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Satanic Cult Leader Outs Himself

Lord Voldemort, renowned in the world of Black Magic, as a leading Satanic Cult Leader, infamous for beheading babies, raping children and conducting sick and twisted Satanic Ritual Abuse ceremonies, has inadvertently revealed his identify, having commented on the satanic loving Hoaxtead Research blog site.


Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Time is Running Out for Queen Elizabeth II

In news you won’t hear on the BBC’s Ten O’Clock News, a Moai King on the other side of the world, is claiming to have dethroned British Queen Elizabeth II, having sacked her as the Trustee of the Queen Victoria Fund, bequeathed to the British and Common-Wealth people by Queen Victoria’s predecessor, King William IV.

Surrogate King William IV - John Wanoa

While most people will see 'Moai' mis-spelt, John Wanoa 69, born in New Zealand, claims the Moairi tribes of New Zealand, (made famous with the All Black’s Haka dance at their rugby matches), are a British made-tribe, forcibly introduced into New Zealand In the late 18th Century, to force out the indigenous people.

Surrogate King William IV

Calling himself the Surrogate King William IV Monarch, John Wanoa speaks like a King, though doesn’t necessarily lives like a King, having been forced to sleep in his car, having been denied entry into Britain, deemed a threat to the Queen.

Part of an ever growing subculture called the Truth Movement, King John Wanoa, (as his followers call him,) regularly appears on Facebook and Youtube, broadcasting hour long broadcasts, explaining his plans for global domination and salvation.

I’ve sacked the Queen.”

Claiming Queen Elizabeth II has abandoned her Kingdom, John Wanoa has issued a Writ of Control and Possession, claiming higher authority over the Queen Bench, by issuing his Writ in the higher authority of the King’s Bench.

D-Day - 29 June 2019

With only 4 days left for Queen Elizabeth II to refute the claims made within his Writ, its predicted a number of his followers with adopt the 8 point star of St Patrick’s Star, giving the holder’s the authority of King’s Sheriff's, tasked with arresting and detaining Queen Elizabeth II.

Daryl Payan - King's Sheriff

The Veterans

Having caused a split within the Truth Movement, 4.8 million veterans of the British Army, represented by the maverick Simon Bean MBE, have decided to align their allegiance with the Queen, accusing the King Bench of John Wanoa, to be a scam and treasonous.

John Wanoa will save the world

Leading the fastest growing sector in the Truth Movement, more and more people are joining John Wanoa’s King Bench, as a viable and distinct alternative to the politics of the day.

With disillusionment in our politician’s at an all time high, more and more people are taking an interest in a King from the other side of the world, who is promising to come to the UK and demolish the status quo.

Promising a cash injection of £970 million trillion trillion, a new tidal energy/hydrogen power economy and relying on the Laws of King William IV, John Wanoa envisages a world in which poverty, child-abuse and war, are all things of the past.

Welcome to the Andy Devine Show

Proudly promoting John Wanoa, and a number of other prominent whistle-blowers in the Truth Movement, the Andy Devine Show is becoming the focal point for John’s followers to meet, plan and discuss the on-going adventures of King John.

Broadcasting on Facebook and Youtube, The Andy Devine Show can be found here on Youtube. To learn more about the UK Moai King William IV Party, simply click here.

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Top 10 Misconceptions about King Arthur


King Arthur is the world’s best loved King, as popular as any other King in Human history, including King Tutankhamun, King Solomon or even the King of all Kings, Jesus Christ. What most people may not be aware of, is that what we know of King Arthur today, is based on a number of misconceptions from the Victorian era. Now for the first time in over 1500 years, historical detectives Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, have rediscovered the truth about King Arthur, and that there were in-fact two great King Arthur's, who have been mistakenly rolled into one. King Arthur II was a real historical figure, who’s life and times, has been well documented in the ancient Welsh Khurmic records. As the prophecy of King Arthur begins to come true, here are the top 10 misconceptions about King Arthur, based on the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

Wildflower Mona Graphics 2015

Delivering a steady and staple diet of Hollywood movies, the legend of King Arthur has been told and retold throughout the ages. Prophesied to return in the UK’s darkest hour, King Arthur’s myth has endured throughout the centuries and has never disappeared from the British psyche.

