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The Queen is said to be furious that her son Andrew should be named as having sex with an under-aged girl.

This is far from the truth; more accurately, the Queen is panicking with dread that her husband and eldest son will soon be ousted as paedophiles too, who regular have sex with girls much younger than 17 years old.

To think the Royal family weren't aware of this impending PR disaster; you really have got you head buried deep in the sand.

As seen from a seasoned Royal reporters point of view, the first hint that not was all well in the Windsor household came with the news that the Queen was contemplating abdicating in December 2014.

Flagged up by the betting giant Coral, they suspended all betting that The Queen would announce her abdication in her Christmas Day speech.

Absolutely ridiculous from the very start; the facts remained:

  • The speech to the nation has already been pre-recorded by the BBC a month earlier.
  • It began with a £200 bet, followed by several smaller bets in quick succession.

A seasoned Royal reporter would say this exercise was a well planned PR stunt to gauge the reaction of a possible abdication.

It was clear within 24 hours that many saw the Queen abdication as a joke and something which would never happened in a million years. Even sources close to the Queen joined in and laughed off suggestions that she might abdicate, saying it was “just not true.”

Hence the bottom line being the British people wouldn't tolerate an abdication, as has happened with the abdications of the King Juan Carlos of Spain & Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Previous to the abdication scare, trolls from inside Buckingham Palace even tried to peddle a story that the Queen was dying; losing her mind with Alzheimer’s Disease; but again the British public weren't buying any of it and planners at Buckingham Palace were forced to go back to the drawing board.

Many people will be wondering why The Queen is so keen to slip away quietly and abandon the responsibility of Monarchy.

The answer is very simple and earth-shattering. The Queen is guilty of:

  • Crimes against Humanity
  • High Treason against the British People
  • Aiding and abetting European and World-wide paedophile rings.

In the same way her ancestors were beheaded by their subjects, history is repeating itself and with every passing moment, the Queen and her cohorts are getting closer and closer to the gallows.


King John II - John Wanoa
From the other side of the world a native Moai King is challenging Queen Elizabeth for the British Throne.

This is just one reason Buckingham Palace is in blind panic, the other being that the Yewtree police investigation into historical child-abuse has implicated her husband Prince Philip as a regular visitor to the Elm Guest house which is at the centre of their investigation.

Driving incognito, Prince Philip is said to own a black London cab which he used to drive there with his good friend and shagging partner, Michael Middleton, Kate Middleton’s father.

King William IV
Then there are the very serious allegations made by child-abuse crusader Bill Maloney who publicly called Prince Charles a paedophile, which isn't so hard to believe considering his close friendship with the UK’s most prolific child-abuser of recorded history, Jimmy Savile.

King John II, aka John Wanoa from New Zealand has used King William IV’s authority to sack Elizabeth Windsor as the Head Trustee of King William IV’s trust fund which was bequeathed to the British and Common Wealth people.

Only another monarch can depose a monarch, and it’s fit and proper that a Common Wealth King is the person to deliver the fatal blow.

Using Facebook as his world-court, which by Law he has every right to do, because what you say on Facebook can be used against you in a court of law. King John II has posted affidavits against Queen Elizabeth Windsor, which haven’t been contested, which in itself indicates she is guilty of everything John Wanoa has accused her of.


And now we see a shamed Prince Andrew scuttle back to Mummy, who is said to be furious.


Crisis talks were held on Christmas Day at Sandringham Palace, where every member of the Royal family were present, with the notably exceptions of Prince George and Camilla the Duchess of York.

Safe behind locked doors, the stark facts were revealed to a shocked family. The reign of the Windsor royal family is coming to an end; with the discussion soon turning to how to survive it and come out with their heads still attached to their bodies.

Thus the grand plan: Make Prince Andrew the scapegoat in the attempt to hide the bigger story that the real paedophiles in the royal family are Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

Media savvy insiders know that whenever a big story is broken, it’s usually broken and timed to hide an even bigger and more damaging story from reaching the public.

This is what is happening here. Prince Andrew having sex with a 17-year-old-girl is a better headline to endure than the headline calling Prince Philip a paedophile and his son one too.

While you are at it, I also recommend you read: Who murdered Mountbatten?

It’s funny reading the statement Buckingham Palace was forced to release after sustained world-wide attention and pressure.

“It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts. The allegations made are false and without any foundation.”

Where have we heard that before? Easy isn’t it! Bill Clinton in 1998!

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

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