Friday 22 December 2023

Raising Awareness - Death Trolls!

"Death Trolls" is a new term coined to describe individuals who drive others to death by their aggressive online trolling. 

These trolls create an environment of constant harassment and intimidation that can lead to severe mental and physical pain. 

They often target vulnerable people with online abuse, and they may even encourage physical self-harm or suicide. 

These trolls can lead to devastating consequences for their victims, and it is important to raise awareness and seek support if you have been targeted by a "Death Troll".


Is Fat Dan Brown Bread?

Rest in Power!

Richard D Hall Responds to the tragic news of Baram Blackett's death...

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"This week (19/12/2023) I received news that historical researcher Baram Blackett has been killed in a house fire at his home in Benwell, Newcastle. This follows the recent tragic deaths of Ross Broadstock in October 2022, who had been heavily promoting the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, and the death of Baram's genius co-author Alan Wilson who died in September 2023.

Baram Blackett, Alan Wilson & Richard Hall

For those who don't already know, somebody or some group attempted to murder Baram Blackett back in August 2011 using an incendiary device placed under his bed creating a massive house fire which very nearly killed him.

In this lecture from Richard D. Hall's 2012 Tour talk, he gives an update on the situation of "Forensic Historians" Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett at that time. Wilson & Blackett, authors of 9 historical books and researchers of Arthurian history have been targeted seemingly because somebody does not want their findings to become widely accepted historical truths. Media smear campaigns, murder attempts and perversion of justice by certain officers in the police. In today's talk Richard explains briefly some of the claims of their work and outlines the disgraceful "investigation" conducted by the ineffectual Northumbria Police into an alleged recent murder attempt on Baram Blackett. Blackett was in a coma for 11 days and very nearly died. It seems the spineless Northumbria police may be taking their orders from the criminals at MI5.

You can watch an interview Richard recorded in August 2022 with Ross Broadstock, when all three were still alive here.

In 2011 the ensuing fire caused Baram to be comatosed for 11 days after the attempt on his life, and his family were told he had a 25% chance of survival. Survive he did, only to be killed this week (19/12/23) in another house fire. RIP Baram Blackett. You can watch the full series on Wilson and Blackett here..."

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

More from Britain's Hidden History spokesman David Moseley.

Many of you have expressed worry and concern over the situation with Alan, Baram, and Ross's work after the tragic events of the last fourteen months. So I would like to share a few thoughts on behalf of the admins and other close contributors here to try and nurture a little light in these dark times:
Alan Wilson drew his initial inspiration and drive for real British/Welsh history from an elderly retired teacher who had been recalled to the classroom during WW2, he recounted to Alan the history of the Britons as it was once taught for generations before it became obfuscated and denied in favour of the narrative that we are still expected to accept today.
- A very tenuous link more circumstance than witting intent.
Much like the situation in the 2010's when an Alemani lady in Southern Germany, a mother and housewife, not an academic, became inspired and infatuated with Wilson & Blackett's research into the true identity of the King Arthur of legend.
Monika Escobar started her King Arthur group on this social media platform a while after Alan and Baram had given up trying to reach a broader audience via the "new-fangled inter-web thing" that they had little faith in or mastery of, and within about a year she had in turn gathered a group of equally inspired people from around the world, one of whom was Ross Broadstock.
Ross had only just come across the work of W&B while researching a subject for one of his sons school projects.
Ross, crucially located in the homeland of much of the history, decided to start a group focusing on site visits and bringing together interested parties that would also serve to support W&B directly and help to tidy up and republish their work. This involved the dispersal of a goodly body of unpublished work.
So, you see; a few tenuous links have inspired and gathered many different people from different generations, many new to the subject, introducing them to those few who had been assisting W&B for decades, and ensuring that the torch lit by Alans chance encounter with a voice from the past is handed on to a generation some of whom will soon graduate or are already budding young researchers and authors, who, in turn, will inspire the next generation who are likely not yet even aware that what they are being taught in school is not the true history of their ancestors.
W&B were involved in ever-broadening fields of historical research, most of which never got beyond roughly typed note form, but much of that was entrusted to Ross. That is secure, and will be multiplied and dispersed. Don't forget the published work that is on shelves and bookcases around the world. View and share the BHH, RD Hall, Karen Sawyer and KA group YT channels vids and shows, visit the sites, spread the word, recommend and share the books including those of related authors. But do not despair.
Thanks to Monika for the excellent image, apologies to the photographer of the original that I do not know your name for proper accreditation.

