Monday 28 November 2022

Twisting the Narrative Man!

We have seen recently how well known personalities in the UK's pathetic Truth Community, twist the narrative to their own nefarious ends.

For example I've had personal experience of this, when I invited certified psychopath Paula Mann, (real name Cliff,) to come and stay with me, because he was sleeping in a public toilet.

While Cliff had no real intention of ever taking up my offer, he did twist the narrative, to imply that he was the wronged party, because I failed to meet him at the agreed time.

Cliff twisted the narrative by deleting certain comments which painted a different picture, to the picture he was selling to his audience.

Watch Paula Mann The Farce!

We have also seen this with the Brighton based satanist James Hind.

Vilified by many in our crazy corner of YouTube, James Hind attacked a survivor of SRA by implying she had posted a picture of a new born baby with an erection.

Disgusting, vile and perverted as it sounds, James Hind sexualised a picture of a new born baby, and then twisted the narrative, to imply I was sharing a naked picture of a child.

Twisting the narrative has now become the norm.

Watch Twisting my Melons Man!

Friday 25 November 2022

Matt Taylor: Rise of the Snowflake/Victim by James Hind

“For example a neighbour sent me a text saying there was a police car at the top of my road.

I went into flight mode and went for an hour and half walk away from my neighbourhood, in fear the thugs in black were back to serve me more!

I live in constant fear and intrepidation of kidnap by thugs in black.”

Matt Taylor – Guerilla Democracy News 24 Nov 2022

It feels longer, but it is probably a week since Satan Hunter from Bristol Matt Taylor was arrested. Since his arrest, and the loss of all his computer equipment / phones, which he quickly replaced inside a day, the tantrum is epic: the obsessive thuggish predator with dozens of victims to his name has become instantly transformed into a pathetic victim-snowflake milking his adverse experience for all it is worth. This is the problem with Satan Hunters, and it is one of the things that totally irritates me, that these Satan Hunters – Matt Taylor for example – are jellyfish with no backbone; they take no responsiblity for the consequencies for which they are the agents of their own misfortune.

Nobody knows why Matt Taylor was arrested, or who the victim(s) are, not that it matters, because just in 2022 there are dozens of victims of Matt Taylor, and dozens of reasons why the police would visit Taylor and arrest him. Matt Taylor is the sort of guy who flirts with danger: what sort if crazy nutter goes into a Brighton bar and announces to the stunned public that he had been arrested for taking boys into a woodland and showing them videos of babies being beheaded? Taylor is that deluded guy who would punch an alsation in the face and believe it would not rip his hand off. The epic fuss Taylor makes is over predictable outcomes of abuse, harassment, stalking and other illegal deeds that made it certain that the police would come visiting eventually.

“Other people’s hurt feelings, are worth more than my hurt feelings”

Matt Taylor – Guerilla Democracy News 24 Nov 2022

This is the problem with Satan Hunters such as Matt Taylor, they lack any insight and empathy about how their deeds and words impact others. This is not about “hurt feelings”, it is about terror and distress for victims such as Sussex Police Commissioner xxxx xxxxxxx; then there is the case of the solicitor of xxxx xxxxxx; and because Taylor is so relentless, a xxxxxxxxxxx family had to seek a court order to protect themselves from him. Today, I hear Matt Taylor sent a Paula Mann around to the home of another Taylor victim called Convid on YouTube. All these cases, and many others, are people suffering more than “hurt feelings”, but all Taylor thinks about is himself and his “hurt feelings” for police showing up at his door. If Taylor wants to talk about sexually abusing his plants and his revolting hygiene habits, no problem, but when it is causing distress and terror to people he knowingly targets, then he will have a problem with the police.

I am one of those people that Matt Taylor targets, but my policy is that I will not go to the police about it because it limits my ability to challenge Taylor and protect victims from him. It does not mean that I won’t report Matt Taylor to the police for breaking court orders for example.

This does not mean that what Taylor posts does not have a mental impact on me, as it does. It is not a pleasant experience to have Matt Taylor dribbling all over my own child abuse story and making up stuff that is not true. Taylor for example put out a claim that as a result of child abuse that I suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) – I don’t suffer this, and I have never been diagnosed with this. Depersonalisation / Dearealisation, which I do suffer from, is something totally different from DID. But now people such as Satan Hunter Angela Power Disney goes around thinking I suffer DID because Taylor said so.