While the main characters of King Arthur’s story are set in stone; namely Excalibur, Merlin, Guinevere and the Round Table, there are a number of common misconceptions about King Arthur which most people don’t know. The first is that King Arthur didn't need to pull a sword from a stone to become King. He was born to be King. 

Rediscovered by historical detectives Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, the legend of King Arthur is being retold, in a way never heard before since the Dark Ages. Having published a number of books on the subject, ranging from ‘Arthur The War King,’ ‘Artorius Rex Discovered,’ ‘The King Arthur Conspiracyand ‘Moses in the Hieroglyphs, here are the top 10 misconceptions of King Arthur, based on the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

Wildflower Mona Graphics

10. There was more than one King Arthur

There were actually up to five King Arthur's in Britain’s ancient history. The first King Arthur was the eldest son of Magnus Maximus, grandson of the British Constantine the Great, Emperor of Rome. King Arthur I lived between 355-388AD in Britain and according to the ancient Welsh chronicles, (the basis of Wilson and Blackett’s research), in 383AD conquered Gaul, Spain, Southern Germany, Switzerland and Italy; maintaining the royal dynasty, which would see the second King Arthur born on Christmas day 503AD, nearly 125 years later.

King Arthur II was born to Queen Onbrawst and King Maurice. Grandson of the Paramount Pendragon King Theoderic, whose royal lineage was claimed to go all the way back to the Holy family, to Anne, sister of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. King Arthur II united Britain and laid the foundations for the King Arthur legend we remember today. An easy way to differentiate between the two most famous King Arthur’s in British history, is to remember that King Arthur I fought the Romans, and King Arthur II fought the Saxons.

9. King Arthur didn’t pull a sword from a stone to become King

All the King Arthur’s throughout history were born into their roles, and neither King Arthur I or King Arthur II, needed to pull a sword from a stone to claim their right to rule. Royal inheritance was passed down between father and son; though as was the custom in ancient Celt society, if the son wasn’t fit to rule, then an uncle, cousin or nephew would naturally take over the role. This happened to King Arthur II, were upon his father King Maurice suffering an injury that left him lame, found himself Paramount King of all Britain at the age of 15-years-old. He would go onto win 12 decisive battles against the Saxons, Picts and Scots; uniting Britain under one King, and building the foundations of a nation we call ‘Great Britain’ today.

The myth that King Arthur pulled a sword from a stone, from which only the rightful King of Britain could pull; is based on the vivid imagination of 15th-century-french-writer Chretien de Troyes, who first wrote about the Arthurian adventures, probably based on the 12th-century-historian Geoffrey of Monmouth's book, 'The History of the Kings of Britain.' Both Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett claim Geoffrey of Monmouth, made the mistake of joining both the historical King Arthur’s into one, and thus muddling ancient British history for centuries to come.

8. Merlin was not a wizard

Fictionalised as a wise old wizard and reinforced by countless Hollywood and TV films and shows, Merlin wasn’t actually a wizard, but a renowned and respected war-lord in his own right, who taught a young King Arthur everything he needed to know about being a great warrior. Quoted from ‘King Arthur The War King’ book; here is a young King Arthur’s school report; Arthur was not the biggest or the strongest of the youths at Merlin Emry’s castle, yet he was by far the cleverest. In the mock fights and duels which they thought out to practice with their weapons, he was quite often beaten, but when tempers flared, and occasionally fought angrily with each other as boys do, he always emerged the winner.” 

Common in 5th-6th century Celtic culture, boys from the nobility aged 7-14-years-old, were either sent into the clergy and taught to the priests, or sent to military camp to become warriors. Luckily for the future of Britain, a young King Arthur II was sent to the North Welsh mountains, to be taught by the old war-lord Merlin and other warriors of note, Moro and Tegid; who taught Arthur (and his peers), warfare, military strategy, how to read and write, count, play guitar, dance and win wars.

