Thursday, 13 August 2020

Matt Taylor Reported to the Social Services

Embattled Matt Taylor, dubbed the Brighton Beast by The Fruitcake Muncher’s Club (aka the reincarnation of the discredited Hoaxtead Research community), has been referred to the Social Services, for reasons as of yet unknown.

Breaking the news on their ever popular Fruitcake Muncher’s Club Youtube channel, the administrator, who is believed to be Karen Irving, posted the following update on 12 August 2020, referring to a Youtube video Matt Taylor posted on 10 August 2020. (Listen from 12:51)

The Bavarian Monster, aka Tom Niedermeier was first to respond.

Using a recognized satanic tactic of inversion and misinformation, The Bavarian Monster knows very well who sent the complaint, because it was he himself who claimed to have reported Taylor to the Social Services.

BM: Now you can hear me Matt?
MT: Oh I can hear you Sir.
BM: It’s me Tom Niedermeier
MT: Who, who are you?
BM: My name is Tom Niedermeier Matt.
MT: Oh right okay I haven’t heard of that name before. Would you like to introduce yourself to the audience tell us a bit about yourself?
BM: I’m the guy that you call a monster, a stalker and a criminal. 
MT: Oh who’s that, no I don’t think we talk about; are you talking about the Mr X the Hamster dad?
BM: No, I’m talking about you Matt and I will get you locked up. I will get you imprisoned, I will get you fucking imprisoned you asshole.
MT: Wow I’m surprised. Um, have we ever met before?
BM: No we’ve never met 
MT: So where’s all this anger, um coming from?
BM: Because you’ve been harassing, because you’ve been harassing me and my family for months now and I can’t wait to put you behind bars. (inaudible, inaudible)
MT: Wait hang on, isn’t that child abuse? I’ve just, I’ve already spoken about that. it’s very mean of people saying that because it means you’re taking away a loving father from their children. I’m the actual person who helps the key workers in the UK.
BM: Getting you locked up is the best thing that could happen to your children.
MT:  Oh really, do you really believe that. But have you ever met my children?
BM: No but I (inaudible)
MT: So how do you know that’s gonna be the best thing for my children?
BM: That’s enough to know that you’re a psycho and a weirdo and you’re not good for children.
MT: Oh really 
BM: You have convictions for harassment.
MT: I haven’t got any convictions for harassment, and I’ve noticed um…
BM: [Censored, censored-censored.]
MT: Woo, OK look, goodbye, we are not allowed to say things like that mate, ha ha ha ha.
Conversation ends.

Taylor Accused of Using his Son as Bait.

In a new low of harassment, stalking and intimidation, Taylor has been accused of using his 10 year son as bait, to incite a negative response from the satanic Hoaxtead Research community.

Contrary to the claim that “no one did,” “troll his son in the chat”; a certain troll simply couldn’t help himself and called Taylor’s son a “Noob.”

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