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Russell Brand endorses Matt Taylor as Revolutionary Leader.


The Queen of the Ghouls goes trick or treating.

Happy Halloween
HALLOWEEN: The night the Ghouls and Witches come out to play.

REMEMBER: Lock your kids away, the kiddy catchers are on the way.

THE ROYAL VISIT: The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are visiting the Satanic heart-land of their Kingdom to celebrate Halloween this year.

Stopping at Lewes, the Queen will be driven beneath the 300 foot high cliff which in 1996, investigative journalist Nicholas Gargani plunged from to his gruesome death, while under the influence of a Satanic trance as reported by the Independent newspaper in the 1997, In the Shadow of Satan article.

Norman Baker
Nicholas Gargani was said to have been investigating Norman Baker MP, now boss of Britain’s equivalent to America’s FBI, the National Criminal Agency (NCA), for corruption offences while a Lewes district councillor.

Speculation of Satanic Worship
Lewes has been subject of much speculation of Satanic worship for many years, since decapitated heads of cats were nailed to Church doors and gates. Said to be a conspiracy of extreme right-wing Christians by S.A.F.F, (Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation), Lewes remains a favourite tourist destination for Satanists across the world.


Returning to the Satanic heart-land of her Kingdom after 6 years, The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will open The Keep, a multi-million pound, state of the art purpose built building to house all the Kingdom’s secrets over the last 900 years. Housing 6 miles of archives, it will include private royal letters and the renowned Mass Observation Record, which has been recording everyday observations since 1937.


Katrina Taylor
One record which won’t be kept in The Keep’s air-conditioned vaults will be the court transcript of the Katrina Taylor murder trial in 1997.

Stabbed to death on the 4th July 1996, and left slouched in a pool of blood in a Brighton grave-yard, her killers were brought to justice, only for the Kingdom's strange laws to over turn their convictions and set them free.

Incredulously, as discovered by Jim Murphy, the New Funk radio host of a topical news show, who has started his own investigation into the Katrina Taylor case; the archive company paid to archive court transcripts, destroyed it!


The Satanic sight-seeing tour continues, as The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are driven past Wild Park, when in 1986, two young girls, Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows, both aged 9, were found strangled to death.

Babes in the Woods

Ironically, it was Katrina Taylor who played Nicola Fellows in the BBC Crime Watch reconstruction of the Babe in the Woods murder ten years later.

Mr Neilson after attack
The Katrina Taylor murder cover-up has been exposed by the tireless campaigning of David Joe Neilson. He has since been attacked and left for dead, by the same Dark Forces which the Queen warns us about.

David needs our help. He's a disabled O.A.P attacked in his own home and no one seems to care. See here for his shocking story.


Russell Bishop
The Ghouls of Halloween would screech in delight when they’re told that Russell Bishop, a known paedophile in the area at the time, was arrested for Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellow's murder, but thanks to the Kingdom’s strange laws, was found not guilty. Ghouls and Witches of all persuasions would clap in delight when told that Russell Bishop promptly set about abducting, molesting and leaving for dead, a seven-year-old girl he picked up in the neighbouring council estate of Whitehawk.

By the grace of God, the girl survived but her world has never been the same again.


The Ghouls from German invade the Sussex Coast.
Happy Halloween

The German family, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, are illegally occupying King Arthur II’s true British throne; and are the world’s most secretive family for a very good reason.

Above the Law, they are free to indulge any luxury and fantasy. Their family motto could read, ’What happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors.’ 

With numerous allegations made against them on a daily basis, by such likes as Gregg Hallett and Chris Spivey, they prefer to maintain a dignified silence rather than answer the awkward questions. Another family motto could as well be, ’Better to say nothing than say anything at all.’

Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-The Family of Death.
  • Uncle assassinated lobster-potting in a thirty-foot wooden boat.
  • Dead man’s body found dead undiscovered for three years, 100 yards outside their front door.
    Monster Inc by Chris Spivey
  • Young woman's body of 17 years old, found dead and undisturbed for 4 months outside their country home.
  • Mother killed in horrific car accident, alongside her boyfriend and driver.
  • Great grandfather killed by family doctor.
  • Private nurse found hanged.
  • Close family friend posthumously exposed to be a satanic paedophile murderer.
  • Ancestral family relative alleged to have been Jack the Ripper.
The closer you delve into the dark history of the Family of Death, the further you open Pandora's box of gruesome treasures.

The Horrible Halloween truth is, Queen Elizabeth II isn’t a true British Queen.


