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bill maloney bbc manThe inner most guarded secrets of the Windsor Royal family have been blown wide open by Bill Maloney, the director of Pie’n’Mash films and campaigner against institutionalised child-abuse, in an explosive interview with Guerilla Media Network radio featuring Lou Collins.

Beamed to an American radio audience, Bill Maloney took the opportunity to go further than he has ever gone before and actually named Prince Charles as a paedophile.

In a truly shocking and disturbing transmission, Bill Maloney revealed that was he warned:

‘Don’t do it Bill, don’t you dare do it. Don’t you dare say anything about Charles being a paedophile and don’t you dare Bill, don’t you dare mention anything about Princess Diana being killed because she was going to spill the beans. Don’t you dare Bill.’

Bill Maloney dares to go where other’s Fear to tread.

With the latest shocking and embarrassing headline to hit the news wire, that another personal friend of Prince Charles, pervert Bishop Peter Ball, 82, will become the most senior Church of England figure to be hauled into court on a child sex charge, the Windsors are petrified that the people will soon be rushing the Palace gates.


Not only was the Queen’s Butler a paedophile, but so is her husband, son and priest. Facing two counts of indecent assault – one in 1978 on a boy aged 12 or 13; the second in the 1980s on a man who was 19 or 20, the disgraced Bishop was invited to live with the Prince on his Duchy of Cornwall property and boasted of Prince Charles as “a loyal friend.”

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ImagePalace Guards are showing the pressure of having to guard the world’s most wanted woman, evident by the drama of a Royal Guard pulling his bayonet on an unarmed visitor.

Palace Guards are trained to only leave their post unless a Royal is under threat. So when you see a Palace Guard rush forward 50 yards with his bayonet unsheathed, you know that the Royals are under threat.

With the backing of the Queen, a zero tolerance approach now seems to be her response as the Royal House of Windsor crumbles around her.

Read more: Security fears as Buckingham Palace Queen’s Guard pulls rifle on ranting intruder.


With the British People massing to get the hanging rope out, more and more are waking up to the crimes of Elizabeth Windsor and her family. The calls of discontent are getting louder and louder and the British People are stirring.

While the Queen managed to evade arrest in Rome, Matt Taylor from Brighton warns her that she may not be so lucky again.

Read more: The Queen evades arrest in Rome.

queen-on-bbYOUR LAST CHANCE.
In a personal message to Elizabeth Windsor, Matt Taylor warns her, “This is your last chance to hand yourself in. Surrender yourself at the Big Brother House to spill the beans before the Nation, and I will ensure you get immunity from conviction. Refuse. And I’ll stand aside and leave you to Scott Chambers. Not that Scott Chambers and his friends would even care whether I’m standing in the way or not, and push past regardless, but you will see the fury of the British People at first hand. You will feel the fury of the British people up close and personal.”

As Scott Chambers states in his declaration:
“Discussions are to take place before November 5th (TBC) as this will be when we begin to round you up and place you on trial with sentencing to include being hanged.. (if you can be kept alive to be sentenced). On this day you are also here by stripped of any powers of authority you believe you have over the British People and their Commonwealth friends (including the USA).”


Repeated in it’s entirety at the end, Scott Chambers is the type of ‘Emerging Leader’ which the Establishment are so petrified of.

Understanding that both the Church and Monarchy are now both internationally recognised as a Criminal Organization, Scott Chambers is taking the initiative and publishing his own ‘Declaration of Intent,’ and in doing so positioning himself for the post-Windsor world which is now unstoppable.

Scott Chambers – Declaration of Intent.

scott chambersHello People,

Firstly I’d like to thank all those that over many years have tireless fought against a government determined to not only rule the British people but the people of the world too (God Bless those that where silenced), it has allowed myself to catch up on happenings hidden from the public’s common knowledge at a lighting speed pace (and still I continue to learn of more and more each day).