My story as a social media moderator has been twisted into something it is not by Matt Taylor. Because as a moderator I had to deal with and remove child abuse images, this makes me a paedophile according to Taylor. Because my moderator role involved occasionally becoming a child decoy to root out paedophiles, that makes me a paedophile as well in the view of Taylor. When it was not my responsibility to go to the police as a moderator when I uncovered a paedophile, I am a paedophile-protector according to Taylor. Just as he accuses many people he dislikes or has a problem with as being paedophiles, I have become a particular target of false allegations of being a paedophile. Taylor ran multiple videos of the most freakish of groomers caught in paedophile stings, claiming those people were me. Taylor has claimed I have been busted in a paedophile sting. Taylor also weaponised his own son by claiming I had groomed him online, even though I have never met or spoken to his under-aged son; if indeed this had been the case, Taylor would have made sure of the fact by blasting it all over the internet. No evidence, but it does not stop Taylor relentlessly making these false paedophile allegations that can result in someone being murdered.

When I blogged that I would drop a nuke on Moscow to kill Putin, Taylor made spectacular claims about me in multiple blogs, tweets and videos that Russian agents were about to slaughter the residents of Brighton in a chemical attack just to get at me; but also made reference that I would be murdered by the FSB. What Taylor does not know is that I have a larger role in fighting the Russians than I care to reveal, and my personal safety is a matter of personal concern. When I have someone randomly coming up to me in the street speaking Russian, then claiming they thought I spoke Russian, before walking off, soon after these videos were made, yes, this will cause me some anxiety. Other’s were alarmed enough to report the death threats Taylor made against me and the people of Brighton to the police, so extreme that Taylor even ran a live where he made these claims to various media such as the Sun Newspaper, and I had to intervene with the police to ask them to not pursue the complaints. Let me be blunt, had I pursued those police complaints, which are on record with the poliee with a crime reference, they would have come visiting Taylor and arrested him months ago on suspicion of malicious communication.

“Having been kidnapped from your own home, having had your partically opened window ripped from its frame by a snarling demon, red faced in frustration he wasn’t able to pull the window out of its sockets.”

Matt Taylor – Guerilla Democracy News 24 Nov 2022

Matt Taylor was not “kidnapped”, he was arrested. This has nothing to do with Satan, demons or Satanists, but everything to do with Matt Taylor causing alarm and distress to victims, the police having to act to protect those victims and investigate potential crimes. Rather than living in lala land, I would like Matt Taylor to have a moment of enlightenment that his deeds and words are causing great distress, suffering and alarm to countless people; that his traumatic experience with the police is because of his own agency and choices. It is down to Matt Taylor to learn from this experience and hopefully walk a different path where both he and his many victims will not suffer because of his deeds and choices.

Thursday 24 November 2022

More on the Mental Health Impact of State Sponsored Kidnap

Having been kidnapped from your own home, having had your partically opened window ripped from its frame by a snarling demon, red faced in frustration he wasn't able to pull the window out of its sockets.

The effects of six black clothed thugs chanting outside your home "open up, open up, open up."

Barging into your home as if they own the place, and then systematically search your property, taking away anything they want.

Without any rhyme or reason other than "there has been an allegation made against you, and that YOU ARE coming to the station with us now!"

I remember sitting on my sofa, with two police officers holding me by my arms, with my hands handcuffed behind my back, watching down hearted and beaten, as they took my Mac Desktop, PS4, Laptops, chips and even the Internet router.

What had I done to deserve this?

'We'll tell you after you languish 15+ hours in a cell, and let you think about it.'


Which brings me to the reason of this blog.

The mental effects these constant state sponsored kidnaps are having on me.

I am in permanent Fight and Flight mode. I am both on and off at the same time.

For example a neighbour sent me a text saying there was a police car at the top of my road.

I went into flight mode and went for an hour and half walk away from my neighbourhood, in fear the thugs in black were back to serve me more!

I live in constant fear and intrepidation of kidnap by thugs in black.

Men in Black v's Thugs in Black

Be it satanic, personal or organised crime, I have made enemies in the lowest of places!

And that's shameful on my part, allowing myself to become apart of this.

I live in constant Fight or Flight Mode

I live in constant fear

My property isn't my own

My very being isn't my own

Other people's hurt feelings, are worth more than my hurt feelings

I am worthless in the eyes of others

Read more: 'Being Kidnapped' by Matt Taylor

Being Kidnapped by Matt Taylor

The mental scars of going for a poo on a quiet Friday morning, thinking ahead of the journey I would take to spent the weekend with my girlfriend in the woods of Surrey, hearing someone knock on the window, wiping up and seeing to my horror six police officers standing outside my home.

