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After much speculation over the last few weeks as to the where-abouts of Greg Hallett, Guerrilla Democracy News has learnt he’s in Portugal, lying low.

With the AV community is a spin at the news that Greg had been kidnapped and possibly murdered, it came as a great relief when a friend of Greg’s, posted a comment on Youtube saying, “No, he is alive, he is just lying low.. I know from a friend.”

Relieved he hadn’t been scarified at a satanic ritual as an 88th birthday present to The Queen Elizabeth II; friends of Greg have called around and have finally found him.

Announced on a public forum, friends of Greg said, “I asked Carol to check on him psychically and she got the tentative impression that he wasn't dead but was really afraid, which is also not characteristic of him.”

Having been off the radar since 27 May, it would appear that Greg is lying low in Portugal, possibly with antiques dealer Francisco Manuel, who claims to be The True King of England, having traced his linage back to the first legitimate son of Queen Victoria.

Interestingly, Greg’s friends alluded to the fact that while many people fear for Greg’s life having exposed the dark and sordid secrets of the House of Windsor; the real reason the powers that be want him silenced is because he published ‘Hitler Was a British Agent’ and ‘Stalin's British Training,’ which has the potential to do more damage than the revelation that The Queen is fake.


In an interview with Red Ice Creation radio in 2006, Greg Hallett spoke in detail about his books which have rocked the British Establishment, and once common knowledge, will most certainly bring down the British Government and Royalty, exposed as criminals, perverts and charlatans.

Having explained how he got involved in writing the book, Greg sets out in plain language the logic behind the thinking.

Speaking about the New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke as a KGB agent trained at Tavistock in St Petersburg, he said, “Her training is very similar to Hitler’s training. Locate disgruntled individuals and take then back to their country and train them as double agents and then advance them to destroy that foreign country.”

“That was what Britain did to Hitler and destroyed Germany totally.”

“History repeats itself every sixty years, plus or minus two years. The same thing Hitler did to Germany, Helen Clarke is doing to New Zealand.”

New Zealand is viewed as a paedophile playground to the world’s elite and according to Greg is running under 100% corruption.

“Governments are just Mafia Operations,” says Greg.

The Tavistock Training: A Formula that Works.

“Most of the politicians we see on TV are double-agents, serving some foreign power and essentially serving the new world order and the central banks.”


“Hitler was well reputed to be a homosexual and was also a coprophiliac, and a lot of his staff was homosexual.”

And on this bomb-shell, Greg explains, “Politics now runs on shame. Where the most shamed person is advanced to the most advanced positions.

We have a situation in governments, from the highest ranks to the lowest ranks of the politicians, to the judiciary, from the highest to the lowest in the police, and right through the media, from the highest to the lowest are all paedophile minders, who have all been nurtured into position by shame, or by covering for someone else’s shame.”

“This is what happened with Hitler.”

Taking us by the hand to the seedier and dangerous side of life, Greg makes the libelous allegation of a serving Prime Minster, “We’ve got a similar situation with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Rasmussen.

He’s constantly being delivered to hospital late at night in a dress. He’s a cross-dresser, takes drugs and has sex in parks and gets fisted.

So you’ve got a Prime Minister from Denmark who is a cross dresser who has been promoted to that position by shame.”

“Eyes Open Shut is incredibly accurate.”

“The sort of sexual deviancy happening now with politicians can be directly parralled back to Hitler’s time.”


Adolf Hitler & Eva Braun
“He was well courted as a coprophiliac; its colloquial name is ‘scat,’ he like to be defecated on and it was Eva Braun who was one of the first people he found who was comfortable doing that. And that brought a huge amount of shame. It had to be very in-house.”

“That made Hitler absolutely controllable.”


  • Hitler was originally trained by the British between Feb-Nov 1912.
  • He was trained in Ireland and England at the Tavistocks.
  • Lived in Liverpool from Nov 1912 to May 1912.
  • He spoke very good English.
  • He was well and truly trained as a British agent.
  • He was sent to Germany and promoted through the rank to destroy the German military, which he did completely
  • Had Germany fund Israel.
  • Helped Israel secure their homeland by killing 6 million Jews.

(Germany now funds Israel and will continue to do so until 2094, when the payments are due to stop.)

Greg explains the Methodology of Deconstruction.

“He [Hitler] had been deconstructed which means that his mind was now aligned to the mind of the British Government and the British plans, as opposed to having control of his own subconscious mind.

His subconscious mind had been controlled and trained by the British government.

In deconstruction you still have a conscience mind and a subconscious mind, but your subconscious mind is completely controlled and the subconscious mind controls your will and the future of the person.

That aspect of Hitler was completely taken over by British agents and then supported by other double agents in Germany, including the central bank’s finances, who were looking to create a war between Britain, Germany and other countries, so that they could fund both sides of the war, disrupt countries, take control of their governments and make huge profits.”