7. Guinevere didn’t have an affair with Lancelot

Wildflower Mona Graphics

Reinforced by Hollywood as a adulterous wife sneaking behind King Arthur's, back to sleep with his best friend; nothing could be further than the truth, (though with the Chinese Whispers, whispering throughout the centuries, it's easy to see why Guinevere was painted in such a ‘scarlet’ light.) Lancelot was a peer of King Arthur II called King Maelgwyn Gwynedd, and never had any sexual relations with Guinevere! 

According to ancient Welsh poems and stories the young Queen Guinevere (spelt Gwenhwyfar in Welsh), did have trouble adapting to court life. (Much the same as today with Meghan Markle's marriage to Prince Harry.) It’s said that Gwenhwyfar had tearful temper tantrums, and during one particular meal the young Queen was deliberately polite and charming to a particular young soldier, to arouse jealousy with her husband for being excluded from state affairs and other such matters of Kings importance. Its recounted that King Arthur wasn’t too happy and banished her to the Queen’s quarters for the next three days. Gwenhwyfar would soon become accustomed to role as wife of a Paramount King of all Britain, and come to terms with her husband’s responsibilities and needs. Gwenhwyfar and Arthur would go onto have two children, Noe and Morgan.

6. King Arthur created The Round Table

Muddling ancient British history for centuries to come, 12th-century-historian Geoffrey of Monmouth really has made a hash of ancient British history, though to his credit, he did get some things right. For example, King Arthur really did create the Round Table.

Breaking tradition with the established seating plan of the most important people at the top, with the less important people to the left, right and below, King Arthur blew all that elitist tradition away, by adopting a round table, at which everyone had an equal say and presence. King Arthur heralded in an new era of equality, leadership and innovation. Many of King Arthur’s innovations, laws and principles, were copied by the Plantagenet royal dynasty, (who reigned Britain from 1154 to 1485); building the foundations of British life today.

5. King Arthur invented the Summer 'Festive' Games

Having driven the Saxon hordes from their lands, and united the Kingdom, King Arthur had brought peace and prosperity to his people, but needed something to keep his highly trained, battle-ready and experienced army, busy and occupied. King Arthur’s Great Festival Games was his answer. Every year to celebrate Easter, he would hold a Summer Festive Games, in which everyone from his Kingdom, from young apprentices, to Freeman, to Nobleman, to battled hardened veterans; could compete against each other, across a wide and varied range of competitions, including horse races, sword-and-shield contests, hounds and falcon competitions, archery, you name it, you could compete in it. It’s mentioned in ‘King Arthur The War King’, that King Arthur himself, ‘laughed and congratulated the winners when he lost, setting the correct example of the games’.

Attracting Kings, Queen’s, Princes, Princesses, Noble-men, Free-men, and travellers from across the nation, (and abroad from Brittany), the Summer ‘Festive’ Games would last for 12 days, (one day for each apostle), and end with an Easter parade lead by King Arthur himself, carrying various Holy relics and his shield, (depicting the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus in her arms), through the city, followed by his priests and bishops. 

4. King Arthur’s son did not kill him

While incest may have been a concern for 17th and 18th century Saxon and Norman royal dynasties, no such issues were a concern during the lives of the ancient Welsh royal families. Hollywood of the 21st century, has always depicted the demise of King Arthur to be a sordid and murky affair of family incest, betrayal and murder, but contrary to modern gossip and rumour, there was no history of incest, murder and betrayal in any of the Welsh royal dynasties of ancient Britain. 

According to the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett published in their book Artorius Rex Discovered’, Modred was his nephew and his sons were called Morgan and Noe. King Arthur died sometime in 567AD in Kentucky America. The truth is often more amazing than fiction, and in the case of King Arthur II, that’s definitely true. Keep reading and you’ll find out just how King Arthur II really died; (no doubt the same way King Arthur I died too!)

