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Dusty aka David Joe Neilson
Following on from the success of a recent article Who the fuck is Chris Spivey? I thought it only right and proper to tell you about David Joe Neilson.

I first met David during the 2012 Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Elections after putting myself forward as a candidate. Following my public declaration of intent, he was the first to get in touch asking for my views on police corruption.

After an initial exchange of emails I agreed to meet him and listen to what he had to say.

My life has never been the same again since…

Self penned as Britain’s most feared whistle blower; he’s certainly a thorn in the side of Sussex Police. 

Okay, so let’s start at the beginning…

On the 4th of July 1996, a 19 year old mother called Katrina Taylor was brutally murdered in a grave yard in Brighton. She was stabbed 5 times in the heart in retaliation to burgling a friend’s flat, setting fire to the furniture and flooding two rooms.

Four people were charged with her murder. The trial was held at Lewes Crown Court in 1997. Brother and sister from London, Simon Williams and Neisha Williams were found not guilty. Fergal Scollan and Trevor Smith were found guilty but appealed on 15th October 1998. They were freed after a retrial at the Old Bailey in London during October 1999.

For legal reasons, Neisha and Simon Williams did not give evidence. Lawyers for Trevor Smith and Fergal Scollan successfully argued that there was no case to answer, and the judge directed that both men be acquitted of murder because of insufficient evidence. Fergal Scollan had a charge of false imprisonment dropped. William Smith admitted the same charge and was sentenced to 30 months but walked free because of time served.

It’s true that the killers of Katrina Taylor have received more in compensation than the Taylor family have.

To date no one has been found responsible for her murder. Only a trail of questions about the dubious decisions taken at the highest levels, have been left in its wake.

Questions amongst many such as why were Neisha and Simon Williams allowed to turn Queen’s evidence half way through the case? Why was Simon Williams not charged with hiding the murder weapon? Why was the Taylor family not allowed to attend the re-trial? Why was her inquest held without the knowledge of the Taylor family? 

Kate Garraway reporting the murder.
David found himself in this unfolding drama because on the night of her murder the four people in question returned to their flat which just happened to be up-stairs from Dusty.

Out of his kitchen window, overlooking the main sea front road running through Peacehaven, Sussex, David witnessed Simon Williams dispose of a knife down the drain in the road.

He had been reporting the criminal activities of the occupants of his up-stairs flat to Sussex Police for sometime. David even argues that were Sussex Police to do their duty and follow up on his information, the Slade gang would have been arrested and in jail long before 4th July 1996, hence saving the life of Katrina Taylor.

With news of the murder reported in the local press and the telephone conversations David heard through the floor-boards that night, he put two and two together and called the police.
The Murder House

Low and behold, the police arrived and found the murder weapon in the gutter drain, exactly where David said it’ll be. David was the hero, case solved…

Knife in drain
For 24 hours David basked in the glory of heroism. The world was safe again. A diligent member of public had done his civic duty and a gang of killers were well on the way to judgement and justice.

Within weeks, a team of 50 detectives and 15 forensic experts had gathered 400 exhibits and 150 statements. Neisha Williams and Simon Williams, along with Trevor Smith and Fergal Scollan were arrested and charged with murder.

That’s when David's nightmare started, and he isn’t the only one to suffer.

Katrina Taylor’s family are living the nightmare too. In fact, the only one’s to benefit from the murder of Katrina Taylor, are her killers.

The crux of the story is that a known crime-lord to Sussex Police called Marcel Sulc aka Mark Slade used the flat as his operations room to commit fraud, drug dealing, counterfeiting, extortion and a variety of other crimes.

Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc
Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc is a criminal that uses the law for his own benefit. Just look at the names he gave his private security companies; HONESTY (UK) LIMITED, GRAB-IT LIMITED, PURE PROFIT LIMITED, F.U. BIGOT LIMITED, GRIM LIMITED, UPRONT LIMITED and DEADLY LIMITED .

Security companies used by local authorities, full in the knowledge that Mark Slade owned them; full in the knowledge that Mark Slade is a criminal above the Law.

You can read plenty of articles about him across the internet. The Guardian to the Observer newspaper has written about his exploits in the South coastal town of Hastings. Renowned as a King slum landlord, he made the equally famous South coast land-lord Nicholas van Hoogstraten look like a choir boy in comparison.

Mark Slade sniffing crack
His modus operandi is more subtle, bending of the Law to his own ends. He has built a fortune on a repertoire of tricks for seizing property owned by other people. Favourite among them is repossessing flats for non-payment of nominal ground rents - usually of only around £50.

Mark Slade is a thoroughly horrible man, who alongside his posse, are protected at the highest levels of public life.

You could imagine him storming into the Sussex Chief Constable’s office at Lewes, demanding his boys get released ‘NOW…’ The Old Bailey re-trial is proof enough of that.

Remember I mentioned that David self penned himself as Britain’s most feared whistle blower?
I’ve read the Neilson Crime Files; a collection of files collected over a 20 year period which chronicles in detail, the who, when and where of the local authority figures and police officers instrumental in the Katrina Taylor cover up, the protection of the crime-lord Mark Slade, the cover-up of institutional paedophile rings and many more cases besides.

The Neilson Crime Files hold no punches and exposes it all.

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