', following news that SATANIST JAMES HIND has fled Brighton.

James Hind has turned out to be the unlikely hero, who saved 253,000 lives, by simply leaving Brighton for a week.

“I hope he doesn’t come back, and only wish Putin has a C Plan up his sleeve!” said Matt Taylor, considered by many to be James Hind’s worst enemy!

Friday 1 July 2022

Why Satan Hunter Matt Taylor was kicked out of the army by James Hind.

Sourced from SatanicViews

Did the apparent suicide of his mother turn Satan Hunter Matt Taylor in to the monster that he is today?

Matt Taylor of Brighton UK is one of the more colourful of the Satan Hunters, happy to promote and support his fellow Satan Hunters regardless of what they have done. Taylor has a notorious reputation both in his local community and online for being crazy and creepy. He might be one moment standing for parliament with a promise of sacking the Queen in favour of a mad Maori fraud from New Zealand or the next moment being investigated for indecent images of children. He seems to attract the constant attention of the police, from stalking women to his activities with boys in a local woodland.

There has been a great deal of speculation online asking if Matt Taylor had served in the army, and why he apparently had been booted out. The speculation forced Matt Taylor to publish photos of himself in the army, which caused me to start digging around. What I uncovered confirms that Matt Taylor served in the army, why he was booted out, and why he is probably the disturbed man he is today.

The creepy video about the “murder” of Matt Taylor’s mum

A YouTuber published a creepy video that Matt Taylor made: where he speaks about his mother being paranoid about him killing her; of her “suicide”; and the investigation by the Orkney police, who initially believed he had killed his mum. Of particular interest is that the video mentions that Taylor had been dishonourably discharged from the army, and had to abandon his mother in Orkney to travel back to England to sign his army discharge papers, shortly before his mother died in an apparent suicide. In one post Taylor had called his mother a “witch” and his father a “cult leader”.

Matt Taylor, his mum, and the loss of his military career

Newspaper articles and other information suggests that Matt Taylor served many years in the army, his chosen career, having passed his training, and probably served as a military policeman.

In 1998 Matt Taylor’s mother suffered a stroke that left her paralysed and in a wheelchair. In 2001 “the dregs of society” in Brighton was taking advantage of his mother and entering her home, leading to a fear her life was in danger. Matt Taylor, feeling that he had to do something about the dire situation his mother faced, made a fateful decision to go AWOL from the army. Both mother and son fled to Europe, travelling from country to country, suffering loss of their possessions and running out of money; they found their way to Orkney.

Matt Taylor was arrested in Orkney, and court-martialed for going AWOL from the army. Unlike in civilian life where an individual can immediately quit their job and nothing happens, this is different in the military, which comes under military law, where people literally sell their body and soul to serve Queen and Country for a fixed period of time. Matt Taylor was imprisoned at the military prison in Colchester known as the “Glasshouse“. After serving his sentence Taylor was demoted and dishonourably discharged from the army.

Whilst Matt Taylor was in military prison, the situation deteriorated for his mother in Orkney, facing eviction and homelessness. After being discharged, Taylor returned to Orkney, but then had to return back to England or face arrest, as he had not signed his military discharge papers. Taylor had an argument with his mother, and then returned back to England, when he was told his mother had died by an apparent sucide. The Orkney police initially suspected that Taylor had killed his mother, such was the sudden speed of his departure shortly before his mother was found dead. Nothing came of the investigation, and thus it is apparently considered to be suicide.


I think Matt Taylor was deeply attached to his mother, and faced a difficult situation of being trapped in his military role whilst his mother suffered an increasingly dangerous situation at home. Taylor made what was in the end a pointless and devastating choice to sacrifice his military career, savings and liberty to help his mum, which still ended in her death. It is probably not surprising that the years 2001/02 was the turning point that produced the sort of demented and twisted creature that we now find in Matt Taylor today.

Regardless of the tragedy, that must have deeply impacted Matt Taylor, there is no justification for the suffering and terror Taylor is inflicting upon his many victims, even upon innocent children. Taylor walks a dark road to his own destruction, and perhaps he needs to examine his own mind, in the manner he currently has been examining the minds of his victims: he attempts to form insight in to his behaviour; how his deeds are impacting the lives and minds of his victims; and then makes choices to become a better human being.

15 thoughts on “Why Satan Hunter Matt Taylor was kicked out of the army”

  1. That’s a sad story. I don’t watch MA much but on the odd time I have, it’s crossed my mind his video-editing is decent. If he (MA) could get away from the conspiracy theory stuff and made videos about something else (even King Arthur) he might achieve something worthwhile.

    1. Matt Taylor has talent in his video-editing, and I agree, if he put his skills to better use in a more positive direction, he and everyone will benefit. If he continues on the path he is currently walking, Matt Taylor will end up in jail.

  2. I do follow him on YouTube but I rarely watch his videos but of the few I have seen he always claimed he was discharged from the army because he was caught smuggling drugs into the barracks, this thing with his mother is completely new to me.

    1. I do not think Matt Taylor has been entirely truthful about his drugs matter. Cannabis would not normally get a soldier dishonourably discharged (discharged not dishonourably discharged) from the army; however, desertion / going AWOL is a serious matter that in former times would result in a soldier facing firing squad. The newspaper record suggests that Matt Taylor was dishonourably discharged for desertion.

    2. That’s weird isn’t it? Most people wouldn’t want people to think they were thrown out for something bad (drugs) vs. something many would see as good- wanting to help their mum. It implies he wants to seem hard and not show vulnerability maybe.

  3. Matt is, by nature, a very distrusting man. Having spoken to him live, it was clear he can hold a reasonably stable line which is interesting but that’s conflicted by his emotional psyche. If he could balance these two then I think he could be entertaining but he must address the past and be prepared to say ‘Sorry’ to those he knows we’re hurt by his actions. I don’t mean me, I mean others from the past. I don’t know if he’ll ever get to that point. I hope he does, it might close doors and open better ones. I don’t know.

    I agree the past has clearly been extremely challenging and frankly, an emotional wrecking experience.

    One thing is clear, the next move is his. I for one hope that’s a better and more positive one but that’s a long way ahead from now.

      1. The blog post is serious and dark. If you are aware of the content that Matt Taylor puts out, of which he makes light of this, you will understand the context of comments made about this so-called comedian.

  4. Maybe I’m an optimist but does this story imply he’s a bit thick, bless him? I mean, I know it’s the 90s and the army, but I think there would be a way to get leave, or leave the army, without going AWOL. I suppose maybe it shows that he doesn’t think things through in a way which avoids pitfalls etc.

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