3. King Arthur didn’t give Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake

King Arthur didn’t return Excalibur to the ‘Lady in the Lake’, fatally wounded. While the truth of King Arthur II’s death is even more spectacular than most people would ever imagine; the notion that a mysterious amphibious-type woman, lived in a lake, took custody of a sword, is french romantic rubbish and obviously never happened.

The hard truth about the King Arthur story, is that there was no ‘magical sword’ called ‘Excalibur’, that mysteriously found itself stuck into a stone. There was no quest for the Holy Grail, and there was definitely never a ‘Lady of the Lake’, who regained ownership of Excalibur upon King Arthur’s final demise.

2. King Arthur didn’t die in battle

The truth of how the legendary King Arthur II actually died is more amazing than you'll ever imagine; though luckily for you you're about to find out. He didn't die in battle at the hands of his son Mordred; instead, he died having taken off his armour after a strenuous day battling the red Indians of Kentucky USA. A solitary native Indian boy had slipped through the medieval defenses and stealthily crept up to him unseen, before plunging his spear into his heart, ending the life of Britain’s greatest hero. Long live the King.

An ancient Welsh poem recalls the story of his body and belongings being wrapped in three deer skins sewn together, and sailed back across the Atlantic, to return his remains to his birth land. Laid in a cave in the Welsh countryside, King Arthur II’s bones were finally laid to rest on the grounds of Christianity's first church, St Peter’s Church in Glamorgan, South Wales. Until today, his remains lay undisturbed. 

1. King Arthur’s Kingdom was destroyed by asteroid debris

King Arthur II’s kingdom was destroyed by asteroid debris in 562AD. The destruction has been remembered in history as the ‘Dark Ages. With most of Britain devastated, the land toxic and unfarmable for between 7-11 years, nothing could stop the Saxons pouring in once the land became habitable again. King Arthur II’s brother Madoc, had just returned from across the Atlantic bringing back a black skinned man, with stories of a great land without Kings. An ancient Welsh poem recounts the dozens of questions King Arthur asked the traveler about the new land. In this time of crisis and a last ditch effort to save his people, King Arthur II salvaged what he could, built 700 ships and sailed his whole army across the Atlantic ocean, up the Mississippi river to Kentucky, before dismantling his ships to build homes, discovering America centuries before Christopher Columbus did.

Having found a new land in which his people could settle and grow, he didn’t take into account the ancient travel routes of the native Red Indians, who regularly traveled through Kentucky, and who took offence at being blocked, by this new arrival from across the great sea. Ironically after the great battles with King Arthur’s armies in Kentucky, they avoided the area, going around rather than through, in respect for the many lives lost on both sides, fearful of the fields of blood and the spirits which remained in torment. King Arthur II died sometime in 569AD, assassinated by a native Indian savage , and has been remembered as Britain’s greatest King ever since. With Brexit dominating Britain’s politics, isn’t it any wonder that the British hold an inbred hostility towards Europe, and an independent spirit of self-rule. King Arthur II was a real historical figure, and according to Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, was a King, from a long line of Kings leading all the way back to the Holy family themselves. If you thought the news King Arthur was real amazing enough; simply hold onto your hats, when you hear that according to Wilson and Blackett’s research; Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion and came to South Wales for sanctuary, where after he was known as the Lame Fisher King!

Further Reading

Plantagenet Royal Family

Artorius Rex Discovered

Alan Wilson talks about two King Arthur's

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett talk King Arthur

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Guerrilla Democracy News - June 2019 Stats and Figures



Fraud investigator, Royal Commission Protected Witness and an all-round Peaceful Warrior, 69 year old Sir John Paterson, was sentenced to 21 days in prison, suspended for 12 months, for being in contempt of court.

A packed public gallery heard how in April 2017, John Paterson secretly recorded a court case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, on a small voice recorder.

