Friday, 4 March 2016


Conspiracy theories both old and new have taken on a new lease of life following the release of Chris Spivey's latest article about Princess Diana and the emergence of new theories on who really killed JFK.

The Night of the Living Dead
Covered in detail in his article 'The Night of the Living Dead', on-line journalist Chris Spivey has put forward the ground breaking theory that not only wasn't Princess Diana killed in a Paris tunnel on the 31st August 1997, but in fact she wasn't a real person but a composite of Selina Scott, Alice Beer, Rosa Monckton and Jill Dando.

Risking ridicule for his research, Chris Spivey's latest theories appears equally bizarre as the latest theories surfacing in relation to the 1963 assassination of American President J.F Kennedy.

With the truth staring us in the face, the latest theory suggests that JFK wasn't killed by Lee Harvey Oswald but was in fact killed at close range by his wife Jacqueline Kennedy.

The moment Jacqueline shot John
Viewed by millions and millions of people throughout history, the famous Zapruder footage shows the fatal moment when JFK's brains were exploded out the back of his head.

Watching the footage with a new set of eyes, it is plausible that once shots rang out on that clear Dallas day, the signal was given for Jacqueline Kennedy to reach over to her husband and blow his brains out with a small concealed pistol. Funnily enough, it does look as if Jacqueline Kennedy does in fact hide something down behind the seat before crawling onto the rear bonnet of the presidential limousine screaming in terror that her husband had just been shot dead.

From one famous conspiracy theory to another, the assassination of JFK and Princess Diana's fatal car crash have held the public's imagination in a vice grip and has fuelled speculation which is guaranteed to continue long into the future.

Even British Prime Minister David Cameron is all too aware of the power of conspiracy theories in today's society. Speaking in France, he compared arguments used by those who want to leave the European Union with conspiracy theories peddled by the most famous conspiracy theorist of them all, David Icke.

PM David Cameron said, “Of course you can say this is all some giant conspiracy, some sort of David Icke's style sort of you know... It is just nonsense.”


While many in the Truth Movement claim the world is run by a group of psychopathic satanic worshippers, Chris Spivey goes further than anyone to claim that their numbers are so small they are forced to play more than one personality.

It gives the aged old saying that 'The World's a Stage,' a whole new meaning.

With the invention of Photoshop (possibly Mankind's greatest invention) introduced to the public in 1988, Chris Spivey contends that every picture of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed at the Ritz Hotel in Paris was photoshopped. Going further still by claiming that the car which crashed in the Alma tunnel, was actually placed there as part of the world's greatest hoax.

One thing is for sure, history will either prove the likes of Chris Spivey and David Icke to be extremely mentally ill, or key players which bring down the World's leadership, heralding in a new era of Human history.

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