“It’s exactly what happened, it all went to plan.”

No wonder Hitler, as weird as he was, achieved such high status.

Operation Winnie the Pooh & Operation James Bond.

“Even Hitler’s escape – which was a day late,” said Greg as he goes onto reveal in detail how Hitler escaped the Berlin bunker.

“It’s called Operation Winnie the Pooh and Operation James Bond. Operation James Bond was a move by Ian Fleming and Christ Creighton, both British intelligent officers, to remove Martin Bormann, a prominent Nazi official, out of Berlin on the 2 May 1945.

Tacked onto Operation James Bond was Operation Winnie the Pooh, which was the operation to remove Hitler out of Berlin.

Hitler and Eva Braun got into a Westland Lysander MIA* aircraft, flown by Hugh Verity, a RAF pilot, who had been waiting for 14 hours, since 2 am, 2 May 1945 for Hitler and Eva Braun to arrive. The plane had been covered with branches and once in was acknowledged as Mr and Mrs Rabbit.

They were then flown to Barcelona and meet by General Franco's son in law, Ramon Serrano Suner.

According to Greg, Hitler never made it to Argentina, as many researches would have us believe and instead lived out his days in Barcelona at the Montserrat Monastery.

Its worthy of note that Greg tells us that Martin Bormann was taken over to England, where he lived under another identity in England, to later move to Paraguay where he died in 1959.

It’s said that with plastic surgery to disguise his appearance, he was able to attend his trail at Nuremberg Trial, and watch as he was found guilty of Crimes against Humanity in his absence.


Other popular myths include:

  • The Sun is hot.
  • The Earth has a molten metal core.
  • If you wee in a swimming pool the water turns green.
  • Politicians are nice.
  • Fluoride is good for you.
  • Money makes you happy.
  • Queen is only a figurehead and doesn’t wield any real power.


This is the million pound question, which once you know the answer, makes perfect sense.

Let’s delve further down the rabbit hole with Greg…

“Hitler was never declared as a war criminal partly because he was a Rothschild. He was the Grandson of Lionel Nathan de Rothschild who was the first Jewish British MP and ran the central bank.”

Hitler’s Genealogy.

Greg Hallett contends, “Alois Hitler [Adolf’s dad] was first cousins with Winston Churchill.”

Talking about Alois Hitler’s mother, Greg reveals, “Maria Anna Schicklgruber; they got her pregnant in a cult, act, theme, play kind of thing on 31 August of that year and as soon as she showed she was pregnant was sent back to Strones, (a hilly forested area in northwest Lower Austria just north of Vienna) to live.

“She gave birth to Alois Hitler who was actually first cousins with Winston Churchill.”

Having written three books as a follow up to ‘Hitler was a British Agent.’

Greg talks in depth about the genealogy and the various illegitimate children amongst:

  • The Rothschild’s.
  • The British Royal Family.
  • The German Command.
  • The Russian Command.

“Many of the puppets of the world’s elite in front of the camera, are the illegitimate off-spring of the Rothschild’s dynasty.”


  • Winston Churchill was an illegitimate Rothschild.
  • Joseph Stalin was an illegitimate Rothschild.
  • Adolf Hitler was an illegitimate Rothschild.
  • The whole British Royal Family are illegitimate Rothschild’s.

“Winston Churchill could do whatever he wanted. He could run for five parties and become Prime Minister three times because he was related to the British Royal Family and the Rothschild’s. He was actually invited to become Prime Minister by King George VI, who was his nephew.”

Revealing the very dark secret’s of The Rothschild’s and the British Royal Family, Greg Hallett takes the reader into unchartered waters, infested with dangerous creatures from the deep.

 “As soon as you see the 20th Century as a family operation, it’s well regarded as a warring century, of which the wars have been incredibly profitable to the banks and not at all profitable to the countries. Then you can see the illegitimate Rothschild’s are the perfect agents to lead countries to war. And as soon as you have a country going to war, you should look at the genealogy and look for the contacts with the Rothschild’s.”

“Supposedly,” Greg said, “Tony Blair is related to the British Royal family. In my view he looks incredibly like Prince Andrew and Prince Charles!”

“Winston Churchill was the son of King Edward VII, born to Jeanette Jermone Churchill. King Edward was the illegitimate child of Queen Victoria and Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836) and Queen Victoria was also the daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, so Winston Churchill’s Grandfather and Great Grandfather were the same person.”


“Nathan Mayer Rothschild faked his own death in 1836 and lived until 1850.”

“So Nathan Mayer Rothschild produced children with Queen Victoria, who was his daughter, until be produced a male heir, King Edward VII.

The shame of that was enough to completely control the British Royal Family.”

“Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Consort Albert was illegitimate, the son of a stable boy called Alexander.”