The harrowing mental scars now etched into my Soul, of watching a police officer try and pull my front room window out of its sockets, with a demonic look of intent on his red puffing and grimaced face.

With no other choice, other than having my window ripped from its frame, I turned the key and allowed the thugs dressed in black to flood in.

The feeling of absolute horror and despair when I wasn't allowed to go to my own sink and pour myself a glass of water, but instead being wrestled to the ground to have my face smashed in the cats food bowl, with a knee on my head.

The ever lasting indellible horrific memories of sitting with my arms behind my back, in pain and discomfort handcuffed, as two police officers held me by the side, while three others ransacked my property, unplugging what they wanted, rummaging through my personal belongs, through my draws, and files, removing everything as if it just another day doing their job, with total disregard to me as a person, doing their work as if I wasn't there. 

Hearing a police officer upstairs searching through my bedside cabinet, my wardrobe and drawers!

With no warning, except a malicious YouTube video posted 48 hours earlier, of a drag queen singing with the heading, "YOU ARE GOING TO PRISON."

At the time I didn't think of commenting whether the message was meant for me. 

Obviously it was!

Kidnapped from my home at 9am and dropped out bewildered, shell shocked and raw at 1am in the morning.

I found myself sitting in a burglled home.

No computer, no phone, no PS4, no Internet connection, nothing except me, my books, pen and paper.

Nothing is my own anymore because the thugs in black can smash their way into my home whenever they want and kidnap me at will.

If I didn't have the unwavering support of girlfriend, my family and friends, I wouldn't have been able to deal with such traumatic experiences, time after time after time.

I feel like a 9th classed citizen.

Other's people's feelings are worth more than my feelings.

Its massive and its a massive weight on my heart and shoulders.

I am not worth as much as others, in the eyes of The Law!

Being a victim of kidnap, in which my home has been invaded, and my property taken, all because someone else, of whom I have never met, feels so scared that I would travel hundreds of miles to hit him (and his extra.)

Someone else's fear of being hurt, costs more than the mental health damage and impact of being kidnapped in cuffs, having my home ransacked and all my property stolen, 15 hours plus in a police cell, and then hit with bail conditions preventing me from telling you who has made these life destroying allegations.

Welcome to modern day Police State Britain. 

I've been unlawfully kidnapped by the thugs in black.

Welcome to modern day Satanic Britain.

After-all, there is one group of people, which the police will always do their bidding for.....

Read more: How satanists use the police.

Read more: Matt Taylor in New Stalking Arrest Horror!

Tuesday 22 November 2022

How Satanists Use the Police!

Leading the charge in getting the police to do Satan's work is Brighton-based Satanic cult leader James Hind.

With the definition of laws and statutes readily accessible online, would be detectives can now argue with confidence that a certain targeted individual of their choice, can be sold as a dangerous criminal, worthy of arrest, investigation and prosecution.

Wasting police time by maliciously reporting targeted individuals of their choice, Satanists have found a wicked and easy way to hold sacrifices, with the officers in blue, doing all the hard work (and sin) for them.

For their own personal twisted satisfaction, and the satisfaction of their covens.

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer's pounds, whittled away on pointless arrests, investigations and prosecutions of a number of individuals, including those individuals who named Child A in the Wilfred Wong child kidnap/rescue case.

This only happened because of the reports and complaints made by Brighton-based satanic cult leader James Hind and his minions.

He boasted of reporting anyone who mentioned Child A's name to Mold Crown Court, the Attorney General and Police.

While Child A wasn't in my immediate danger of being named, James Hind and his satanic minions, made such a fuss over it, that the police felt harangued into taking action.

James Hind hasn't stopped there! He's continued to waste police time and resources by maliciously reporting anti-SRA crusader Jeanette Archer for;

1. Conspiracy to Murder Members of the Rothschild Family

2. Encouraging a vulnerable person to commit suicide.

Aside from causing Jeanette Archer and her boyfriend Dominic Abbey immense personal alarm, distress and fear, his actions wasted police time, resources and money, investigating bogus allegations.

But of course that is part of the course.

Satanists have found it remarkable easy to make false allegations against people, that regardless of whether the case is taken to court or not, know the disruption of the arrest, the seizure of equipment and the deprivation of freedom, constitutes a reasonable sacrifice to their Lord Saviour, Satan!

Which naturally begs the question, is there a Satanic element within the police?