Credit to Monika Escobar

Wednesday 20 December 2023

Is there a King Arthur Conspiracy?

Speculation is rife that foul play was involved with the fatal house fire that left King Arthur historian Baram Blackett dead at 64 years old.

Read more: Breaking Tragic News - King Arthur historian Baram Blackettt dies in house fire

The first to ring the alarm bells was actor James Langford, who said in no uncertain terms, “Anyone interested in researching King Arthur, don’t touch it with a barge pole, it's just not worth it.”

Baram (Tony) Blackett, is the last of the world’s leading King Arthur researchers to have died in the last 14 months.

What do we know?

Ross Broadstock (56) - Alan Wilson (91) - Baram Blackett (64)

Ross Broadstock, aged 56, died from natural causes, (Ruptured Aortal Aneurysm,) on Monday 17 October 2022, leaving Britain's Hidden History community, his wife and three teenage boys in shock and disbelief.

Ross Broadstock died early morning Monday 17 October 2022

Alan Wilson, the elder of the three, died from natural causes on 30 August 2023, aged 91.

Alan Wilson, aged 91, died from natural causes. Died Wednesday 30 August 2023

The tragic news of Baram Blackett’s death was reported in the Newcastle Chronicle Live:

“Two people have died in separate house fires in the last 24 hours, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service has confirmed.

The two separate fires took place overnight in Newcastle and Sunderland. The first emergency call was received by TWFRS's Fire Control team last night (Thursday December 14) at 11.20pm, with a report of a house fire on Benwell Lane in Newcastle.

Three fire engines were dispatched to the scene, with a further three and an Aerial Ladder Platform dispatched as the incident developed. Firefighters entered the building and located a 64-year-old man who was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.”

And relayed to the Britain’s Hidden History community, by it’s spokesman David Moseley:

“With a heavy heart it is now my sad duty to let our members and the fans and supporters of the work of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett know that Anthony 'Baram' Blackett died in a fire at the house that Alan and Tony shared in Newcastle, last week.

We would like to ask everyone to respect the Blackett family's feelings at this most difficult and harrowing time and not to speculate upon the causes of the fire here.”

While certain members of the Britain’s Hidden History community initially feared vital research was lost in the fire, David Moseley has assured the community that their works are safe and in good hands.

“Out of respect for the family's feelings so soon after this tragic incident it is inappropriate to speculate on the material loss.

Let us just remind ourselves that the published works are 'out there'.

Some of Alan and Tony's closest and loyal supporters have been entrusted with a great deal of unpublished research.

We will not be drawn on revealing personal details in the public domain.”

It's all Speculation.

“Three Welsh King Arthur researchers are now dead within 14 months. Now Baram Blackett died in the fire!” said Monika Escobar on Facebook, a prominent King Arthur researcher from Germany.

To which I replied, “Are you implying foul play?”

“What do you mean, Matt? Conspiracy? Well, either that or maybe he took drugs and, in his delirium, forgot to put out his cigarette when he fell asleep? We do not know it.”

Until the cause of the fire is revealed by the Tyne ‘n’ Wear Fire service, (which as of today is currently under investigation), it would be folly to suggest that dark forces are killing off anyone who researchers the real story of our nation’s greatest King, King Arthur II, born Christmas Day 503AD, in Glamorgan, South Wales.

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Breaking Tragic News - King Arthur historian Baram Blackettt dies in house fire

Posted by David Moseley on The Britain's Hidden History Facebook page.

"With a heavy heart it is now my sad duty to let our members and the fans and supporters of the work of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett know that Anthony 'Baram' Blackett died in a fire at the house that Alan and Tony shared in Newcastle, last week. 

We would like to ask everyone to respect the Blackett family's feelings at this most difficult and harrowing time and not to speculate upon the causes of the fire here."

Rest in Power - Baram Blackett

Baram Blackett - Never Forgotten

Saturday 16 December 2023

YouTube Streamer News is Pseudo News


I said I was arrested for taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of babies being beheaded.

This is a million miles from admitting I took three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with after showing them videos of babies being beheaded.

Being arrested for something and actually doing it, are two very different things.