Even though all court cases are recorded and available to the public, and whilst in some circumstances permission can be given to record court proceedings, Mr Paterson was subjected to 2 years of state sponsored torture, threatened with jail, and fines, for recording a public event, for his own educational and personal reasons.

In-side the Royal Courts of InJustice

Once Lord Justice Males and Mr Justice William Davis kicked off the proceedings, (with the latter doing all the talking), Citizen John Paterson addressed the court, stating he has Crown Protection and for his witness Equity Lawyer, Edward Ellis, to explain further.

Upon being refused Mr Paterson said,It is my right to do so,” after which Edward Ellis said to the Judges, You have no jurisdiction,” to which Mr Justice William Davis replied, Having heard what I’ve just heard, Mr Ellis, go and sit in the public gallery.”
Judgement of Court

Having endured the stress and strain of having imprisonment, fine or both, hanging over his head for the last two years, a packed public gallery heard the Application by the Attorney General for the imprisonment of Mr Paterson for contempt of court.

With the verdict hanging in the balance, whispered chat throughout Court 16 was of a suspended sentence.

Who is Mr.X?

Mentioned in the harassment case of Christoper D Spivey in 2015 (against the family of the murdered soldier Lee Rigby,) and now again in Mr Paterson’s contempt case, Mr.X was referred to by name; all further information is REDACTED.

It was explained by the Prosecution that at the time of the recording, it wasn’t noticed, but came to light later when audio of the REDACTED CASE was uploaded to Youtube.

Having hid the recording device in the base of a house plant, police initially missed it when they raided his property in relation to the REACTED CASE, on the 8th May 2017.

Mr Paterson voluntarily surrendered the listening device which was found to have 5 recordings of the REDACTED CASE.

With good support in the public gallery, loyal friend and supporter Neelu Berry entered court late; having had herself a busy night, sparing with the forces of Satan knocking at her door at a quarter to eleven, protecting ‘Cure for Cancer’ whistle-blower, Lynda Thyer.

State Sponsored Assassination Attempt

Looking relaxed, at peace and calm, Mr Paterson lent back against the Queen's bench, as the Prosecution and Judges waffled on for 15 minutes, talking legalese between themselves.

Slowly and surely a consensus was agreed upon;
  1. No one was aware of the recording
  2. Mr Paterson had offered it for transcribing, all offers were declined
  3. The recording was made for his own personal use
Citing more evidence against him, via his emails, proving his contempt, the Judge asked in no uncertain terms, What excuse do you have for recording a public event?”

I had to because I’m exposing the corrupt judiciary. I do not accept it’s a contempt of court,” Mr Paterson answered.

Going further, Mr Paterson saidThe PM and Attorney General have provided protection frauds for organised crime.”

No witnesses from the Prosecution

Standing before the Judges alone and without any legal representation, the Prosecution called no witnesses, while Mr Paterson was allowed to cross examine DC Grimwood.

Mr Grimwood takes the stand

With the Prosecution asking Mr Grimwood to open a number of bundles of paper, and to confirm that the Statement of 19 June 2017, was a true and accurate account of the events, and whether another statement on 24 May 2019, was also his own, the Prosecution wrapped it up and it was Mr Paterson’s turn to cross examine him.

Mr Paterson started by asking him to confirm whether he had received information about serious crimes of State and Judiciary?

Looking for guidance from Mr Justice William Davis to continue, DC Grimwood confirmed that he had.

Pressed by the Judge as to whether there were anymore questions, Mr Paterson asked why he hadn’t done anything about the serious crimes he had already reported?

I’m guilty of trying to save my country.”
  • Mr Justice William Davis - “Do you accept that you did record the proceedings?”
  • Sir John Paterson - “Yes I did, I had to do it.”
  • Mr Justice William Davis - “Do you accept its contempt of court?”
  • Sir John Paterson - “No. I’ve had to do it, to bring the fraud to the attention of the public.”