I've explored this question before: Read more: Is there a Satanic section within Sussex Police?

Taken from Sussex Murders -


"In 1990, a Satanist from Lewes hit the headlines after her Satanic revels were exposed in a tabloid newspaper. Her name was Rosemary Barratt and she worked as a secretary inside Lewes Police Intelligence Unit, a fact which could not fail to stimulate some curiosity.

Barratt had long fostered a deep interest in severe sado-masochistic sex, having relations with literally dozens of magical masters. These assignations involved different magical groups and individuals, many of whom were outside of the Temple of Set. Obviously this was something of interest to the press who enjoyed laying bare such titillating diatribe.

Some of these were dangerous people who had advocated human sacrifice and extremely unpleasant sexual acts involving torture. The question was, were there other people connected with Barratt's cultic activities still working in Lewes Police Station?"

It can be convincingly argued that people of the lowest moral fibre are recruited by Sussex Police.

The most recent scandals to hit the headlines are testimony to that:

Read more: Sussex Police Hall of Shame

Read more: Sussex Police are Prime Targets by Organised Crime!

If any police force would have satanists within their ranks it would be Sussex Police.

After-all, their HQ is located in the most satanic Town in Sussex, namely Lewes.

Whether the police feel obliged to make arrests on the strength of public insistence or because satanist have infiltrated Police forces across the country, the fact remains that vast amounts of police time, resources and money is being spent on doing the wicked work of satanists.

Malicious allegations can be easily made, with a false narrative, prompting the police to take action.

It's the nature of today's policing and justice, that the door is smashed through first, and questions asked later.

Anyone can make false allegations against a targeted individual, knowing the allegations to be false, safe in the knowledge the damage done in the initial arrest, hours spent in the cell, computer and mobile phone taken, and bail Conditions imposed, will inflict the loss of livelihood and dignity, which leads to suicide.

We are led to believe that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty, but how can this be the case, if the innocent party has his/her home invaded, equipment seized and freedom denied?

Regardless of whether the case results in No Further Action (NFA) or not, the damage has already been done and the sacrifice given.

Monday 21 November 2022

Matt Taylor in New Stalking Arrest Horror!

Real life Jack Reacher, Ex Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor, 51, from Brighton UK, was arrested on Friday 18 November 2022, following an allegation of Stalking with Violence.

Matt Taylor

Having sent a letter of commendation to PC Paddy Stewart, who days earlier had investigated a complaint of harassment against him by a well known anti-extremist activist called Shellie Mote, PC Stewart assured the ex black op's soldier, that a mark would be put in his address, that meant they wouldn't act in any malicious and frivolous complaints made against him.

PC Stewart's words meant nothing, when within a week, six Sussex Police officers were storming through his home, wrestling Taylor to the ground, squashing his face into the cats food bowl, in a scene out of a Jack Reacher movie.

Arrested on lame, tame and flimsy evidence, all of Taylor's computer equipment was seized, over 20 items in all including his Internet router and PS4.

Is there a larger conspiracy at play?

Kicking off his 2024 Brighton Kemptown General Election campaign, and well on his way to securing £200 million investment from the Saudi Investment Fund, Taylor was set to turn his dream of a King Arthur II Film and TV Studios into reality, putting it at the heart of his 2024 Brighton Kemptown General election campaign.

Read more:

Police Harassment/Targeted Individual

A pattern has now emerged that Taylor is arrested on a near yearly basis, in which his computer equipment is seized, and returned on average a year later, after the investigation is NFA'd. (No Further Action.)

Having been arrested on such charges of taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of babies being beheaded, to allegations of failing to provide the police his address within three days of receiving a SPO and for numerous charges of harassment and stalking, Taylor again finds himself the victim of malicious and frivolous allegation made against him by the online Satanic Temple community.

Read more: Taylor's Christmas Horror

Arrested, charged and convicted of harassing a well known name in the UK's Truth Movement, (but a name that cannot be printed on Guerrilla Democracy News for legal reasons,) Taylor has been targeted by other Satanic Temple members, such as alleged satanic cult leader James Hind from Brighton, German based professor Thomas Niedermeier and Canadian born blogger Karen Irving.

Vilified as the character 'IT,' from the Stephen King novel, branded 'The Brighton Beast,' and a 'sexual predator', Taylor has himself endured years of online abuse which has resulted in a number of his social media platforms being removed and cancelled.

Falsely accused of being a three times convicted stalker, Taylor is seen as a media celebrity on YouTube, famed for his wacky, crazy and zany 6-9 hour long YouTube marathon shows..