A thorough police investigation that lasted over a year, during which all my IT equipment was forensically inspected, found the allegations to be baseless.

Thus I trust this is settled.

I rightly accused YSN of spreading misinformation. And I stand by that.

"You got arrested on the beach, filming with your friend."

Falsely stating I was arrested filming on a beach, with a friend, seriously puts me in danger within my neighbourhood.

Spreading misinformation and pseudo news, has serious consequences for the people concerned.

"Serious Convictions"

Let's put it into perspective.

I have a criminal record because someone's name was mentioned.

Let that sink in.

Someone's name was mentioned.

No one was hurt. No one suffered any criminal or physical damage.

Someone's name was mentioned.

Sparkle acknowledges I was gaslite into saying someone's name, because the usual suspects were using that name while engaging with me on YouTube.

Now this is very very very concerning.

I can now say with certainty, that YSN is a supporter of a satanic paedophile, and that is very very very concerning for all of us.

YSN, essentially is saying that he condones grown men, pretending to be 12 year old boys online, who share very disturbing illegal content of the top level with children as young as 11 years old.

By aligning themselves with James Hind, he condones letting off paedophile groomers, because they couldn't live with ruining a paedophile's life on their minds.
YSN condones learning everything there is to know about paedophiles.
YSN condones a grown man talking with children as young as 11 and 12 years old.
YSN condones inviting American women to the UK to have their abortions.
YSN (like James Hind) sees a baby with an erection, while everyone else see an umbilical cord
YSN condones publishing images of child kidnap and distress
YSN condones imagery that depicts babies being eaten.
YSN condones sharing very disturbing illegal content of the top level with children as young as 11 and 12 year old.

YSN condones the paedophile rhetoric of a man who supports and defend paedophiles.

YSN agrees with James Hind that there is no such thing as good and evil.
No doubt YSN feels the same!
YSN condones of paedophile imagery being published which depicts paedophiles leering over young girls.

YSN condones R.I.P Trolling

YSN condones the emotional abuse of three teenage boys, following the sudden and tragic death of their beloved father.
YSN condones the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, to kill just one man.
Lastly, like James Hind, YSN considers itself it's own God, and that there is no authority in life above itself.

I think it incredible that anyone would put their faith in someone who hides in the shadows and uses a fake name, over and above someone, who uses their real name, and shows their face.


This blog will be made 'Private,' dependent on YSN keeping my name, voice and depiction off his YouTube channel.

One last thing!

I can say with confidence that if YSN were to make a complaint to Sussex Police against my reaction to his continuing obsession with me, their stock response will be:

“In some of your own productions on You Tube, you have made comments that are less than tasteful and one could argue that you have in some way courted controversy by making some of the statements / comments that you have in the past. It cannot be fair or reasonable on your part to then get upset and report matters to Police because the shoe now appears to be on the other foot”.

Swissindo is Coming!

Monday 11 December 2023

Someone has made an allegation...

"Hello officers, how can I help you?"

I said with a smile as a Sussex Police officer walked into my front garden.

A little surprised to see me there, the police officer instantaneously placed his hand on my wrist, while stretching behind himself for his handcuffs.

Within five seconds of saying hello to a police officer, stepping into my garden, I was in handcuffs, being attested because there's been an allegation against me.

"It's alright Mr Taylor, nothing for you to worry about."

There's been an allegation and we are going to take all your IT equipment, your mobile phone and all your tablets, desk tops, chips and dope drive you to the custody centre, degrade you by making you stand on a spot, search you and ask questions, then put into a brightly lite police cell, with no entertainment for 20 hours, and no indication when you'll be released.

It's only after we've invaded your privacy, searched your home from head to toe, read all your diaries and rifled through all your draws, that we'll march you into a small office, and ask you a series of questions, all the while recording your responses.

Then we'll make you wait some more before showing you the door, with a bus pass to make your own way home.

Upon getting home, my house has been turned upside down.

With no list kept or taken of the property seized, my heart sank with sadness and dred that my dope box, £30 grinder, and nail sissors were gone.

Branded "petty," by my solicitor, I'm left reeling from the third violent intrusion into my life within a year, leaving me mentally destroyed and the stress manifesting as physical conditions (blood in my soils).

All because there's been an allegation.

Is an Allegation Sufficient to Justify the Arrest of an Individual, and Seizure of their Property, with a Lengthy Police Investigation?

