Friday, 29 October 2021

“I escaped Area 51," claims Anonymous Whistleblower.

“I escaped Area 51.” Whistle-blower Extraordinaire Jeanette Archer reveals Anonymous account of surviving and escaping from Area 51. 

Having gone viral across the world, the world’s most controversial whistle-blower Jeanette Archer, read out testimony by an anonymous individual claiming to have escaped Area 51. (The world’s most secretive and secure military base on planet Earth!), outside Windsor Castle on 14 October 2021,

“This is by anonymous, she is an incredible survivor!”

Dreamland, a place where nightmares are made aka (also known as) Area 51.

“I escaped Area 51.”

It's called Dreamland, Area 51 to those that know. To those that are held there, to those who have escaped there. This survivor escaped Area 51. 

It's a military compound in the state of Nevada. In a desert like area. It is also the most guarded and secure place on the planet, but not for the reasons they tell you.

It's about 140 plus levels deep. Going deep, going down into the ground, each level containing a different type of evil. 

One level they breed and birth soldiers for MK Ultra. They are trained as child assassins. They live and train for one purpose to kill and obey.

See Elliott Dawson Marshall - New Zealand Mosque shootings. 

Elliot Dawson - NZ Mosque Shooting witness

On another level they have a hall as far as your eyes can see of children as young as 12, that they hold are pregnant. Most of them are nine months pregnant in October. Halloween guys!

They are chained to the bed and monitored. They are the breeders for the adrenochrome. Some to be offered to the darkness; sacrificed. 

They have no names and are tagged like cattle.

Jeanette Archers breaks from reading the prepared speech, “guys this is happening now as in as we speak all of it.”

On another level they focus on the gifted children, the ones with special abilities. 

Different levels, different Horrors.

Government officials and top elite have access to this place. The Horrors are indescribable, what they do to children.

Not only do these places have lots of infants and children who will never ever see the light of day again, but the sole purpose is to provide the elite with the adrenochrome. 

The fountain of youth Elixir.

80 to 90% of the world's Adrenochrome comes from this location. That's what goes on in Area 51. That's the trick.

To produce this, [adrenachrome] you must torture or terrorize the infant. 

Jeanette Archer adds, “If you don't believe me, do your study on how it's produced and made.”

Someone had the idea to storm Area 51, that person was assassinated. 

In June, 20-year-old Matty Roberts, a student from Bakersfield, California, posted a tongue-in-cheek Facebook event.

The name of the Facebook event was: "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us". The plan, as the name implied, was to charge at the base in large enough numbers to bypass security.

Once inside the facility, the supposed secrets lurking within - the alien technology and clandestine government research - could finally be disclosed to the public. "Let's see them aliens", the event's description declared, albeit flippantly.

Within days of its launch, the event became a viral sensation, making headlines across the world.


All because this information was going to get out. This is where the head of the snake resides. It's time to cut it off, it's time, the children need us.

She has given some names of people that raped her and abused her and satanically ritually abused her in Area 51, in dreamland.

Klaus Schwab, Dick Cheney, William Casey, Robert Gates, Admiral William Webster, John Deutch, George Tennant, David Rockerfeller Junior, George Bush.

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