Having built himself a loyal fan base over the years, Taylor is said to be feeling "shell shocked and raw," following his latest arrest by Sussex Police.

Taylor has been bailed until 15 February 2023, where he predicts, (based on past behaviour by Sussex Police), that the bail will be extended until the end of 2023, where-after the case will be NFA'd and his computer equipment returned damaged.

Abandoned by Sussex Police who fail to investigate and act upon any complaint Taylor makes, Taylor has been a victim of a constant stream of malicious and frivolous complaints made against him since 2015.

Taylor was first arrested for Affray on 25 Janurary 2015, when while standing as the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, his election office was attacked by two thugs, who attacked Joe Neilson (a colleague of Taylor's) on the doorstep of his house, which Neilson claims he would have been killed if Taylor didn't intervene and repelled the attack.

After the two officers finished joking and laughing with their assailants outside the property in 318 Southcoast Road Peacehaven, both Taylor and Neilson were arrested for affray and detained for over 15 hours, while their assailants were allowed to walk free.

Read more: Sussex Police are Prime Targets by Organised Crime

The charges against Taylor and Neilson were later dismissed and no further action taken.

Joe Neilson, 76 and disabled, continues to live abroad, too scared to return to his home in fear he will be killed.

His home is being stolen from under his nose and Sussex Police continue to do nothing about it.

Read more: Latest News from Joe Neilson

Comments from the UK's satanic Community include:

Friday 11 November 2022

Paula and I....

Paula Mann (not his real name) is a diagnosed psychopath, who has served time in the UK's most notorious prisons. He claims to be a victim of historical child abuse, committed by Kenneth Kendall the BBC news reader, and Prince Andrew, the brother to the King of Great Britain and the Common Wealth, King Charles III.

I thought I'd do the charitable thing and offer Paula Mann a room to stay in, bearing in mind he was sleeping in a public toilet.

He came to Brighton but stayed in a hotel for the first night.

He wanted me to give him my number to prove it was me.

I asked him what number? Did you want my house number or mobile number?

Surely he wasn't expecting me to give him my mobile number across the public domain of YouTube?

So anyway, I gave him a call me number 07713146909, but he never called it.

The next day I had some business in the Eastbourne area. I didn't want the general public to know my business, so I said I had a one-eyed woman to meet at Beachy Head.

I left shit loads of messages to Paula that I would be in WHSmith's in Churchill Square from 1.40pm to 2.20pm.

Paula never showed up!

That was when I left more messages saying that I was leaving Brighton, and hoped to be back sometime between 5-6pm.

Things changed a bit, and I finished my business sooner than expected.

I was on the bus back to Brighton leaving messages to Paula, "I'll be at the Aquarium at 5.30pm."

It took me 5 minutes to realise I had got the wrong time, so I sent Paula another few messages. "CORRECTION - 4.30pm, I Repeat 4.30pm outside the Aquarium!

And then I left my favourite cap and hat on the bus and I wasn't in the best of moods.

Paula had no intention of ever meeting me!

Paula Mann chooses to create the narrative that I invited him to Brighton and then abandoned him.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In Paula's latest video he invites his audience to ask "searching questions", but fails to answer my question:

Why didn't you call me on 07713146909?

None of this would have happened if Paula had just called me!

My Humble Opinion of Paula Mann...

I think he's a fucking prick in my humble opinion.

I saw the guy sleeping in a public toilet and I thought I'd do the charitable thing and offer him a warm bed and a roof over his head.

And in return all I've got is bullshit.

He turned up to Brighton, apparently with the intention of taking me up on my offer, only to booked into a hotel instead.

The next day, having left him my number to call, I messaged him that I was available to meet at WHSmith in Churchill Square between 1.45pm-2.20pm.

He never turned up!

I then said I was going out of Brighton to see a friend and that I'll be back to meet him between 5-6pm outside the Aquarium.

My plans changed and I left messages that I would now be outside the Aquarium at 4.300m.

He made a big deal of arriving between 5-6pm, making a big song and dance that I wasn't there.

Why am I expected to meet him anyway?

I've got a spare bedroom that he's welcome to stay. I gave him my address, but yet he expects me to meet him in Brighton Town centre first!

Who's doing who the favour?

The guy is a prick. Lying to create his own narrative in which he is the victim and I am the offender.

Fuck you Paula Mann, I won't be bending over backwards for you again!


