Friday, 13 September 2013


I’ve served as a Royal Military Police and consider myself to have an investigative mind, but you certainly don’t need to be a detective, nor a nuclear scientist for that matter, to see the Royal Connection with paedophila.

It’s bloody obviously and clear for us all to see.

Every alleged, convicted and dead paedophile of prominence has a Knighthood.

Let me repeat that in another way, The Queen has personally elevated the position of dangerous paedophiles into the higher echelons of the British Establishment, by making them Knight’s of her Realm.

Here are some examples which I clutched from thin air; people who have been accused or confirmed as being dangerous paedophiles.

Spot the Royal Connection?

Sir Cyril Smith MBE
Sir Rolf Harris CBE
Sir Jimmy Savile OBE
Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber CBE
Sir Cliff Richard OBE
Sir Stewart Hall OBE
Sir George W Bush GCB
Sir Ted Heath MBE
Sir Peter Morrison PC
Sir Kenneth Clarke PC

Come on even Nicolae Ceausescu was a Knight of Her Majesty’s Realm, for Goodness sake!

The Dispatches programme aired by Channel Four on Thursday 12 September 2013, informs us that Her Majesty’s security services, namely MI5, vets her Knight’s before they are knighted.

As with Cyril Smith his file was three inches thick!

As confessed by a retired police officer who fetched the file for the MI5, they knew he was paedophile BEFORE he was knighted.

This would have been the case with everyone put up for the honour.

The stark truth is that Queen of England 'Knights' known paedophiles. She elevates paedophiles to the highest realms of British society, aware of the fact they are dangerous paedophiles and in doing so condones their actions and aids and abets them to continue their vile perversions.

The Royal Connection is Paedophilia.

I’m from the Spivey School of thinking and agree with his analysis and research that the Royal Family are Satanists and sexual deviants. If you haven’t read this article ‘Monsters Inc’ why haven’t you?

We know from recent revelations that the Houses of Commons is awash with cocaine and porn. They are all in it together and their crimes reach all the way to the very top, the Windsor Royal Family.

This is the uncomfortable truth YOU must accept…

Harking back to the Dispatches programme, a victim who chose to hide his identity told of Cyril Smith’s boldness of perversion in molesting him in public view inside the Houses of Parliament. He was eight years old at the time.

The very same is happening today. Ben Fellows, a victim of child abuse and who is now a crusader against child abuse, tells us that the serving Minister for Justice Ken Clarke, molested him publicly in a Parliamentary office, aware that Ben was only fifteen years old at the time. Read more in my aptly titled ‘Ken Clarke Grab a Cock Scandal Shocker’ article.

Dignified Silence.

The dignified silence coming from the Royal palace and other prominent figures like Ken Clarke, Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Katy Bourne (the list is endless), is deafening and an affront to Justice.

Even Princess Diana wrote a letter detailing how her husband planned to kill her in a road accident but yet the police haven’t questioned him.

The likes of Chris Spivey and David Icke invest tremendous energy and determination in spreading these allegations far and wide, but yet the named remain silent.

Where’s the honour in that?

The Royal Connection makes a mockery of our judicial system and makes a mockery of our Royal traditions.

The Windsor Royal Family is unfit to reign.

'Off with their heads, the lot of them.'

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  1. the Queen is the at the centre of everything that's so corrupt in the world, not just the UK, she is pivotal in the financial fraud that is the central banking system and in league with the Vatican in their harvesting of youth to fulfil their sick Babylonian rituals. The truth needs to be revealed and these people must have their invincibility removed, be prosecuted as the criminals they are and made to pay for their crimes


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