Born in Wales 503AD and Died 573AD in Kentucky, USA
Just as KING ARTHUR II (Born in Wales 503AD and Died 573AD in Kentucky, USA), reign ended with the Dark Ages, (11 years of desolation left over from an asteroid destroying Great Britain and compelling King Arthur II to sail 700 ships on a one way journey to America, where sadly he died, assassinated by a Red Indian), so too will the Windsors.



According to this calculation, the Windsor Royal Family will collapse in 2016.

The Normans                      1066-1154 (88 years)
The Plantagenet’s                1154-1399 (245 years)
The House of Lancaster      1399-1461 (62 years)
The House of York             1461-1485 (24 years)
The Tudors                          1485-1603 (118 years)
The House of Stuart            1603-1714 (111 years)
House of Hanover               1714-1910 (196 years)
House of Windsor               1910- (103 years and counting)

Have you ever wondered who were our Royal Dynasties before 1066?

To find the average, add up the years each Royal dynasty reigned and divide by the number of Royal dynasties. Thus the Windsor Royal family is predicted to reign on average for 106 years.

2016- Time is running out.


All indications point to a Royal Rothschild Family, as favorites to take over from the Windsor’s.

It’s envisaged that the end of the Windsor Royal family would come about after the scandal to beat all scandals. The perfect scandal, which would see the Windsor’s banished to the wastes of Canada in disgrace and shame.

Imagine the scenario that upon the abdictation of Queen Elizabeth, historical documents will come to light which prove she and her sister, Margaret, were illegitimate daughters of none other than Sir Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill + Queen consort = Elizabeth and Margaret
Public uproar will ensue.

Constitutional lawyers will call the Windsor bloodline a fraud, because Elizabeth wasn’t the biological daughter of King George VI. All claims from the Windsor's to the British throne are therefore null and void.


The Rothschild family will enter the fray, with the revelation that Lionel Nathan Rothschild, the world financier in the 1800’s, was actually the father of King George VI.

Lionel Nathan Rothschild + Queen Victoria = King George VI
Again, leaked documents will rock the foundations of British society. Lionel Nathan Rothschild was the secret lover of Queen Victoria. The public will be equally shocked and enthralled.

Arthur: The War King
No doubt, leaked documents will reveal Kate Middleton to be a long lost descendant of a Rothschild too. This will clean up the constitutional mess by keeping it in the family. The argument will be that as both William and Kate are descendants of a Rothschild; their Royal baby can be constitutionally crowned as the first Rothschild monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

The people will love it. ‘LONG LIVE THE KING, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN,’ the crowds will cheer.

With no counter-claim from the true descendants of King Arthur II (whose true history had been suppressed by the Windsor’s to legitimate their fraudulent claim upon the British throne), the Rothschild’s will be left free to reign supreme, on average, for the next 106 years.

Long Live the Rothschild Royal Family.

Long Live Halloween.

Speculation whether the Queen will visit a tree she planted in Southover Grange in 1951, is yet to be seen, but quite possible.

Princess Elizabeth at the time, planted extra trees in the Grove's magnificent gardens, and which is commemorated by an inscribed stone at the base of the Tulip Tree on the cross path at the end of the main lawn.

Planting of a tree is symbolic in celebrating an important rite of passage.

Southover Grange, once owned by Isaac Newton’s family for 300 years, came into the Queen’s possession after being requisitioned by the War Department in 1939. It's been in the care of Lewes District council since 1945.

In the 1790s the Prince of Wales, who later became the Prince Regent and King George IV, often stayed at the Grange, sleeping over.

Deep in the Satanic heart-land of her Kingdom, it would have been the perfect place to induct her into the Firm.

Watch this fascinating British Pathe footage of her trip 1951, where in Hastings Princess Elizabeth is presented with the deeds of the house.

ITS HALLOWEEN & THE GHOULS ARE OUT TO PLAY: Lock your kids away, the kiddy catchers are on the way.

Friday, 25 October 2013


Did you know that Bankers are now too corrupt to jail? As absurd as that may sound it is absolutely true.
HSBC Banking Executives
Tucked away in the folds and crevasses of yesterday's news, a story broke that the British-based bank HSBC was issued with a $1.9 billion fine for the largest drug-and-terrorism money-laundering case ever.

For what equates to about five weeks’ [worth of HSBC] profit. The bank's executives have been granted immunity from jail. Immunity from any criminal indictments for aiding and abetting criminal activities, including murder.

What is more astonishing is that the British Chancellor George Osborne, is activity protecting his banker friends, by suing the European Union for putting a cap on bankers bonuses. George Osborne says to deprive the bankers of limitless bonuses will hurt 'financial stability'.