During this time I’ve looked for the killer yet peaceful blow that is to bring this lot from the ruling power they hold, its one thing to beat them at their own game with all the knowledge we posses among us, its another to leave the loser on the streets to pick off the next unsuspecting man/women.
So what I’ve done is put together what I believe to be a very fair but yet very powerful ‘Declaration of Intent’ for us to gather under and go remove this extremely dangerous lot to the well being of humanity. I’m fully open to all criticism as even with some parts of this I’m not quite sure it needs to be included or that there’s yet another powerful message that can be added to it… Its currently at 2.75 pages long and the push I have for this is to get a copy out to everyone in the UK.

All questions welcome too.

Declaration for Intent in ‘Civil’ Action
for Crimes against God and the Commonwealth of His People.
To the Attention of Elizabeth II, her unlawful Government, its dogs of war and all those who oppose Christ’s return,
(Crown loyalist’s are advised to scatter too the temporary 1sq mile safe haven of the City of London till an updated Magna Carta is drawn up, which see’s no reason to give wholesome land rights to those acting upon the sea)

It is with my word as my honour and with the utmost of power as invested in me by I AM to bring into the light, Prophet ELIJAH who can declare who the King of Kings is to replace Elizabeth Mountbatten (The cursed Queen), along with obtaining the real Stone of Destiny for the King to be crowned upon.

You can find out more about this by visiting
Discussions are to take place before November 5th (TBC) as this will be when we begin to round you up and place you on trial with sentencing to include being hanged.. (if you can be kept alive to be sentenced). On this day you are also here by stripped of any powers of authority you believe you have over the British People and their Commonwealth friends (including the USA).

Our intolerance of your complete disregard to I AM and his people (The British, commonwealth and all those that pay homage to him outside of this, The Palestinians for one, USA, Russia others) can not be allowed to continue on in this manner..

You have been complicate in every one of the most heinous of crimes towards I AM’s people and a full list will be compiled upon your trial. But here’s a little taster
You have breached your contracted and sworn oath to uphold the Laws of God (unless you wish to declare this God is Satan and is not YHWH / I AM).
  • You have allowed the British people to become impoverished by a fraudulent banking system of usury and even allowed your head to be placed on the banks currency.
  • You have allowed the ancient rights, sovereignty and traditions (Christmas) of the British and commonwealth people as outlined within the Magna Carta to be eroded and lost into time as is with the Covenant to I AM himself.
By allowing the above, these sovereigns have been unlawfully criminalized and imprisoned by legislations of the Law Society within your unlawful Government. (shall be released)
  • You have gave no protection to Gods People that I AM specifically asked of you to do and subjected them to debt based slavery within a Babylonian Market System.
  • You have wilfully subjected good men and women of the Military to become intertwined with both the illegal and unlawful wars against the Middle East.
  • Your Unlawful Government is also conspiring with the Law Society to bring Sharia Law upon the land so yet more laws can be written for these crimes to be accepted as ‘normal’.
Further criminal activities and some of the words above can be found by linking

It is also of the understanding that this continued disregard you’s keep perpetrating against I AM with your flattery towards Satan is knowingly going to bring the Armageddon of WW3 and burn all the souls you’ve sought to bring down with you.

This is unless of course, we can talk about forgiveness and you’s all start walking out from behind the shadows so Peace can be upon those who want it.

To the Attention of Fence Sitters and Blind Eye Turners:
All be asked that you support the righteousness in our endeavours with food/shelter too help take back the United Kingdom from the Tyrannical rule of evil men and women.. You may think there is no divine creator and that is your choice to deny him onto you, it is however fact,

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”~Edmund Burke
And those for this are all but good men.