I've just been informed via an anonymous call to 07713146909, that Paula Mann works for Ian PUDDICK!

Thursday 10 November 2022

Judge Dredd Is The Stupidest Science Fiction Movie To Predict Our Terrifying Present

The 1990s were awash in science fiction films trying to predict the future, likely inspired by the upcoming turn of the millennium. Fears of technology, capitalism, citizen uprisings, and more were taken to their most radical extremes and put on the big screen in movies like "Demolition Man," "Strange Days," "12 Monkeys," "Total Recall," "Johnny Mnemonic," and more. Each film had its own version of the future, though many of them shared similar cyberpunk aesthetics that were popular at the time. 

One of the most ridiculous movies of the era was 1995's "Judge Dredd," based on the 2000AD comic series about a distant dystopian future where the only law enforcement are Judges, who serve as police, judge, jury, and executioner all rolled into one. While the comic series would also be adapted into the 2012 cult favorite film "Dredd," starring Karl Urban, the 1995 film is an oft-forgotten misfire with some big and not-so-strange ideas about the future. "Judge Dredd" stars Sylvester Stallone as the titular Judge Dredd, one of the most famous and successful of all Judges, who finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he's framed for murder. "Judge Dredd" has a lot to say about crime, punishment, and human nature, despite being a movie with a supporting role from Rob Schneider. 

Let's take a look back at "Judge Dredd," which is quite possibly the stupidest sci-fi movie to ever actually have some prescient predictions about the perils of the future. It's not exactly a subtle satire, but the film does seem to have some pretty big ideas on its mind. 

A dystopian hell-world created by climate change

"Judge Dredd" was directed by Danny Cannon, who would go on to have a prolific career in television. He's responsible for helping to create "CSI" and directing the pilot, and also helped create "Gotham" and "Pennyworth," so the guy clearly has a fascination with crime and punishment. Working from a script by William Wisher Jr., who co-wrote "Terminator" and "T2: Judgement Day" with James Cameron, and Steven E. de Souza, who wrote "Die Hard," Cannon created a shocking vision of the future where everyone is forced to live in cramped Megacities because most of the planet has been turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. 

The source? Climate change and global warming. 

That's right, back in 1995 we knew that global warming was a serious problem, and it turns the planet in "Judge Dredd" into a massive "Mad Max"-style desert with roaming bands of cannibals. 

The megacities are protected from themselves by the Judges, who patrol the lawless streets and dispense a very violent form of justice. These Judges, with their red helmets, eagle-headed shoulder pauldrons, and name-plate chest badges, take the idea of policing to a whole new level. Every Judge is allowed to decide for themselves if a suspect is guilty or innocent, and they get to hand out the punishment immediately. Trials become almost non-existent, though they do exist for judges who break the law, and the average citizen should fear the judges as much as they appreciate their "service." 

They are the law

The megacities are ultimately a police state, where law enforcement can get away with almost anything and are just as lawless as the citizens they claim to protect. There are some who seem to truly want to help people, like Stallone's Judge Dredd and Diane Lane's Judge Hershey, but "good" Judges cannot work within a corrupt system. 

The movie's main antagonist, Rico (Armand Assante), is a Judge gone bad, and he ends up corrupting many of the other Judges. (Unsurprisingly, "Dredd" also has a subplot about a group of crooked Judges.) Because they are, as Stallone regularly reminds us, "the law," there's no one to help keep the judges in check. It's very "who watches the Watchmen?" except with the world's most over-the-top ├╝ber-cops instead of superheroes. 

Law enforcement, specifically policing, is a serious hot-topic issue in the United States that's still being discussed in shows like "We Own This City," and "The Boys." A wave of highly-publicized police shootings in 2020 brought the issue to the forefront once more, mirroring the 1992 beating of Rodney King by the LAPD and the subsequent L.A. riots. "Judge Dredd" is critical of the police, even if two of its heroes are members of law enforcement themselves, and that was a pretty big deal in a mainstream 1995 action movie. It feels like a response to those who called for more policing after the riots, and the film itself even has several civilian uprisings.

The people have every right to be furious, as the megacities only take care of the filthy rich and leave everyone else to fend for themselves (sound familiar?) Whenever someone gets out of line, a Judge is there to take care of the "problem." 

Unfair punishments and megaprisons

Dredd ends up being sentenced to one of the mega-prisons, which are giant penal colonies, and ends up seated directly next to a man named Fergee (Schneider) whom he had just sentenced to five years in prison. Fergee was in the wrong place at the wrong time, stumbling into illegal activity in-progress. Fergee's only real crime is being annoying, but that's not deserving of a prison sentence, let alone five years. Even the "good" Judges like Dredd are capable of being far too strict and lacking in basic empathy. 