Its commonly acknowledged throughout the country that Great Britain is in a bad place, but a stable bad place. And it is this thinking that continues to keep The Nasty Party in power, the poor starving and the rich getting away with murder, satanic abuse and money laundering.

“They violated every ***damn law in the book,” says Jack Blum, an attorney and former Senate investigator who headed a major bribery investigation against Lockheed in the 1970s that led to the passage of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

They took every imaginable form of illegal and illicit business.”

That nobody from the bank went to jail or paid a dollar in individual fines is nothing new in this era of financial corruption. What is different about this settlement for the bankers, is that the Justice Department, for the first time admitted why it decided to go soft on this particular kind of criminal.


Lanny Breuer
“Had the U.S. authorities decided to press criminal charges,” said Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer at a press conference, “HSBC would almost certainly have lost its banking license in the U.S., the future of the institution would have been under threat and the entire banking system would have been destabilized.”


People may have other things on their minds other than about Wall Street and billionaire bankers getting away with day-light robbery. But the HSBC case went miles beyond the usual paper-pushing, keypad-punching -sort-of crime, committed by your trusted banker in a suit. In this case, for at least half a decade, HSBC helped to wash hundreds of millions of dollars for drug mobs, including Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel, suspected in tens of thousands of murders just in the past 10 years – people so totally evil, jokes former New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, that “they make the guys on Wall Street look good.”


Mexican Drug Bandit murder victim
The bank also moved money for organizations linked to Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, and for Russian gangsters; helped countries like Iran, the Sudan and North Korea evade sanctions; and, in between helping murderers and terrorists and rogue states, aided countless common tax cheats in hiding their cash.

Also known as the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, HSBC has always been associated with drugs. Founded in 1865, HSBC became the major commercial bank in colonial China after the conclusion of the Second Opium War.

Did you know?

HSBC bank in Hong Kong
The Second Opium War was the one where Britain and other European powers basically slaughtered lots of Chinese people until they agreed to legalize the dope trade (much like they had done in the First Opium War, which ended in 1842).

Our goal here, is not to destroy a major financial institution.”

Swiss bank UBS, which had just admitted to a key role in perhaps the biggest antitrust/price-fixing case in history, the so-called LIBOR scandal, a massive interest-rate ­rigging conspiracy involving hundreds of trillions (“trillions,” with a “t”) of dollars in financial products.

While two minor players did face charges, the assistant attorney general Lenny Breuer from the Justice Department worried aloud about global stability as they explained why no criminal charges were being filed against the parent company.

“Our goal here,” Breuer said, “is not to destroy a major financial institution.”


HSBC: The Criminals
We now know that to survive the 2008 financial bubble, HSBC took a slightly different path, turning itself into the destination bank for domestic and international criminals of every possible persuasion.

The Federal Reserve knew what HSBC were doing. They sent them 30 formal warnings between 2005 and 2006 alone, to stop their activity or else. So in other words, HSBC broke the law 30 times in just more than a year and got off scot-free.

Chinese banking executive jailed

Arrest George Osbourne and the bankers for fraud
If you have clients who are interested in ‘specialty services’­ – that’s the euphemism for the bad stuff – you can charge ‘em whatever you want,” says former Senate investigator Blum. “The margin on laundered money for years has been roughly 20 percent.”

To read more visit Rothschild too big to Jail.

The Miley Cyrus Statue in London.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Chris Spivey is becoming ever popular, having this week released figures that his readership has broken the 4 million mark.

Not bad for a site only started in January 2012” he says.

He gives credit to his achievement to Kate Gold Digger Smith, meaning The Duchess of Cambridge and the UK’s lack of moral backbone.

If you don’t know who Chris Spivey is, then you really should by now. (See Who the fuck is Chris Spivey?) With a readership of 4 million and rising, The School of Spivey is becoming ever popular and his thorough investigative articles are becoming ever more explosive and revealing.

For example, in this week's Spivey’s Newsround Extra not only does he reveal President Obama is gay, he goes one step further than you could ever imagine and reveals Michelle Obama’s cock! 

I kid you not...

Spivey makes no attempts to hide to absolute distain, contempt and disgust towards the vast majority of law abiding people who do nothing to address the Evil Empire which criminally control every aspect of our lives.

Never fucking fear, Spiveys fucking here… You don’t read opening lines like that in the MSM,” he says triumphantly.

But do the latest viewing figures speak of a sea change in Britain’s collective thinking?

After a week of continuing sabotage by Dark Forces, Spivey’s revamped website bounces back to record levels.

Dark Forces continue to sabotage Spivey by jamming the many radio interviews he gives and attack his website regularly, causing temporary shutdown’s to occur.