Confirming to the court that Mr Paterson had reported serious crimes of government and judiciary to himself, and confirming that he is in possession of all the evidence Mr Paterson possessed, DC Grimwood was allowed to leave the witness stand.
  • 10.37am The Fantastic Four arrive, and pile into the public gallery
  • Frank McElheron, David Ellis, Bryn Real and Tony Livingstone.
The Judges rose to reassess the situation at 10.50am.
Mr Justice William Davis offers Mr Paterson a choice of taking the witness stand or to remain seated. Either to give evidence or make submissions.

(It’s all legalese to me.)

As the mis-trial continued unabated, Mr Paterson was denied legal representation, and was left with no alternative but to defend himself against the Attorney General, (who was costing the taxpayer £19K a day)

A Mistrial and an Injustice of Justice

Mr Paterson read out the introduction of a prepared statement by Edward Ellis, declaring he wanted the Equity Lawyer to explain further, but is unable to.

"This conduct does amount to contempt of court,” sneered the Prosecution.

With gasps from the public gallery, the Judges concluded that Mr Paterson has been proved to be in contempt, and that the respondent knew he wasn’t allowed to record but went ahead and did so anyway.

The Judge summed up in disjointed language, Your defense of corruption has nothing to point.”

The Judges have now moved onto working out how long to sentence him.

This is a set up, poor guy,” said a member from the public gallery.

The facts established are as follows:
  • He voluntarily submitted the listening device to police
  • He hasn’t undertaken any recording since
  • He’s never published anything online about the REDACTED proceedings
Here's hoping for a suspended sentence,” said one member in the public gallery to the other, the Judges appear to be considerate that John has been a good boy.”

Mr Paterson’s previous Common Law lawyer and friend, Patrick Cullinane is mentioned. Mr Paterson’s voiced his fear that what happened to Patrick will happen to him.

I don’t think he’s going down, but will be given a suspended sentence. I really hope so,” said one reporter to the other.

Whispering between themselves like sly bullies at school, conspiring to cause harm, loss and injury to the unfortunate souls they’ve chosen to pick on, both Lord Justice Males and Mr Justice William Davis moved onto discussing case studies, to determine how much time they can legally sentence him to.

Citing Mr Scarf, a 78-year-old pensioner, who received 28 days suspended for 2 years, for continually committing contempt of court, and Mr Cullinane, (Mr Paterson’s Common Law Lawyer) for his alleged crimes of contempt, both Judges were scratching around the bottom of the barrel, to find the case law allowing them to enforce a custodial sentence.

With nothing against Mr Paterson’s character and good standing, the Prosecution reverted to type and raised Mr Paterson’s previous offence of obstructing a police officer.

With a visible softening of the Judges, the packed gallery prayed for a suspended sentence, and muttering threats of revolution if it wasn’t given.

It was acknowledged by the Prosecution of the real concern of living in a world where it’s hard to enforce this law, with the technology of listening devices, getting smaller and smaller.

This is a matter of importance for the public issue,” declared Mr Justice William Davis, climbing upon his moral high-ground, built upon the crimes of generations of his predecessors, “Now Mr Paterson, we have to decide what to do with you.”

Invited to give his response to the litany of lies, twisted-truths and allegations, leveled against his good character for the last 10 minutes, John was quick to explain what happened when the police assaulted him at Seaford.

To paraphrase;

I was standing with my friend waiting to collect my car after it’s MOT. A police officer comes up to me and says he wants to search me because I’m being suspicious. He pushed me and assaulted my friend.”

During a passionate defense of himself on the day in question, Mr Paterson came coming across as a mild mannered gentlemen, unfairly treated by the state, convinced he is fighting a corrupt government and judiciary.

That’s when my story began.”

One reporter was heard saying to another, John is giving an impassioned speech before the judge.”

Talking about REDACTED CASE.

Now Mr Paterson is giving it to the Judges with both barrels, talking about Patrick Cullinane, In a court of law there is no justice, because even if you are innocent you are found guilty.”

With mentions of Gordon Bowden and Brian Setchfield, referencing the criminal frauds of the Finchley Road Boiler Room, and the police crimes of Bohemia Police station in Hastings; Mr Justice William Davis was keen to rein Mr Paterson in.