Ironically enough, shortly before Dredd is wrongly accused and convicted of murder, he was punished for being too harsh on another group of criminals. His punishment? He was tasked with teaching ethics. That's right, the guy who got in trouble for killing perpetrators instead of trying to bring them to justice is punished by ... passing his not-so-great behavior onto the next generation of Judges. Yeah, great job.

Just as "Judge Dredd" critiques policing, it also challenges the court system and prisons. Everything is corrupt, and Dredd ends up being convicted because of falsified DNA evidence. It's only after he realizes just how flawed the system is that he's able to do something about it, but it's not hard to imagine the Judges going right back to corruption the second he's out of the picture. 

"Judge Dredd" is a peak example of the best kinds of sci-fi movies from the 1990s, where the individual parts are better than the whole picture. There are a lot of big ideas and the movie takes some huge creative swings. It doesn't all work, but it's still a surprisingly prescient view of the future from one very silly movie. 


Tuesday 8 November 2022

RIP Ross Broadstock - Loving Husband to Angie and Father to Xavi, Arnie and Leon!

King Arthur Legend Ross Broadstock was laid to rest yesterday, in Pontypridd, South Wales!

Laid to rest in the Land of the ancient British Kings, Ross Broadstock will do more in death to champion the true history of ancient Britain, than he achieved in life.

Leaving behind an array of unfinished projects, such as King Arthur The Musical, the Campaign to stop wind farms being built on ancient British burial mounds, and publishing other unpublished works of Baram Blackett and Alan Wilson; Ross Broadstock's legacy will live on via a round table of friends and family, dedicated to continuing his work on revealing the truth about our ancient British history.

Sunday 6 November 2022

News from the Fringe!

Sick Satanic Pervert James Hind.

Sick Satanic Pervert and the UK's leading SRA denier James Hind, has pervertedly interpreted a picture of a new born baby, showing its umbilical cord, as having an erection.

Twisted beyond belief and hot on the tails of emotionally abusing three teenage boys by mocking the sudden death of their father King Arthur legend Ross Broadstock, sick satanic pervert James Hind has caused further controversy and disgust by posting the following Tweet.

"It is a matter of interpretation but......"

Only a pervert of the sickest extreme could interpret the picture above as a baby with an erection.

In the video below by Exposing SRA, the glaringly obvious question is asked;

"What sort of sick individual sees that picture and the first thing they see is a baby with an erection.

Normal people see a newborn baby with the umbilical attached. Only a sick paedophilic mind would see a child and think about it in a sexual way."

"Normal people see a newborn baby with the umbilical attached. Only a sick paedophilic mind would see a child and think about it in a sexual way."

This isn't the first time the sick satanic pervert has shown his paedophilic tendencies, that sexualise newborn babies, by the very words he uses.

Published on his blog 9 Oct 2021

Hypocrite James Hind

Brighton-based fake satanist and paedophile protector James Hind, says he "will report you to the UK police if you start posting stuff that breaks UK law in order to harm your victims", having previously posted an illegal comment about Ross Broadstock following his untimely and unexpected death, which would have caused three teenage boys emotional abuse if they had read it.

"I am the Law!"

But yet James Hind doesn't report paedophiles to UK police!

Satanic Paedophile Protector Shellie Mote.
Having vowed to never stop reporting potential paedophiles, Pagan worshipping Shellie Mote proves herself a Satanic paedophile protector by failing to condemn James Hind for emotionally abusing three teenage boys, and sexualising a picture of a new born baby.
Fellow Anti-Satan Hunter - Helen Janes

Helen Janes has been named by fake satanist and paedophile protector James Hind, as being his "fellow anti-satan hunter".

In the same band of merry satanists as Reece Leverick and Shellie Mote, Helen Jane supports a man who emotionally abused three teenage boys, (following the sudden death of their father), and a sicked minded paedophile who sexualised a picture of a new born baby.

Only a sick minded paedophile would interpret this picture of a new born baby, as having an erection.

Professor Toad Featured on German TV!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Here we go again, the potential paedophile, and confirmed paedophile protector, Brighton-based satanist James Hind, spreading misinformation that I'm accusing the German Super Troll Thomad Neidermeier of having illegal pictures found on his computer.

Don't Shoot the Messenger!