It’s worthy of note that this also happened to Sam the Blogger this week. At the end of his latest blog seen below, he reveals his hard drive was mysteriously wiped clean and he had to spend a week rebuilding it.

With figures of 4 million, the Evil Empire is fighting back.


China and America have joined forces to create the largest global campaign against child pornography.

Hailed a success, Operation Angel, launched in April, has led to more than 250 arrests worldwide and blazed a trail in multinational operations across the world.

As Yang Shaowen, deputy director of international cooperation for the Ministry of Public Security says "Child protection is a global issue. The campaign is a vital step for participating nations in protecting our youth."

Spanning 20 countries and regions from the Chinese mainland to the United States, to Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and as far away as New Zealand and Australia, four websites were shut down and more than 250 suspects were arrested.

"Investigations are still going on and we'll continue to provide help to other police forces," Yang said.

China & America working together.

As reported in the China Daily website, “The FBI first contacted the Ministry of Public Security in September last year about suspected child porn websites that were hosted on servers in the US but managed in China. A preliminary police investigation discovered 4 trillion bytes of child porn, including videos and photographs, on websites with more than 1 million members in more than 130 countries and regions.

In light of this global danger against children, the American FBI and Chinese Ministry of Security became partners in Operation Angel. Chinese officials visited the US in November to discuss a joint operation, and it was agreed US authorities would supply raw data and Chinese police would offer analysis.

"Both sides also decided to launch a global law enforcement campaign against child porn," said Gu Jian, deputy director of Internet Security for the Ministry for China.

Keeping our children save across world-wide.

Hamish McCardle, a police official with the New Zealand embassy in Beijing, said governments around the globe must work together to protect children.

"We must maintain a strong message to criminals: Child porn is wrong and the international police community will find you," he said, adding that the key to preventing such crimes is educating children, parents and teachers.

Wang Ping, managing director of the Chinese Society for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Research, said child porn websites can cause people to imitate what they see. “For some adults, the websites provide a platform for obscene behavior, and they also imitate what they see in uploaded pictures and damage children in real life," he warned.

The Chinese ministry have previously worked with the US to tackle obscene websites, and has reached agreements with other countries to cooperate on drug control, telecom fraud and terrorism.

“China has established law enforcement partnerships with 83 countries and regions”, Yang said.

While the British government talk tough on the prevention of child-abuse, illustrated by a speech from Damian Green, the Minister for Policing, Criminal Justice and Victims, at the Conservative party in Manchester early this year, we had yet to see any Chinese/British lead arrests.

The British response to Child-abuse.

Please leave a comment: your feed-back is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are coming to Moulsecoomb.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are coming to Moulsecoomb near Brighton to visit the country's latest Keep, in which they are keeping their 900 year old secrets.

The Keep is a new state-of-the-art historical resource centre based near Moulsecoomb, Brighton and will house over six miles of archives, historical resources dating back over 900 years and the internationally renowned Mass Observation Archive.

Putting Moulsecoomb on the Map.

The royal visit is the latest piece of good news for Moulsecoomb.
  • Moulsecoomb Primary School won Best School of the Year 2012.
  • The Bevy Pub won the prestigious Evening Argus Business in the Community award.
  • The Amex Stadium announce plans for new hotel creating much needed job.
  • The Bridge Community resource centre is getting a new and permanent home.
  • The new Amex Stadium, Sussex University and Brighton Racquet Club are all within walking distance.
Great News for Moulsecoomb

The Keep will be a vibrant community resource and research facility where visitors can access historical resources dating back over 900 years and the internationally renowned Mass Observation Archive, under one roof for the first time.

The new building will be open to anyone who wants to use the public search rooms and facilities.

The Keep's purpose is to encourage learning and participation across all ages and every part of the community, including Schools, colleges and universities, Volunteers, Community groups and local organisations.

The Keep, rooms and facilities

Public search rooms and research facilities will be available for all visitors to use. These facilities will include:
  • Repository block – built to house over six miles of archives with space for future collections. The temperature and other conditions have to be just right to preserve the collections perfectly.
  • Public search rooms and group research areas – for anyone wanting to research and explore the collections.
  • Learning and multifunction rooms – for school classes, student groups and adult learners to engage in interactive and creative learning with archives. These rooms can also be opened out to host a wide range of community activities, including workshops and events for up to 150 people.
  • Oral history recording room – to record and preserve the memories and stories of life, people and events from the past.
  • Staff facilities – including a conservation workshop and a digitisation suite. These will let staff preserve and provide hands-on and online access to the collections.
  • Space to work with staff – for volunteers, students and community groups to work with staff and learn new skills to help preserve the archives.
  • Electronic preservation facilities – equipment and facilities to preserve electronic archives and digital media.
  • CafĂ© area – situated on the ground floor, visitors can buy, or bring their own, food and drink.