The arrest of an individual and the seizure of their property over an allegation, especially without bail conditions and without any concrete evidence, does seem extreme.

Police investigations can sometimes take time to complete, but there are several factors that can affect the length of time taken.

Branded "petty," by the duty solicitor, this is the third arrest within a year.

18 November 2022 - Low

08 March 2023 - Mystery

04 Oct 2023 - Petty

It's now clearly a course of conduct against myself, Matthew Daniel Taylor of Brighton, United Kingdom, which by the number of arrests in the last 12 months amounts to harassment.

Who's the paedophile? James Hind or I?

I've been in a loving relationship with a mature lady, one year older than myself, for as long as Christoper Brindle, from Preston, has had half a blowjob.

My Magical Imaginary Girlfriend ✨️

James Hind has given no indication he's even in a relationship, or has ever been in a relationship withva woman, (or man.)

James Hind pretends to be a 12-year-old boy online and shares very disturbing illegal content of the top level with children as young as 11 years old.

If that isn't paedophilic, I don't know what is?

James Hind wants to learn everything there is to know about paedophiles, while I don't.

James Hind publishes disturbing pictures of child kidnap and abuse.

The child featured in this picture is alleged to be his niece. Whether the parents are aware that their child is being used in such a creepy way is unclear.

I've disclosed all my criminal convictions. The only one which I've got is due to gaslighting by freaks on YouTube.

James Hind has failed to declare whether he has any criminal convictions.

James Hind has admitted to letting a paedophile groomer go free, because he couldn't live with ruining his life.

James Hind has admitted to sharing very disturbing illegal content of the top level with children as young as 11 years old.

I show my face, where as James Hind doesn't.

I use my real name, where as James Hind doesn't.

I've revealed my address, where as James Hind hasn't.

While he says he lives in Brighton, knowing what a prolific liar he is, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest that his name is Martyn, he lives in Lincolnshire and works as an Amazon delivery man.

By all rights, I can issue a Stalking Prevention Order against him.

The great irony of Hind is that he is well over the threshold of stalking and harassment against me.

Remember constant online monitoring is defined as stalking.

Constant online mentions is harassment.

Getting back on track...

James Hind routinely defends alleged paedophiles.

In fact it's his default setting to defend paedohiles, after all, need I remind you, how he simply couldn't live with himself, if he ruined the life of a paedophile.

James Hind defends Samantha Baldwin's ex husband, who is alleged to be a paedophile satanic cult member, as he defends the father in the Wilfred Wong kidnap case, in which he's also alleged to have been a paedophile satanic cult member.

Using it a stick to beat me with, he implies a Category B pornographic picture was found in my possession, knowing full well it was only an allegation, and nothing was ever submitted in court.

Thus in all probability, Sussex Police were pushing their luck, and it wasn't a Category B at all.

In fact, following the malicious and false allegation that I took three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of babies being beheaded, turned out to be completely false and untrue.

A certain Sussex Police Detective Constable called Charlie Ward, once sheepishly admitted, he spent five days forensically searching through every image and file stored on my computer. I asked him what he found, to which he replied, "nothing, it's all rubbish." To which I replied, "I could have told you that, and saved you the trouble."

Suffice to say nothing of an illegal nature has ever been found on my computers, or on my search history.

I wonder what would be found on James Hind's computers, especially keeping in mind that he has admitted to  pretending to a 12-year-old online, who shares very disturbing illegal content of the top level with children as young as 11 years old.

So who do you think is the paedophile between James Hind and I?

Answers on a postcard to Fanny Bones, Hoax Police, P.O Box, Bollocks.

One last thing. James Hind isn't shy in coming forward in confessing that he stalks me in a daily basis.

For example, you only need to look at his most recent tweet.

He knows very well that his constant, relentless, unwanted and merciless stalking causes me alarm, distress and fear.

But still, he revels in it.

The only question which remains is-

Who's Obsessed with who?

One more thing popped into my mind!

He's never denied being a paedophile!

Where as I vehemently deny being one, pointing to my history of having normal relationships with women my own age, having fathered two children, and having no criminal record or history of sexual offences, I realised with sudden afore-thought, that James Hind has never denied being a paedophile!

So on balance, knowing what we know now; who you you think is the paedophile between James Hind and I?

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