Reiterating what none of us was expecting to hear:

“The whole British Royal Family is illegitimate. It’s a complete sub-set of the Rothschild’s family and they are controlled through shame.

You’ve got a standard family tree that is on public display, and then there is the illegitimate family tree that is the truth.

They control the Monarchy and the Monarchy controls the government.”

  • Prince Philip control MI6.
  • Prince Charles & Queen Elizabeth (have a go at) controlling MI5.

“To say the Monarchy have nothing to do with politics is a load of shit,” said Greg in relation to the popular myth that the Queen is only a figurehead and doesn’t wield any real power.”


Greg gives us an alternative history lesson:

“After Hitler was in England he returned to Germany in 1913 and enlisted into the German Army during World War I. He served as a runner and was actually captured twice by the British and on both occasions spared a trial and allowed to leave.”

“He was spared by a British intelligence officer, who when raised the situation with his superiors, was told to “shut the fuck up.””

“Hitler was protected because he was a Rothschild and because he was trained as a British agent and whenever he was captured in World War II, he was actually a British asset and sent back to his side with complete immunity at being a runner and not shot, charged, convicted or become a prisoner of war.”

“They promoted him with medal, which he absolutely did not deserve.”

“In the Battle of Britain Hitler had every chance to take over England with a superior air force. There was no way that Britain could defend, so Germany self sabotaged by not having enough petrol onboard to make the journey back home, o they were ditching their planes into the English Channel.

Then Hitler was made to come up with the very very dumb idea of Operation Barbarossa to attack on two fronts, to attack Britain and take it over and to attack Russia.

That just extended the war and killed a load more people.”


“With regards to Hitler’s decisions in the last nine months of World War II, they were completely erratic and his own commanding officers did not understand any logic in what he was trying to do, because there was no logic in what he was trying to do.

The last nine months of World War II was an absolute killing spree and that was when most of the people actually died and that was when the German military got utterly annihilated and Hitler actually went round and murdered his own more patriotic officers and commanders.

In the last nine months of the war, Hitler was very much acting for the British and as a reward, the British got Hitler and Eva Brown out of Berlin at 5pm on 2 May 1945.


“A lot of Hitler’s commander and intelligence officers realized Hitler was a double agent and there was Stauffenberg who tried to kill Hitler, but Hitler got word of it and moved from the concrete bunker that would have enclosed the explosion and killed him, to an open bunker and replaced himself with a doppelganger. The bomb went off, the doppelganger was killed and then the doppelganger was dragged into the backroom and then Hitler was put into the clothes of the dead doppelganger and walked out vertically without a scratch.”


Greg Hallett jokes, “Hitler had about eight doppelgangers and chewed through at least eight of them. If it wasn’t for his doppelgangers, he would have been dead eight times!”


Asked what’s it all about? What’s the main objective, what’s the main motive be it:

  • To get rid of a lot of people, or
  • To sustain more wealth and more control

Greg answers, “TO CREATE A DEAD ZONE.”

“According to the Georgia Guide Stones, they want to reduce the world’s population to below 500 million. They want to cull 12 out of 13 people.

To create a Dead Zone of people:

  • Working to pay their taxes
  • Watching TV
  • 100% control of Human’s and the world.

Greg Hallett doesn’t mix his words:

“All of history has been a hoax. No one has lived in history; we have only lived in a con.”


  • We’ve got Chemtrails spraying aluminum and barium, bovine cancer and sheep sickness. The aluminum floats down, we breathe it in and it gets lodged in the Brain and that becomes a receptacle for HARP (High Active Research Project.)
  • Now they are trying to take over the food sources by removing any quality elements out of the food.
  • Poisoning the protein elements like sheep and cows.
  • Removing the natural fish source by over fishing.
  • Taking over the energy resources to create wars, wherever it’s around oil and use that for justification for doubling, tripling, quadrupling the price of oil.


Greg Hallett has certainly blown away the cobwebs of history and revealed a story of Hitler’s true origins of which none of us expected.

The only question now remains, HOW DOES GREG HALLETT KNOW?

Perhaps this comment provides the answer, “A disgruntled WWII-era British spy in New Zealand had allegedly given Greg the basic relevant, suppressed information about Hitler and Stalin and then Greg evidently did a massive amount of digging in the public record to corroborate it all with circumstantial evidence.”

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  1. "Speaking about the New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke as a KGB agent trained at Tavistock in St Petersburg, he said, “Her training is very similar to Hitler’s training. Locate disgruntled individuals and take then back to their country and train them as double agents and then advance them to destroy that foreign country.” Interesting. Hamas in Palestina was created by Israelis. They searched single palestinian men trough MENA without connection back home when building up the force. During Agenda21 the scheme is apparently the same. "Refugees" will be sent back to their home countries in due time. With loads of cash&intel.


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