Anyone wishing to be in the Royal welcoming party, organised on behalf of the County Archivist, should contact Lianna Jarrett Associates on 01273 328683 or email no later than 4pm on Thursday 24th October.

Halloween's Day, famed for the day when Ghouls, Ghosts and Witches come out to play.

Have you read Chris Spivey's article called Monster's Inc? It's a shocking indictment of the Queen and her family. Of-course all this rumour and insinuation of Satanic worship could all be a conspiracy by the Christian Extreme right, as exposed by SAFF, having conducted their own thorough investigation of the Devil in Lewes article published by the Guardian newspaper, but then again as Chris Spivey points out, something more sinister is afoot. In light of which the visit of the Queen on Halloween's Day couldn't be better timed.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are in town, lock up your kids and bring in your cats.

Monday, 21 October 2013

David Cameron in the Dock.

By Ben Fellows, posted on The Tap Blog.

David Cameron is responsible for destroying evidence of child abuse, says Ben Fellows.

Here he is at it again - this time facing questions on TV from Phillip Schofield, saying that naming paedophiles is a 'homophobi witch hunt'.

Ben Fellows writes -

David Cameron disappears Kengate Tapes whilst Head of Corporate Communications for Carlton Television during the “Cash for Questions” scandal back in 1994. Will he be above the law as well?

The Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit confirmed this week to me personally that there was indeed a government and Carlton Television conspiracy over the Kengate Tapes. The police confirmed that Ian Greer along with Carlton Television conspired to cover up the “Cash for Questions” scandal for John Major’s government back in 1994. So the Prime Minster David Cameron covered up a scandal of paedophilia in 1994 as a corporate “sleaze fixer” for Carlton Television, on behalf of  John Major’s Conservative Government, through Ian Greer.  

Now as Prime Minister, David Cameron is preventing the Metropolitan Police from investigating my case against Kenneth Clarke MP, who was involved in the scandal of sexually assaulting me in Ian Greer’s office, which Cameron helped cover up!

Okay, let’s just take a breath…

A number of political scandals in the 1980s and 1990s created the impression of what was described in the British press as “sleaze”: a perception that the then Conservative Government was associated with political corruption and hypocrisy. In particular, the successful entrapment of Graham Riddick and David Tredinnick in the “Cash for Questions” scandal of 1994, the contemporaneous misconduct as ministers by Neil Hamilton, Tim Smith, and the convictions of former Cabinet Member Jonathan Aitken and former party deputy chairman Jeffrey Archer for perjury in two separate cases leading to custodial sentences damaged the Conservatives’ public reputation. Persistent rumours about the activities of the party treasurer Michael Ashcroft furthered this impression. At the same time, a series of revelations about the private lives of various Conservative politicians such as Hague, Portillo, etc, etc., made the headlines. Scallywag Magazine even accused Lord McAlpine of being a paedophile. 

However the investigation was stopped but McAlpine didn’t sue Scallywag Magazine as they had photographic evidence apparently which then subsequently disappeared. See the pattern? Paedophile rings all operate in the same way.

Kenneth Clarke MP who is above the law according to the Metropolitan Police

Detective Constable Ben Lambskin of the Met Police’s Paedophile Unit told me that Central Television had been bought by Carlton Television in order to shut down the Cook Report and control the now infamous Kengate Tapes.  DC Lambskin said, “The possible location for the tapes is that it was taken away by a Carlton Television lawyer who was dealing with the Cook Report and that was the last time it was seen”.

However I have discovered that the lawyer who took the tapes was indeed operating under the direct orders of our now Prime Minister David Cameron.

Is it possible that in order to protect the Major Government from a scandal of both parliamentary corruption and paedophilia at the heart of government David Cameron, then working at Carlton Television, conspired to mislead the British public, hide evidence that is in the public interest and pervert the course of justice in order to protect paedophiles by disappearing the Kengate Tapes.

David Cameron was rewarded by being made Prime Minister nominated at Bilderberg by, now Minister Without Portfolio and Chairman of the Bilderberg Steering Committee – Kenneth Clarke MP.

In fact this year Kenneth Clarke MP is taking Prime Minister David Cameron to Bilderberg.

We know that Kenneth Clarke MP was in Ian Greer’s office because of the Kengate Tapes. Clarke joked that he was there so often Greer should put a parliamentary bell in his office, so he’d know when it was time to go and vote.

