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Prime Minister David Cameron, Royalty and other notable figures in the British Establishment are coming under a level of political satire unheard of in modern times.

While political satire has been a stable diet of discontent since the times of ancient Rome and Greece, modern day satire is touching on libel and slander.

With the floodgates opened after Lord Ashford's allegation that David Cameron inserted his penis into a dead pigs head as an initiation to a secret elite club; further damaging allegations are coming to light that David Cameron in fact had sex with a dead child as an initiation to a secret elite club, which begs the question; when will be police be called to investigate these despicable claims?

Political satire historically flourishes as an subversive weapon used by disgruntled citizens living under a fascist and despotic regime. With the Conservative Party now in its second term and free from the restraints of a coalition government, it would seem that the symptoms of a suppressed and austerity battered population is beginning to be felt.

Unable to rely on a free press to hold the politicians to account, citizen journalism is coming to the surface as the only effective answer to the perceived corruption which has been allowed to fester and grow deep within the heart of power and royalty.

This is no more evident than the massive fraud being revealed in relation to the 'Boiler Rooms' at 788-790 Finchley Road, London.

Championed by citizen researcher Gordon Bowden and promoted as the biggest fraud in British history, over 250,000 fake companies have been linked to two addresses in London, with virtually every notable politician and Royal family member listed as a company director.

While political satire may be rife, the underlaying message is deadly serious and in effect accuses all the politicians we are meant to trust, to be fraudulently stealing the nation's wealth from under the citizen's noses.

Alas there isn't a politician or journalist brave enough in Britain to ask the serious questions, which makes political satire all the more necessary as a weapon against the alleged criminal leaders of Great Britain PLC.


Whatever you prefer to call it, but anyone who disbelieves the official version of world events as portrayed on television by BBC, Sky and ITV News is either labelled cuckoo, a nut-job, a Truther or more common than not, a Conspiracy Theorist.

I hate being a Conspiracy Theorist.

Since sticking my head down the fabled rabbit’s hole and deciding to go as deep as I dare, my life has turned into a nightmare. Everything has changed and there’s no going back.
I remember with fondness when I had no more cares in the world other than Liverpool Football club beating Manchester United Football club. No more fears other than loosing an hour’s drinking time down the pub with my friends, having to wait until the kids went to bed before going out. No more worries other than losing a £10 100-1 punt on the Grand National.

Now I have no friends. My relationship with the mother of my children has broken down and my extended family keep a healthy distance too scared to talk about current affairs in my company.

I hate being a Conspiracy Theorist.

Since travelling on this journey I’ve changed into a bitter and unhappy man. Being a conspiracy theorist has robbed so much of who I am, which before the journey I took for granted.

Now when a Rock’n’Roll hero is tragically taken from us by Cancer, I cannot grieve as I once would have because as a conspiracy theorist I harbour doubts that NASA has flown him to Mars.

I can't grieve the death of a celebrated TV and radio chat show host because as a conspiracy theorist I’m shaking with rage that he may have been killed because he was about to expose a huge paedophile ring at the BBC.

My cousin who’s a nurse recently received a medal having gone to Africa to aid in the Ebola virus out-break. As a conspiracy theorist I’m unable to either send her a congratulation message or even a Facebook Like because as a conspiracy theorist I believe the whole Ebola virus was a lie and that no one even died.

I hate being a Conspiracy Theorist.

I was once a Royal Military Policeman serving in the British Army willing to kill and die for Queen and Country. So you can appreciate how far I’ve come considering that now all I want to see is for Queen Elizabeth II to be tried for Crimes against Humanity.

All my pride and joy in being British has evaporated in a puff of smoke. I only feel shame and disgust that our illustrious Monarch and her in-breed family are accused of being members of a sick satanic cult murdering and eating babies in satanic rituals every Saturday night.

I hate being a conspiracy theorist because I have to admit David Icke is right.

There is no turning back and I wish there was. I wish my conspiracy tenancies were proved wrong, debunked and stamped on. But alas they persist and grown stronger with every passing day. The flow of conspiracy theories never end.

Like millions I am dreading Chris Spivey’s latest article because he’s promising to expose Princess Diana’s fatal car crash as a fake false flag event.

I hate being a conspiracy theorist because I can’t grieve for a fallen Princess whom I once loved so much.

Being a conspiracy theorist has destroyed the life I once had. Gone are the laughs, the smiles and the carefree attitude that all was right with the world.

Now it feels as though I’m living in a bad B-horror movie in which the world is over-run by body snatching satanist zombies intent on killing us all, raping our children and opening a portal to the Gates of Hell.

Being a conspiracy theorist I see everything in a new light. I can't even join in with the nation’s pride and delight that British astronaut Tim Peake made it into space. I’m so entrenched that I harbour serious doubts as to whether there even is Space, let alone whether the Earth is round, whether Man walked on the moon and whether the Sun is really 93 million miles away from us.

If I was to search for something good about being a conspiracy theorist, I’d have to think very hard. Having learnt there really was a King Arthur who lived from 503AD to 579AD fills me with some delight and satisfaction. It's like discovering Santa Claus is real after-all. But alas, the thrill soon wears off as the real King Arthur story goes onto reveal the disturbing reality that the Dark Ages were brought about with Asteroid debris destroying the Arthurian Kingdom in 576AD and that to save his people King Arthur sailed to America in a fleet of 700 ships, where upon he was eventually assassinated by a native while battling with the Red Indians in Kentucky.

I hate being a conspiracy theorist because I don't know where it’ll end...

Where does the fabled rabbit hole lead us? Is there a definitive answer? Are we right or wrong? I hate being a conspiracy theorist because I’m no closer to the answer than I was when I started so many years ago.

Having been given the option of the red pill or the blue pill, I wish I had taken the other one and not have known.

Living in ignorance is a lot better than living in the knowledge that we are being systematically killed on an industrial scale.

I hate being a conspiracy theorist because I know the Truth is Shit...


It's been over three years since Prime Minister David Cameron was handed a list of suspected paedophile parliamentarians by TV presenter Philip Schofield live on the This Morning show.

Over three years on nothing has happened.

While the PM shrugged it of by warning of the danger of turning it into a “Gay Witch hunt,” the truth remains that over the years a frightening number of parliamentarians have been ousted as paedophiles and a further number have been accused of sexual assault.

Harking back to the memory of Cyril Smith, Peter Morrison, Lord Janner and Edward Heath who roamed the corridors of Westminster, Patrick Rock, David Cameron’s close friend and deputy director of 10 Downing Street’s Policy Unit, was recently arrested for possession of child pornography in 2014.

David Cameron is evidently more involved with child-abuse coverup than the public are lead to believe. Keeping in mind the Prime Minister kept quiet about Patrick Rock’s arrest and resignation a full three weeks before it became public knowledge, and that he swiftly conducted a mini reshuffle moving William Hague and Kenneth Clarke out of his Cabinet, following serious allegations of their involvement in child-abuse; reveals a disturbing picture which no one is willing to address.

Last year child-actor and journalist Ben Fellows was acquitted of perverting the course of justice and making false allegations against then Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke that he sexually assaulted him in a Westminster office.

By Law it's been proved Ben Fellows wasn't lying when he said Kenneth Clarke groped his privates, thus it can only be concluded that Kenneth Clarke did in fact grope his privates.

During the infamous 'This Morning ambush' David Cameron assured the viewers that “If there’s anything more to look at it must be looked at. Really, there must be no stone unturned in these matters.”

Three years on we now know that no stone has been turned and that’s the problem.


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