The Spiv on Sunday 27/07/2014

Christopher Spivey

Good morning, afternoon or evening and a happy Weirdy Beardy Man in the Skyday to you all.
Tas been a strange week as it happens which I will blame on the weather.
Indeed, I have had an awful job getting my arse into gear all week accompanied by an underlying sense of foreboding constantly present in the back of my mind.
Course, the thunder and lightning which has been going on in my neck of the woods, without the usual accompanying torrential rain that you would expect from such atmospheric pressure has done nothing to allay my fear… Although ‘fear’ is probably not the right word.
You see, I am not scared. And neither is that bravado, it is simply the truth.
In fact whatever it is that is coming, I am indeed keen for it to arrive.
After all, I have little patience when it comes down to a waiting game.
Now, it is fair to say that I probably wouldn’t have mentioned any of this had a few other people not mentioned to me that they too had a profound sense of foreboding.
And with that in mind, I just wondered if any of you were feeling the same?
Never the less, we will just have to wait and see what materialises.
Site wise, it has also been a quiet week although now that I have upgraded to my own server the site is pretty untouchable, so a big fuck you to the men in G-strings.
Mind you, according to Tom Catpoo or some other fucking name like that, my site has been taken over by Bill Mahoney.
Quite how Bill has managed that is a little beyond me despite Catpoo explaining how in a 45 minute video… That is to say that he waffles on for 45 minutes without saying fuck all.
Indeed, he would make a good politician.
However, let it never be said that I am unfair and shy away from criticism. You can hear what Tom the tit has to say by clicking HERE
Course, the mistake I made with Tom Cartoon is answering one of his persistent Skype phone calls where it quickly became obvious that he had a lot to say about nothing.
And boy was that a fucking mistake because you would not believe how many times the egotistical snore bore has rung me on Skype since – or the endless messages that he has sent me which have all gone unanswered.
Fuck me, talk about being slow in getting the message.
Yet seriously, would you want to talk to someone who struggles to get anyone to look at his shit yet messages you to tell you where you are going wrong?
Hi Chris
Look up the importance of not writing in long articles in Ariel. The readability goes way down. If your’e doing a really big article, you really won’t be helping yourself using the usual format. There’s good science behind it. You can check for yourself in minutes.
Great work by the way<
[02/03/2014 12:41:37]
Course, when the wannabe wasn’t telling me where I was going wrong he was trying to get me involved in his fantasy world:
[27/03/2014 06:34:49] Tom Cahill Reynolds: TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE
Dear Chris,
I’ve got this company by the balls. They’ve been caught witht heir pants down. They are a UK based firm, but it’s the Malay subsidury who’ve been doing bad stuff of a criminal nature.
I am negotiating a settlement with them. I don’t know if you know, but you can’t actually gag someone where crime is involved, but most morons can’t get their head round thi so will still apy people off.
Here’s the clincher.
[27/03/2014 06:40:43] Tom Cahill Reynolds: 
I think IF you would agree to being a patron of a charity or a NGO, I culd get them to finance it on an ongoing basis.
They’re a big firm who you will have heard of. They want to get the upgrade phase of the Kuala Lumpur to Bangkock phase of the rail upgrade, as it continues into Thailand past the Pedang Bassar phase, whichi s almost ‘finished’* now.
*Finished, save for being malfeasantly under-spec, due to a down gradnig of the signalling spec. as a criminal conspiracy to hide this from the Malay government, presumably with the assistance of the Chinese main contractor.
The CEO of the company’s called Andrew McNaughton and he’s fortunately been copied in to most of the developments prior to me finding the big fraud.
If I catch them on the hop, they’ll agree to anything. They won’t have time to look into your actual stuff, and anti-corruption is after all your forte.
I appreciate that this might sound ike pie in the sky but Balfour Beatty’s abig company who allegedly pride themselves on anti-corruption and high ethics standards, when they are in fact racist, bully staff, are very openly corrupt, and sack anyone who complains, whilst also blacklisting them, as you may have read about.
[27/03/2014 06:43:23] Tom Cahill Reynolds: I won’t put my number in here but if you wnt it I’ll tell you it, no problem. You, as I am, are being monitored adn phones have GPS on them, so it’s better not to leave these things lying on the internet.
I’ve been very much enjoying your articles of late.
I make no promises, but I’d be foolish not to give this a try. What they consider sub-peanuts could mke your life a lot easier.
I can follow this up with more info. if you would like me to. It makes for amusing reading, but it won’t shock or suprise you.