I do understand you have these concerns,” he said interrupting Mr Paterson’s tirade, to which Paterson replied in astonishment, “Concerns.”

Mutterings from the Public Gallery growing louder and louder.

Is there anything you want to add, that makes what you did less serious,” asks Mr Justice William Davies.

Well I would have loved to bring in more witnesses, but the last time I tried to bring in a witness, they stopped me.”

I'll glad I’m here to explain myself to the public,” declares Mr Paterson, before stating for the purposes of the Court’s tape
  • David Joe Neilson is too scared to return to his home, because he fears he'll be killed by Sussex police.”
  • Institutions have been infiltrated by organised crime.”
To which Mr Lord Justice William Davies, replied in defiance,That’s for another day,” before standing up and declaring a recess.

John Paterson is Smashing It.

Back in Court 16 at 11.25, Mr Justice William Davies declared with puffed chest and venom on his voice, we are here to sentence John Paterson for contempt of court.”

It’s been proved.”

The Attorney General gave these aggravating and mitigating features;
  • Previously recorded at another case
  • Length of the recordings, over several hours
  • Not significant but a recording of a sensitive case
  • The nature of the proceedings that the recordings dealt with, could have aggregated matters
  • The response to previous convictions of obstructing a police officer
  • Mr Paterson has cooperated with the police operation fully
  • He promised not to do it again, and he hasn’t for the last 2 years, honouring his statement
  • Used the recording for his own personal needs, and hasn’t disseminated it further
  • Mr Paterson is 67, (corrected to 69 by Mr Paterson)
  • Mr Paterson is of good character
  • Length of time the case has taken to come to court
  • Mr Cullinane and Mr Scarf were given as case studies; on both occasions, the sentence was found to be excessive on appeal

Mr Justice William Davies reiterates, Recording without permission is a serious matter, and the law must be fully complied with.” and then adds, In appropriate circumstances, the proceedings can be allowed to be recorded. What is not permissible is allowing the public to take action into their own hands.”

This is a sentence which is the basis of why Mr Paterson finds himself facing imprisonment.

Let’s put it into perspective; Over 2 years earlier, Mr Paterson recorded the audio of a case, which was being recorded anyway, and made available to the public, and that in ‘appropriate circumstances’ the proceedings can be allowed to be recorded.

The Judge made it perfectly clear why Mr Paterson is in the dock.

What is not permissible is allowing the public take actions In their hands.”

"The Sentence is to imprison you for 21 days, suspended for 12 months. Do you understand Mr Paterson. Keep out of trouble for 12 months and that will be the end of it.”

Paterson immediately asked permission to appeal, to which was instantly refused.

It’s the discretion of the court,” screamed the Judge over the hissing from the public gallery.

Prolonging the agony, the Attorney General caught the Judges attention to hight-light two auxiliary matters.

Forfeiture of the recording device and destruction of it.”

I don’t think its lawful to destroy evidence in relation to my case,” replied Mr Paterson in response to the application of the destruction of recording device.

Charlotte Wright from the BBC should be held in contempt too,” said Mr Paterson, complaining that she also recorded the same court case, but was allowed to do so, because she was from the BBC.

After a few moments of hushed whisper, the Judge’s decree that the micro SD card will be destroyed, but not the actual recording device.

If you destroy that, you are destroying evidence,” decried Mr Paterson, to which the Judge reiterated, I order the SD card destroyed.”

Ordered SD card destroyed.” - ‘Too sensitive of nature to be released to the public.’

While the Judge’s crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s, Mr Paterson spent the free time, (and for the purposes of the tape) to again speak about the 788-790 Finchley Road boiler room fraud.

  • Costs claimed at £19,944.89

Wrapped up by 11.45 am.

As the proceedings wrapped up and the public gallery emptied, the Fantastic Four (Frank, David, Bryn and Tony) flew the International Tribes flag for the first time in a British Court of law.

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