As his screenshot reveals, I am simply promoting a comment left by a person identifying as "Q", who states that "Thomas Neidermeier: Found with unlawful pictures and has got convictions."

These are serious allegations against a person who has been identified as a Super Troll.

Thomas Neidermeier has personally called up Social Services complaining I'm allowed contact with my own children. This is the same person who also contacted Brighton's Metropolitan College to complain I was allowed to study there, and also contacted my Probation Officer, to complain I was going live in YouTube.

He's also the person who continually accuses me of torturing kittens, of looking at child pornography, of being a three times convicted stalker and of harassing numerous people on the internet.

It is in the public interest to know whether Thomas Neidermeier has been arrested and found with unlawful pictures on his computer, and it's a matter of public interest to know whether he has past convictions for this type of behaviour.

Once again, James Hind is protecting a potential paedophile.

It's very interesting that he should break his silence in relation to Thomas Neidermeier, while he remains silent on my recent blogs and article about himself being a potential paedophile, and my push to get his allie Shellie Mote, to report James Hind, following her own public declaration that she will "never stop reporting potential paedophiles."

This follows hot on the heels of James Hind himself emotionally abusing three teenage boys, by publicly saying, "Good Riddance," to their loving father who unexpectedly died, only 48 hours previously.

Thoughts on Paris

Paris Barrington

Right off the bat Paris said, (or words to this effect), that I knew those damn phones of his were stolen.

(Disclaimer: I will refer to Paris as 'him' as a sign of disrespect)

I didn't know they were stolen because CM (Clarice Guttman) told me that she had exchanged those phones for a laptop.

But yet Paris continues to put out the lie that I knew those phones were stolen.

That's a clear sign of dishonesty in my humble opinion.

He also goes onto say that the only reason I'm attacking him, is because he's attacking Andy Devine.

Again, this isn't necessarily true. Andy Devine can look after himself, and doesn't need me defending him in anyway shape of form.

Now if he had said I'm attacking him because of John Wanoa! Then that would be true and accurate.

I hate elderly abuse as much as child abuse. And again, in my humble opinion, whenever Paris describes the so called, 'King's Bench,' as a 'scam,' he's abusing John Wanoa.

Nothing John Wanoa has ever done has been a 'scam,' and its disgraceful of Paris to rubbish John Wanoa's life works, dreams and ambitions, as a 'scam.'

He expects us to respect his gender transition, while at the same time, falsely accusing innocent people of being 'scammers'.

The man is totally off his rocker!

He'll never be a woman because he's got a black man's heart, and I'm not taking about the colour of your skin.

I'm talking about one's compassion in one's heart.

Paris infamously threatened to dox the address of my children and ex partner, because I had failed to "beg" for his forgiveness about stealing those damn phones of his.

No one with a compassionate heart would threatened to dox children. It's disgusting.

He also infamously was heard ordering Kayle to get on her hands and knees, to also beg forgiveness and even, 'suck his cock!'

The man is off his rocker! And a danger to the YouTube community.

It's very common in our so called 'Truth Movement," to claim we only attack people because those people attacked us first!

But in the case of Paris and I, I only attacked Paris because he attacked me first!

He once said to me that he was going to make sure I lose my home and end up living in a cardboard box.

I replied that I'd make sure he lose his boat.

I still remember watching in fascinated horror, his Facebook lives back in early 2019, when he mercilessly attacked me and others, night after night after night.

He had given £1000 to help John Wanoa and others!

We haven't heard the end of it ever since.

And then do you remember that time when Brian Hurle called him a paedophile????

Paris broke down in tears and warned him that if he persisted in calling him a paedo, he would kill himself.

But it's alright for him to imply I'm a paedophile because I split up with the mother of my children.

Who's the paedophile? Myself, who's in a loving relationship with a mature woman for the last seven years; or a single man, confused about his gender, living on a boat, (which is common practice for paedophiles because they can move between county lines without registering their home address,) and someone who wants to fight paedophiles by pretending to be those 14 year old decoys, who entice paedophiles on the internet to meet up?

I don't hate Paris, as he makes out I do.

I'm indifferent to him. He says terrible things about me, and give it back in kind.

One last thing! Remember I said he's got a black man's heart, and I'm not talking about the colour of skin!

Well that comment to Kayle (Stinky Knickers) below perfectly illustrates why he'll always have a black man's heart.

Black as in dark and mean, and a man's heart, because a woman would never say what he says to another woman.

In my humble opinion Paris is a vile person who should know better!

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