So now it starts to become clear how far reaching the Kengate scandal goes. It appears that the paedophile ring in Westminster is now also connected to the monarchy by Prince Charles, who had a close and intimate relationship with Jimmy Savile. Of course, if Kenneth Clarke cannot be spoken to by the Police then Prince Charles isn’t going to be spoken to about what exactly his relationship with Savile was. We know now that – “your lovely ladies in Scotland” in a note Prince Charles wrote to Jimmy Savile was actually referring to children. (TAP - is that proven?)

The Palace is speeding up plans for the Queen to abdicate within the next few months in order to make Charles King to protect him against the Savile scandal.

Originally it was planned for the Queen to abdicate before the unveiling of the Ministry of Defence’s release of the World War 2 records of the Royal’s connection to the Nazis. However, the Queen has to allow the Police to question Prince Charles now in order to keep up the pretence of democracy.

On an even more serious note; there is no separation of government and monarch if the Prime Minster is a direct relation to HRH Queen Elizabeth II, which David Cameron is. The fact that the Queen sat in on a cabinet meeting last year was indication enough of the lack of separation. So we’re not living in the democracy we thought, if the Queen can pick up the telephone to the Prime Minister and have her wishes enacted by her relative, the Prime Minister David Cameron. 

HRH Prince Charles has questions to answer over the Jimmy Savile scandal

We know that HRH Prince Charles was friends with known paedophile Jimmy Savile. In fact Jimmy Savile was the Prince’s unofficial social secretary. We also know that last year for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations the Royals invited a known convicted paedophile onto their Thames Barge.

We know that Kenneth Clarke allowed Jimmy Savile access to Broadmoor, by literally giving him a set of keys to enter the maximum security prison, in order for Savile to abuse patients and associate with imprisoned paedophiles and serial killers.

Kenneth Clarke and David Cameron are obviously connected to Ian Greer as Ian Greer Associates had Carlton Television, where David Cameron was Head of Communications, as a major client in the 1990s.

So for the circle to be complete how is Prime Minister David Cameron connected to Prince Charles?

Well, it’s very simple if we understand who David Cameron is.  David Cameron, is related to the Queen. He is the first Eton-educated Conservative leader since Sir Alec Douglas-Home in the early 1960s. David Cameron, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry are all members of ‘Whites’ a private members gentlemen’s club in Mayfair – they get a family discount I guess! 

David Cameron’s  headmaster at Eton was Eric Anderson, who had also been Tony Blair’s housemaster at Fettes Public School, which is dubbed the Scottish Eton. After University Cameron’s first job was in the Conservative Research Department. He progressed quickly through the ranks and was soon briefing ministers such as Kenneth Clarke etc. for their media appearances.  He worked with David Davis on the team briefing John Major for Prime Minister’s Questions, and also hooked up with George Osborne, who would go on to be shadow chancellor and his leadership campaign manager.

Cameron spent seven years at Carlton, as Head of Corporate Communications, travelling the world with the firm’s boss Michael Green. But Mr Cameron’s period at Carlton is not remembered so fondly by some of the journalists who had to deal with him. Jeff Randall, writing in The Daily Telegraph where he is a senior executive, said he would not trust Mr Cameron “with my daughter’s pocket money”. “To describe Cameron’s approach to corporate PR as unhelpful and evasive overstates by a widish margin the clarity and plain-speaking that he brought to the job of being Michael Green’s mouthpiece,” wrote the ex-BBC business editor. “In my experience, Cameron never gave a straight answer when dissemblance was a plausible alternative, which probably makes him perfectly suited for the role he now seeks: the next Tony Blair,” Mr Randall wrote. The Sun newspaper’s Business Editor Ian King, recalling the same era, described Mr Cameron as a “poisonous, slippery individual”.

Prime Minster David Cameron needs to answer questions regarding his direct involvement in the Kengate Tapes disappearance, the purchasing of Central Television by Carlton which he oversaw and why is he protecting what appears to be the lead players in an elite paedophile circle. 

So all we need to do now is take bets on which “Clarkian” response he will give to these allegations.

A) I have no recollection of those events, what tapes? Etc, etc,.


B) It wasn’t me. They made me do it. I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement. It’s not my fault. I’ll have to look in to it. It a case of mistaken identity.

What is clear is that the Kengate scandal, whilst perhaps having a small seemingly insignificant start, is set to rock the very foundations of our society as the breakdown of this corrupt civilisation goes to the heart of government. To say what’s happening is biblical is an understatement! 