Stay out of trouble,
Tom Cahill
Dog give me fucking strength.
And that from a man who feels the need to tell you how clever he is… Which in my humble opinion is never a clever thing to do.
Mind you, he ought to try speaking to the ‘Rigbys’ about his plan.
After all, that sounds right up their street… Whichever street theirs is of course.
Never the less, if he was that fucking clever you would have thought that with his constant Skype calls going unanswered and text messaged being dealt with in the same way, he would have got the fucking message loud and clear… Yet it took the thick cunt over a year.
Keep on dreaming Tom.
Now, as it happens I did speak to Bill Maloney on the phone – last Sunday I think it was.
Moreover, this was the first time that I had ever spoken to him in my life.
The phone call itself actually followed on from me messaging him to thank him for the nice things that he had said about me whilst being interviewed.
And in total we spoke for around an hour and a half in which time Bill came over as being a totally genuine, very intelligent, lovely fella of a man.
Course, we naturally discussed a few matters which were for mine and Bill’s ears only – and the security services listening in obviously  - but in the main it was just a general chinwag which in truth, had it not been so late at night I could have carried on for a lot longer… I can’t of course speak for Bill.
Never the less, it is safe to say that never once did Bill mention a takeover bid on my site.
Okay, moving on and I had to have a chuckle at the publication of yet another Chimp article in a long line of Chimp articles berating North Korea.
Being held at gunpoint, pretending to be drunk so he can slip away from his minders and being woken up every day by hypnotic music and propaganda blaring out of speakers – these are just some of the everyday goings on witnessed by an Australian tourist in North Korea.
Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah we get the picture… For what seems like the millionth time.
Course, I don’t doubt that North Korea isn’t the most pleasant place in the world to live but what made me laugh about this old fanny was the Monkey Boys attempt to attain positive propaganda from a negative propaganda article.
I mean, talk about being fucking blatant!
That blatant in fact that the propaganda starts in the headline:
‘It’s like the Hunger Games’: Australian tourist’s fascinating dispatches from North Korea, where citizens are force-fed propaganda and brainwashed into worshipping their Supreme Leader
Dog give me strength!
Fuck me, Dacre’s dunces are the biggest force feeders of propaganda and bullshit in the fucking country.
Never the less, the author then tells us that the North Koreans are woken by a eerie alarm clock:
That strange alarm clock is followed by propaganda speeches at 7am and then marching music at 8am as downtrodden citizens make their way to their jobs, which usually involves 12 to 14-hour shifts working for state-run companies.
Moreover, to prove his point there is a video accompanying the article supposedly documenting this alarm call – which certainly wouldn’t have woken me up.
However, strangely enough the video doesn’t include the propaganda speeches or marching music that the author tells us about… He must have run out of battery or something.
There then follows another totally pointless video showing some fellas working in a trainer making factory.
A mundane job yes, but fuck me, we have plenty of them in this country.
Moreover, the factory is clean and modern, there are no guards in sight ready to whip the staff into action and indeed, none of the fellas could be described as working their bollocks off.
I am therefore at a loss as to what the author is trying to prove.
There then follows another video of workers in a clothes making factory and once again, I am at a loss as to what the message is.
However, I did have to laugh at the following line:
But Mr Fahey, who was an expert on the propaganda long before landing in the country, played the part of a ‘useful idiot’ and would regurgitate the country’s brainwashed beliefs about their devotion to Kim Jong Un and his army to the naive minders.
Yes, he certainly is a useful idiot. But not in the way Mark Fahey perceives himself to be, that is for fucking sure.
The useful idiot goes on to describe how he got caught taking photos of military installations:
‘The minders let us look around on our own for two hours only because we were so remote but I found military tunnels then next thing I know I had a gun in my back,’ he said.
‘They marched me away from the area and took my photos but not my memory card so I was able to retrieve the photos back in Australia – this is one of the many ways the North Koreans are so inept.’
Fuck me, you can say that again. Had he been caught doing the same here he would have been strip searched, given a proper good hiding and found himself on a trespass charge at the very least.
The lying cunt then says:
He recalls not being allowed to take photos of an ox pulling a hoe on the street because it didn’t symbolise an advanced country
