Monday, 2 January 2017


Fleet Street hack for hire, Alun Palmer has dragged his profession further into the gutter by refusing to publicly answer calls that he's a Gerry and Kate McCann sponsored troll.

Even respected reporter and author Andy Cave couldn't believe Mr. Palmer would have said such 'purported rubbish'.

I suspect Mr Palmer didn't write any of this purported rubbish either. #Don'tTroll”

Pious Palmer even kept quiet for a whole 24 hours while Andy Cave was wrongly accused of being the McCann sponsored troll.

Its interesting to note that poisonous Palmer was happy for his colleague to suffer the blame for his own actions.

Palmer has lost all journalist integrity. Rather than face the music of his exposure as a McCann sponsored troll, he would rather ban critics from his Tweeter account and pray the problem goes away.

I wonder if Andrew Cave or any of his other tweeter friends condone his action of calling for someone to “fuck off and get cancer,” because they asked a perfectly reasonable question, critical of the McCann's involvement in the disappearance of their daughter.

Has freedom of speech in the British press descended into such disrepair that even fleet street journalists, seek extra brownie points by trolling real news?

I'm not the only person to notice:

Al Palmer cannot hide from his own actions.

No matter how hard pathetic Palmer tries to distance himself from his trolling nature, a Google search of his name reveals the truth.

I wonder what his tweeter companions would think of him once they find out?

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