What will the Police do now? Will they be investigating and talking to Prime Minister David Cameron about his involvement in hiding the truth from the British public which was in their interest to know? What will Parliament do now?

There needs to be a General Election. Prime Minister David Cameron’s position is untenable. He needs to do the honourable thing and resign his post in order for an investigation into his personal involvement with the disappearances of the Kengate tapes and the obvious paedophile ring involving politicians and members of the Royal Family to be investigated.

Paedophile Jimmy Savile

It is clear that Prince Charles, Jimmy Savile, Kenneth Clarke MP and Prime Minister David Cameron are simply the Heads of Department for the paedophile ring and it obviously involves many more people. We now know for a fact that it involves Parliament, the Royal Family, the entertainment industry and the Metropolitan Police who are all involved in protecting paedophiles, procuring children for paedophiles or being paedophiles.

When is enough, enough?

This whole situation can easily be resolved. It’s just about the Kengate tapes and there whereabouts? Find the tapes and this matter will be cleared up once and for all. The very fact that the tapes have been disappeared and the person in Carlton Television who did it just so happens to be now Prime Minister David Cameron who conducted a billion pound corporate takeover of Central Television in order to get hold of the tapes in the first place, speaks for itself.

It appears that David Cameron becoming Prime Minister was a reward by the Bilderberg elite for covering up the paedophile and “Cash for Questions” scandal in the 1990′s.

If once you’ve read this and you still think you live in a democracy…wake up and welcome to the real world.

I’ll leave you with a final word from Detective Constable Ben Lambskin of the Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit, in attempting to explain the disappearance of the Kengate Tapes, he said “You wouldn’t want that kind of thing out there” .

TAP- when David Cameron was pitching for the leadership, he told an interviewer his favourite book was 1984 by fellow Etonian 'George Orwell', Eric Blair. That made you think he was aware of the dangers of totalitarian state power, and wanted to fight against it. It's now pretty obvious that he liked 1984 for the opposite reason. He loves the crushing of freedom, and 'a jackboot kicking a human face forever'.

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Sunday, 20 October 2013


Sussex Police force is corrupt and Guerrilla Democracy can prove it.

The news is coming in thick and fast that the Police can't be trusted and here are some reasons why:
  • Proved to be racist during the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation.
  • Proved to have altered personal witness statements during the Hillsborough disaster investigation.
  • Proved to have protected Jimmy Savile (paedophile) from justifiable prosecution.
  • Proved to have protected Cyril Smith (paedophile) from justifiable prosecution.
  • Proved to have lied that Andrew Mitchell called a police officer a 'Pleb'.
Ironically its the fifth example above which has erupted the most furious reaction from Parliament, and says a lot about the calibre of politicians that such offences like racism, murder cover up, aiding and abetting paedophiles should be seen as minor offences compared with lying about one of their own.

That Police officers lie; is no longer circumstantial evidence, it's fact.

The latest news coming from the fight against corruption is that Michael Doherty has succeeded in winning the right to launch an unprecedented private prosecution against a police employee for perverting the course of justice. See here for the full story.

Michael Doherty is yet another victim at the end of a long line of police corruption victims.

As reported in the Telegraph newspaper, Ms Murphy, who is the secretary to the Hounslow borough commander, Carl Bussey, made a police statement alleging that Mr Doherty called her ten times over two days and made her feel “upset” and “harassed”. The father-of-three then decided to bring a private prosecution against her, alleging that the witness statement was false.

There is a sea-change of acknowledgement, that the Police are corrupt.

With the attention currently on Leeds police and their active involvement in protecting the vile Jimmy Savile from criminal prosecution, its easy to forget that Sussex Police are just as guilty of police corruption as their colleagues in the North of the country.

Michael Coughtrey tells of a disturbing story in which his mentally ill brother was accused of attacking a police officer with 20cm kitchen knife.

As reported by the local Brighton Evening Argus newspaper, and seized upon by then Chief of Brighton Police Graham Bartlett, PC Cameron, the officer in question was praised for his bravery and the protective vest which saved his life, were turned into local heroes.

All very commendable until you learn that Alex Coughtrey aged 58, spent 15 months on remand, before the case was dropped unexpectedly at the last minute, because the crown prosecution were unable to produce the evidence.

As Michael says, “My brother would have been given a life sentence. Surely there must be someone with some clout who would be concerned enough to take an interest.”

The police made it up!

Michael Coughtrey proves it at

The truth is out: Alex never stabbed PC Cameron and never even held a knife. It took nearly a years effort to obtain a forensic report which showed the officers stab vest to be completely unmarked, something his officers were well aware of.
Graham Bartlett's attitude was that he supported his officers regardless of the truth.