Which is strange since Fahey also says that :
‘Occasionally when I would sneak away for three or four minutes during the day I would get caught but I would play the stupid tourist and act confused,’ he said. ‘I took about 10,000 photos on each trip and about 60 per cent of those were taken without permission.’
But hey, it is the North Koreans who are doing the propaganda spreading and most definitely not Fahey & the Chimp!
And then as a reminder the useful idiot added:
‘You are not encouraged to think for yourself as they don’t have a wide variety of information sources – you are to follow the wise teachings of the king.’
Replace the word “King” with “MSM”  and I fail to see the difference myself.
Indeed, you really couldn’t make this shit up.
So why do I get so het up about this old fanny?
Well, for the simple reason that it is us who are being told what to think.
It is us who are being force fed propaganda.
And worst of all, the MSM’s old fanny is working.
Moreover, I have already skimmed down the Chimps wall to see what is worth adding to this edition of the Sunday Spiv and to be honest, there is hardly fuck all.
The Chimps news feed is in effect filled with trivialities and fucking gossip, whilst half of our fucking government are busy shagging kids and the other half are plotting to take us into WW3 on nothing more than errr… A shit load of fucking propaganda.
The MSM should be calling for the government to put our own house in order, not worrying about what Kym Jing Ping Pong is up to.
And in the meantime they print bullshit by the bucket load such as the following report on a ceasefire between Israelis and Palestinians:
Israel has extended a humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for another 24 hours, but Hamas, which dominates the coastal enclave, said that it would only accept the truce if Israeli troops left the territory.
Israeli ministers had signalled that a comprehensive deal to end the 20-day conflict with Hamas and its allies, in which at least 1,050 Gazans – mostly civilians – have been killed, and 42 soldiers and three civilians in Israel have died, was remote.
‘At the request of the United Nations, the cabinet has approved a humanitarian hiatus until tomorrow at midnight local time (2100 GMT Sunday),’ the official, who was not named, said in a statement after the cabinet session held in Tel Aviv had ended. ‘The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) will act against any breach of the ceasefire.’
The evil cunts are committing genocide and the Monkey Boys are making out that it is a fucking war!
A political analyst says Israel’s relentless onslaught against the Gaza Strip is aimed at ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, Press TV reports.   
In an interview with Press TV on Saturday, Scott Rickard, a former American intelligence linguist, said the Tel Aviv regime seeks to wipe the entire Palestine of its native inhabitants.
“This is genocide. This is ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people of Palestine,” Rickard said, adding that Israel’s crimes against Palestinians amount to “war crimes.”
“They’re basically trying to wipe out the entire Gaza infrastructure and reoccupy Gaza,” the analyst added.
Neither do I see the Nationals reporting on the massive anti-israeli demonstrations being held up and down the country:
Tens of thousands of people have held a pro-Palestinian rally outside the Israeli embassy in London in a move to protest at Tel Aviv’s aggression against Gaza.
The rally, which took place in Kensington, west London on Saturday, saw an enthusiastic participation by protesters carrying banners, which read, “Freedom for Palestine” and “Stop Israeli…terror.”
Participants, who had responded to a call by an umbrella group of organizations, including Stop the War Coalition and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, assembled in front of the Israeli embassy for a march to the UK parliament.
Indeed, in one mass demonstration held in Cardiff, protesters were allowed to be heckled and attacked.
Where the fuck was the old bill whilst this was going on?
Or perhaps their absence was deliberate… Cunts.
You can watch the video HERE
Next up is a childrens book that has been brought to my attention.
The book is called ‘Alfie’s home’ and deals with everything from fathers who work too much through to paedophilia.
The following is how theguywiththeglasses blog describes the book:
Alfie’s home looks like your average happy home, but Alfie himself is not happy.  His father works a lot and is verbally abusive to him.  At least they didn’t go for the completely cliche’d route by having his father also be an angry drunk.  His parents fight, and his brother and sister… well, they will never appear beyond the first page, so forget about them.
 Alfie’s mother, on the other hand, mentally abuses Alfie by telling him about the problems she has with his father, rather than attempting to shield him from it.  Alfie is depressed, wishing that his father would spend more time with him.

