Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Reaction to David Cameron is a Necrophiliac article.

The beginning of the end for Cameron.. About time too!

The Internet is awash with rumour and speculation about Prime Minister David Cameron
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Kirsten Frederiksen A victim to Murdoch's press???
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Steve Mann I've heard the rumours that he had his son killed a few times but not in these circumstances.
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Nathan McLean I wonder if there is any truth in this or is this an attempt to slur DC even more?

In fairness, if there is any truth in this, he has to go because what type of person is involved in sexual activity with a child, let-alone a deceased one?

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Molly Woods This is a spoof news article and it's actually really horrible... I hate David Cameron because of, well there's a lot of reasons that you'll all be aware of being part of this group, but to include his dead child in the hatred isn't cool tbh... Shouldn't really bring that up, there's no need. He's an awful man for the things he does as a politician. Why do we need to bring a dead child into it? That's tragic. Fight clean not dirty.
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Matt Taylor Disgusting allegations have been made against the PM, but in your eyes these allegations mustn't be investigated because they are so disgusting??? I don't see your logic.
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Molly Woods These allegations aren't real. This is spoof news. David Cameron did not kill his own child and I don't think it portrays the people that say those things in a particularly positive light. It's kind of sick tbh. If you want to sit here and advocate the idea of making jokes out of the tragic death of a child then that's fine but I really think you should work out if that's something you want to be known for.
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Kirsten Frederiksen He does not want a free press!
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Nathan McLean There is another thing about the Tories, and their proposals to lower the age of consent for sex to 13 years of age - is this because some of them, have been linked to such activities with children between 13 and 16?

It really does make me wonder if they want to change laws to fit with certain lifestyles.

The other part of me also believes it could be so that they can enforce cuts on certain departments within police forces who deal with such crimes, because if there are fewer victims, there is a need for fewer officers to investigate.

Also, crime figures will be down!

Call me cynical!

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Andrew Cheadle Its far from the beginning of the end for Cameron! Even if it was true, what proof is there?
Tony Blair lied to go to war over alleged weapons of mass destruction! He's a murderer! Everybody knows that,Is he in prison!? Nope! Well he ever go to prison? Doubtful. These arseholes have very powerful friends!!

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Karlos Moore Tony Blair made himself a multi-millionaire out of his lies!
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Andrew Cheadle He did indeed, he owns 25 million worth of properties alone!
Him and his Mrs are lawyers, they know how to work the system.

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Matt Taylor Their bubble has to burst eventually and today is as good a day as any.
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Andrew David Hunt A beastial necrophiliac
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Rob Anderson Cameron's certainly into necrophile bestiality. I mean, sticking your penis in a dead pig's mouth! Just to enter an Oxford university club/group.
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Matt Taylor Like the article alludes to... What would he be prepared to do to become PM?
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Andrew Cheadle Don't hold your breath on the bubble bursting anytime soon.
They got the system sewn up pretty tight!
The chilcott report may be completed in another 30 years!!

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Gareth Thomas Clearly a spoof article. This could of been written by anyone about anyone. I hate DC as much as anyone but to accuse someone of this is disgusting unless there is comprehensive proof.
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Amanda Steel I used to write for Blasting News and they don't do spoof. However, I don't believe much if any of this article is true. Clearly, Blasting News are so desperate for content that they'll publish anything now, after putting off a lot of writers who used to write for them, but got tired of getting pennies for their work.
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Jayne Wells Well said, Gareth.
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Kirsten Frederiksen The privilege of gutter press as endorsed by Cameron and his friend Murdoch, disgusting
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Andrew Terry This isn't satire, it's just an appalling article. So much rubbish in here it's hard to keep up.
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Janice Shand I don't think this should be published its sick. I hate DC but don't believe this. It's slander.
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Scott Ryan Slander is spoken Libel is written. Both mean bugger all if true and Cameron is a pig fracker...
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Scott Ryan YES.....
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Alex Romero Certainly, the accusations against Heath the nonce appear to be more than rumour. The jersey homes abuse scandal for instance. Jimmy Saville was known to have picked boys with the promise of a 'holiday', whereby they would be taken to London and then onto Heaths yacht, to be sexually abused by various pillars of the establishment before being murdered at sea so as to leave no evidence. Anything is possible when you're dealing with fucked up psychopaths from public school, absolutely anything.
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Dom Brown Well....his wife seems dead from the inside...probably realised the millions in her bank account have meant many innoccent children dying across the world and CAmeron n Co are happy to keep it up.
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Christopher Sims Obvious!
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Jayne Wells Much as I detest Cameron, this article comes across as malignant nonsense.
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Christine Steele I think it is called satire
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Jayne Wells Christine Steele Is it? I suspect that there will be many who will read it and believe it. I also think that mentioning the poor child, Ivan, was in very poor taste.
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Chris Heatley Agree with Jayne Wells, and I'd happily hang cameron.
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Julian Hudson I think it's dead boring, actually.
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Joan Williams Never mind his predelictions, what about the people dying because of this government, children going hungry, money being wasted on nonsense and pay rises for MPs? Get them out now.
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Andrew David Hunt Ive just read this garbage. Ffs
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Julie Parton-Hurd Much as I hate cameron this is just not credible surely? He is an evil piece of work - but sacrificing his disabled son is a terrible allegation and I can't believe even cameron is that demonic!
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Jonathan Weaden I do. I believe that there is no limit to his evil. I believe that there is no limit to what he will do, except that which he believes that he will not get away with.
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Francesca Lambert I have to agree Julie. I want Cameron destroyed but spreading outright crap like this isn't the way to do it!
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Alan Johntoe Johnson Despise the man with a passion but this is utter bollocks.
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Robert Gardiner Obvious crap article ----I don't support David Cameron ,but that story steps way over the line
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Mark Irwin No I don't believe it myself guys. Even this loathesome, vile, disgusting man wouldn't stoop as low as that! smile emoticon smile emoticon
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Kevin Webb say what u want about cameron but his disabled kid is not fair play despite how we see his dad he was one of us a disabled person.think his dads lost his ethics and his path abit might pay him too look at his sons pic and remember its our money not theirs to hand out one pot for the vulnerable and weak we all paid into there was no terms when i paid in stop destroying welfare and care and restore human rights and the obligations we signed never to create another situ based against the act.right to home right to health right to choose,right to security of person,rights they there for a reason.its not ww2,its not third world in the uk so stop treating us like it is and fulfill your obligations.
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David Andersen
 The correct word is Necrophile.
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Susan Kyle I wish it was
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Kwame Aboagye Cameron is an asshole who I cannot stand, but I don't think he killed his son.
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Kwame Aboagye Matt, Cameron is a heartless shit, he is capable of other things such as destroying the NHS, making homeless and disabled people suffer so inhumanly as a whole and using air strikes against Syria. Yes, we haven't got proof that he killed his son, but the man is a heartless scum to the core.
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Mark Harris Is he a what?
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Phil House Luisi I don't know about a Necrophiliac, however I do know he's a first class wanker.
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Nikki Hatch If true then this is horrific.
I despise Cameron but if this is false, spoof or not, then the author is at least as bad as he is!
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John Steele No just Nasty!
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Paul Mason Well he can defiantly go fuck himself
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