Graham Bartlett continues to hide behind a wall of dignified silence rather than answering his accusers and defend his honour. Read this article here to learn more.

If you've got a problem with the Police take it to IPCC.

This is exactly what Graham Bartlett said to Michael Coughtrey.

Michael continues, “Graham was also well aware that the IPCC would come to his rescue and so it proved. We had no faith in the IPCC but with the strong encouragement of Simon Kirby MP felt we must give it a try. Another year of our life was about to be wasted as the IPCC handed the complaint straight back to Sussex Police Professional Standards Dept. who after an 8 week investigation assisted Graham with a request to the IPCC to discontinue the investigation.”

Isn't it any wonder the IPCC are seen as a critical friend rather than a proper Complaint's Commission?

Evident from the Youtube video below, the IPCC are as effective as a chocolate tea-pot.

Victims of Police corruption complain they have lost confidence in the system and claim the IPCC have failed to deal with cases with fairness and impartiality. In effect the IPCC are police investigating police.

Back to Sussex Police.

With the above in mind, namely that the IPCC isn't fit for purpose, isn't it any wonder that the Chief Constable of Sussex, Martin Richards was cleared of any wrong doing, after a complaint was made against Arun District Council in 2002 that a pedophile ring was operating within the council offices appears to have been interfered with by the Chief Constable who appears to be friends with the ex-Chief Executive of the Council.

To read more about this and sign a petition calling for the removal of Martin Richard's as chief Constable, click here.

Examples of Sussex Police corruption are too many to count.

Briefly touching upon the James Ashley assassination and the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up, examples of corruption in Sussex Police is epidemic.

In 1999, the then Home Secretary David Blunkett convinced the Sussex Police Authority to sack Paul Whitehouse, the Sussex Chief Constable at the time, for criticism of his decision to go ahead with promotions and pay rises for two of the officers involved in the raid in which suspected drugs dealer James Ashley, 39, who was shot dead in front of his girlfriend, as he lay in bed, naked and unarmed, after officers burst into his Western Road second-floor flat, firing a single shot into his chest.

For more information about James Ashley assassination, see here.

The Katrina Taylor murder cover-up is still in full swing, evident by the attack against David Joe Neilson, who has campaigned tirelessly over the last 20 years to expose police and local government corruption.

Attacked, beaten and left for dead, David Joe Neilson was attacked by a person hiding behind a fence, which was illegally put up to cover up messages of Sussex Police corruption written on his property.

Read about the attack here. Shocking doesn't begin to describe it.

Too frightened to call the Police.

Even the Jimmy Savile scandal taints Sussex Police. In 2008 a victim of Jimmy Savile's perversion approached Sussex police to make a complaint against him, but was deterred from continuing due to his status as a celebrity and the likelihood she would be branded a liar. For all intent and purposes, Sussex Police convinced a victim of crime, not to bother. Read here for more information.

No body cares anymore.

Examples of police corruption are coming in thick and fast. We hear of cases on TV and read about them in our newspapers. We have all heard the odd story here and there of a bent copper. One of those coppers who would turn a blind eye, or take a back hander. I personally know a friend of a friend of a drug dealer who was busted for a pound of marijuana, only to be prosecuted in court for possession and intend to supply half a pound of marijuana.

I even know about a friends younger daughter, going to rehab after becoming addicted to drugs while serving as a police officer in the Metropolitan police force.

“We sieged the drugs and used them” she confesses.

The police lied then and continue to lie.

The buzz on Facebook are Twitter is whether you can trust any thing the police say? One commentator points out that the Police are so used to lying in court now, they don't even bother to lie well.

Police corruption is becoming so evident its plain to see.

Police corruption isn't circumstantial evidence anymore, its fact. Anyone who doesn't see it for what it is, is either a bent copper or is in bed with a bent copper.

The reassurances from Damian Green MP, the Minister for Policing, Criminal Justice and Victims on the Andrew Marr Show, saying “vast majority of police are honest people doing a job very well,” are falling on deaf ears.

Calling all honest cops.

If what Damian Green MP (tipped to be Prime Minister) is true, then the vast majority of police officers should expose their corrupt colleagues. With the sea-change of public opinion in full swing, corrupt police officers are running out of places to hide. Justice is coming and justice will be swift.

As David Joe Neilson reminds us, “If police officers are found to be up to no good, stitching up people, they don’t get away with it. If a police officer covered up evidence or whatever, he should be found guilty and he should go to prison and should serve twice the sentence of Joe Public in the street because he is there to be trusted to do the job to protect society and society being the individual not the system, not the masons but the individual, the citizen.”

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