See, this is usually the part of the story where something happens.  He meets a friend, or finds a secret private spot, or does something that makes him happy.  So far, this has been your average corny and sappy children’s book.  However, this is where it takes a turn.
Good lord!  Do I really even have to talk about this page?  Let’s count the disturbing things about this…  First of all, IT’S A DEPICTION OF CHILD MOLESTATION IN A CHILDREN’S BOOK!!!  The crude children’s book illustration makes it even worse. 
Oh, and don’t even get me started on the look on Uncle Pete’s face.  It gives me chills.  His eyes!  THEY’RE STARING INTO MY SOUL!!!  And yet, as bad as all this is, do we really need the graphic description in the book’s text?  Seriously? 
I mean, I know you want a kid to know what’s wrong so he doesn’t get tricked like poor Alfie does, but can’t you just boil that down to “People don’t touch you here.  You don’t touch people here.  You don’t keep secrets from your parents.”  Isn’t that all you need.  Plus, to add a slight bit more disturbedness, doesn’t he kinda look like Linkara’s avatar?

Oh, and by the way, we’re only a third of the way through the book.  I already feel dirty.  Can it get worse?
Yes it can as it happens… Who the fuck okays this shit?
Whoever it is wants a proper fucking kick in the bollocks be they male or female.
It really is no wonder that so many people are now turning to homeschooling.
But then again, what do you expect when the government is full to the brim with dirty fucking nonces?
Indeed, whenever I read about this kind of shit I am always reminded of the old Monty Python sketch found below:
Kind of makes you wonder whether it was meant to be a parody or a prediction.
Either way, these sick cunts in power have got to fucking go.
Swiftly moving on and I noticed that someone brought up Lee Rigby’s ‘fiancee’ Aimee West in the comments left on my article ‘High Flying Sparks’, questioning whether or not she had run the Paris Marathon as planned.
The answer to that is in all likelihood she didn’t.
This is what I wrote in ‘Look back in anger’ and you will note that this was written whilst Lee’s half sister Sara McClure was still pregnant:
First I want to tell you about the Paris Marathon that Aimee, Sara McClure and Aimee’s brother Chris West were due to take part in on the 6th of April 2014.
Predictably, one thing is for fucking sure and that is the fact that Sara McClure didn’t run that Marathon… As if she fucking could have anyway.
I mean, she doesn’t look exactly in the peak of fitness does she?
But anyway, I’m beginning to drift off topic here.
But it is safe to say that Sara won’t have run the marathon because she is fucking pregnant… Again.
I wonder if that is why her and Aimee appear to have now fallen out with each other… There isn’t a lot that I don’t know about these fucking people is there.
Never the less, Aimee & Chris West were  indeed registered to run the fucking thing, don’t cha know… Well waddle in Aimee’s case.
I mean, have you seen the size of her fucking arse?
Mind you, to be fair Sara was registered too although she wouldn’t have been waddling along with Aimee and Chrissy Long Legs.
So, that was them down £45 before they had even got to the starting line… Unless Sara happened to have spent another £11 on insurance.
It is however strange that they chose to run the Paris marathon when the London marathon was held on the following week.
After all, the London marathon would surely have raised a lot more money for Aimee’s favorite charity being as she is a lot more well known in this country.
Mind you, if the Sun Newspaper – who had the exclusive on Aimee running the Marathon – were to be believed, the girl done good by raising £20 Grand:
But Aimee, who ran the race in just under five hours, said: “I thought about Lee every step.”
Last May Drummer Lee was killed by Islamic fanatics, who were later jailed for life.
The run raised £20,000 for forces charity SSAFA.
Aimee calls on readers to back SSAFA's Lee Rigby Fund

Yet according to Aimee’s ‘Just Giving‘ page, she had only raised just over four and a half Grand at the time of writing. Source
Now, that is an abysmal amount when you consider that she was running in the name of a national fucking earhole hero.
The only thing is, I Can’t  imagine Aimee running a marathon, can you?
In fact, I cant imagine Aimee being fit enough to run a half marathon?
Although she reckons that she fucking did:
Whilst I was in Afghanistan I decided to run a half marathon simply down to my wonderful fiancĂ© Lee convincing me that I would be able to do it!  
Lee and I had planned on running the Paris marathon the following year if I had been able to complete the half marathon. Despite the harsh conditions I completed the half marathon in Afghanistan only three days before Lee was taken from us.  
Myself, Lee’s sister Sara and my brother Chris are now determined to complete the marathon in memory of Lee! We want to raise money for the charity SSAFA who has given us and our family a huge amount of support in the recent months and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. Source
However, according to the army website the only half marathon in Afghanistan was run on Christmas Day 2012 by the American Marines and since Aimee didn’t allegedly go over there until February 2013, I fail to see how she could have even started the fucking race let alone complete it.
And to be honest, I don’t believe for a moment that she ran the marathon.
This is based on the fact that there is so little reporting on her taking part in the event after the fact.
Fuck me, even Aimee and her brother Chris were unusually silent about their achievement.
Strange when you consider how vocal they both were on the build up.

Course, all that they need do to prove me wrong is post a few photos of Aimee and Chris running the marathon.
However, like the wedding photos of Lee and Becky getting married, I won’t hold my breath.
And finally, for those who doubt that this site has the full attention of the government, those silly fuckers may like to note that following the publication of my article ‘Invasion of the baby snatchers’found HERE, which talks about the MP John Hemming, he e-mailed me the following:

So put that in ya fucking pipe and smoke it… Just sayin’.