To the Attention of all supporters:
We fully intend to remove this lot as peacefully as we can and any reports of violence is them fighting us off to be detained until a hearing can be called upon.
Removing government can be a daunting thought in that who do we have to stop anarchy, well the answer is quite simple, we have ourselves, its down to each and every 1 of us to make the important decisions in our lives, so it is ultimately yourself that will uphold to the righteousness, I’m not saying their won’t be a few business raided for so called valuables as priced by fraudulent banking means and ownership. If money can’t supply goods then do you think those goods would be there to be stolen in the first place?
All I ask is that thieves just trying to get by in life because they themselves are being robbed by those who wish to imprison them by their laws remain upbeat and help towards a truly Great Nation.
A new light is to be shined upon the world, so in this transition try as hard as you can not to take the piss and take that only of what you need and be thankful of those who put it there. The Good in Men is Love, Kindness and Compassion this is the commonwealth of the people that Elizabeth, Government and all those that wilfully serve for them, parasite on the life force of us.

To the Attention of Outlaws:
To those who believe that during this time you can do what ever the hell you like as you see no reason to be ‘Civil’ in a Civil War, you will be tried without due process as what you give, you shall receive.

Reason for Such Actions.
There is a growing threat to the British God given way of Freedom and Liberty for all on the British Isle’s and towards her commonwealth friends. As each year passes with countless crimes committed by those that are supposedly elected to represent us and those crimes are just scrubbed aside by the very same elected public servants, then we are left with very little options but to come get you lot ourselves. Our so called elected have no honour to even uphold themselves to the very laws they create for us to be governed by but show blatantly that even their own laws do not even apply to themselves, so If they can’t even recognise Gods Law, The British Constitution of the Magna Carta and they can’t even recognise their own laws, then what laws do they recognise?, as to the attention of Outlaws, those who see no laws duly receive in return for what they offered out.

The Great Charter of the Magna Carta came about for this very reason:
Abuses by King John caused a revolt by nobles who compelled him to execute this recognition of rights for both noblemen and ordinary Englishmen. It established the principle that no one, including the king or a lawmaker, is above the law.
(the original Manga Carta was written in a short-hand Latin, so translations into later versions become twisted by those who seek it to favour themselves, this site is the English translation of the 1215 I use – )

The Validity of this Declaration.
Is this for real you’re asking, well its as real as you make it. If you agree that those governing us no longer represents what we The British stand for in our God given freedom and liberties under I AM, then you likely find yourself wanting to be among one of those helping to arrest and sentence a long list of Individuals that have and are continuing too cover up some very unsightly crimes that they do not want us to be aware of, and the more that empower themselves with this declaration the more cause in its righteousness it gains and with it the strength for us too remove them ourselves. As the saying goes, you and what army. And although I’m willing to turn up their on my lonesome to arrest them myself, there is nothing beside me to back it up with, so they carry on with the Notion that this is obviously what every1 wants so why should I go anywhere with you. Christ on the Throne of David is not a Warmonger like that of Elizabeth and her Government, but a True Defender of the Faith, and such things as GeoEngineering, GMO’s, Fossil Fuels, Usury, Destruction of the Environment to build concrete jungles become a thing of the distant past with the ultimate realisation that we’re all here to learn a lesson under the guidance of I AM, then all the more comfortable our lessons will be.

Useful Links
Additional Support

I am also in search of additional support for computer technicians in housing a website based around this declaration so that other important details regarding the removal of Elizabeth and her Government and the effects its most likely to have on services this criminal organisation’s core belief system has set up begin to collapse, along with sections where the overwhelming evidence against those to be arrested (Royal’s, politicians, judges, police chiefs, others) can be held for all to see why these individuals need to be arrested and their alleged crimes investigated and subsequently tried for them, Also with the distribution of this declaration to every individual in the UK (at least) so every1 is fully aware of what’s coming.

Final Recap

There is no need for violence in these days of change, but simply for those that are the real criminals of this land (and that of the entire world too), to come quietly, so to be removed from the positions of authority over the British and against the world, as they are quite clearly abusing this power that we the British people are granting them.

Scott Chambers


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