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While Grand-dad Chris Spivey is under the impression he's done much to bring the Alternative Media together, the truth couldn't be further away from the reality.

It is in fact fair to say that this disgraceful court decision has achieved a bit of unity in the Alternative Media and that is surely a good thing?”

A hero to his loyal fans, an internet troll to the ignorant man in the street, and a loving father and Grand-dad to his daughter Stacey and his grand-son Clayton; Chris Spivey doesn't impress me very much!

Having first come to my attention in July 2012 with his ground breaking article 'Monster Inc', I've been a staunch supporter of him ever since.

Reaching new levels of respect for his journalistic investigative skills with his judicially fatal article 'The Drummer Man,' Chris Spivey travelled further down the fabled 'Rabbit's Hole' than any other journalist has dared to go so far.

Taking nothing away from what he's already achieved; I'm disappointed in what he's failed to address, namely the Hampstead case.


To be a Chris Spivey reader, you need at least three special qualities:

  • A tolerance of bad language and vulgarity.
  • Patience to read really really really long articles.
  • Imagination to suspend reality.

More often than not readers just had to take what he said at face value and trust that Chris Spivey had done the thorough research he claimed to have undertaken.

As he keeps telling us:

For obvious reasons there has been no major articles added of late as they take time and a lot of research to compile.”

I've personally lost all my friends over his Drummer Man article:

I expect many of his readers had to stretch their imagination of reality when Chris Spivey claimed:

  • Jade's Goodie's mum – Jackie Budden was Brenda Leyland, the McCann troll who was alleged to have committed suicide.

There is a comment on The Tap News Wire which reads:

Is Chris Spivey losing the plot?
A few days ago he posted an article suggesting the possibility that the ‘McCann troll’ Brenda Leyland, who was outed by Sky News and subsequently went on to commit suicide allegedly was or might have been played by Jackie Budden! JB is the mother of the late Jade Goody and looks nothing like Brenda Leyland.
When a number of his devoted followers attempted to put him right in a sensible and helpful way, he went bl**dy mad, as he always does when even mildly criticised.

Though in all fairness, he didn't claim this to be fact, but only an theory worthy of discussion!

  • Then the contention that the Prime Minister's wife Sam Cameron, doubled as Elizabeth Owen, a witness to the 7/7 London Bombing.
  • That Jimmy Jone's wife Jane Russell is actually Sonia Poulton, a journalist on David Icke's now defunct TPV television station.
  • That all the family photographs of Prince William and Princess Kate, with their son Prince George are photoshopped.
  • To his most famous claim to date that Lee Rigby didn't actually exist, and was actually fictional creational based on three individuals, Karl Whittle, Robert Sarjeant and Chris Amos.

Beware that these are just five examples of many many more extraordinary claims Chris Spivey makes on his website

Chris Spivey could be right! But then again he could be barking up the wrong tree. It's hard work having to plough through the thousands of words and dozens of pictures he pus forward to validate his claims.

Only his most loyal supporters stick with him, without voicing any criticism. While Spivey appears to have lost support from the more mainstream reader, his most staunch supporters band closer together to ensure any criticism of him is roundly pounced upon, smeared and ridiculed.


Once mentioned as 'Matt My Mate,' I've lost my position as being one of Spivey's most trusted allies.

This is what he once had to say about me:

The slightly eccentric, but a fucking nice fella all the same, Matt Taylor.”

Now I don't even get a mention.

Following Spivey's most recent blog, '“Spiv is a wrong-un look you, is it.”' in which he derides The Outlaw Jimmy Jones for being a troll and reiterates his claim that Jane Russell is actually Sonia Poulton; a reader called Lesley left a comment in jest which could just as well be levelled against me!

I understand how he feels. When Chris doesn’t pay me any attention I feel rejected and frustrated as well especially as I am his #1 fan. Its hell!”

To which Chris personally applauded her with the message:
Excellent comment Lesley. Chris xxx”

I'll happily admit to feeling rejected. When mentioning Alternative Media news sources in his blog, Chris Spivey omits to mention Guerrilla Democracy News, of which I am always boasting is a big hitter in the Alternative News media.

I feel frustrated that when I ask him a question, all I get is Lisa Peabody answering on his behalf.

I considered myself his number one fan and always beamed with pride if he ever mentioned my name in one of his articles.

Ego aside, I knew he had given me a mention because the readership numbers for Guerrilla Democracy News would always spike whenever he did.


It all went wrong between Chris Spivey and I when the Hampstead case broke... And its this case which has compelled me to write this blog publicly voicing my disappointment in him.

Now you have to understand that up until this time, Chris Spivey would pounce upon any and every example of false flag government wrong doing and anything else that twanged his bullshit antennae for that matter.

  • Any Daily Mail news report that reported bullshit, Spivey would be on it.
  • Any news about the aftermath of the Woolwich incident, Spivey would be on it.
  • Any news about paedophiles getting away with it, Spivey would be on it.

This made it all the more frustrating that when the Hampstead case broke, nothing was forthcoming.

I'll readily admit that up until this time I had become reliant on Spivey's opinion. I know the likes of Ian R Crane would encourage us to do our own research rather than taking their word for it, but I had come to take Spivey's word for it because I simply never had the time to do my own research and relied on people like Spivey, Richard D Hall and James Corbett for doing the research for me.

When the Hampstead case broke my jaw dropped to the floor as much as everyone's else. Chris Spivey and Bill Maloney had been telling us for years that Satanic Worshippers ruled the world and this was the first time we were getting first hand testimony of what was happening from within the sick satanic cults.

I would have bet my month's wage that Spivey would cover it; but he didn't and my frustration grew and grew.

The new darling of the Alternative Media Danielle La Verite, in conjunction with her handler Thomas Sheridan were quick to publicly renounce and discredit the Hampstead kids testimony.

I simply couldn't understand why people wouldn't believe them and turned to Chris Spivey for guidance and advice.

As far as I was concerned, Danielle La Verite was abusing her new found fame to discredit and renounce the testimony of two kids, who in my humble opinion should be praised for telling their story.

In a moment of frustration I sent Chris Spivey the following message:

Get off the fucking fence Chris. You owe it to your fans.
One way or the other; do you support DLV or not?
As far as I'm concerned she is dragging the Truth Movement through the mud and I'm very disappointed and disillusioned.
Get off the fence Chris and tell it like it is.”

To which he readily replied:

Have a word with yourself Matt, you are losing the plot.

You are becoming a figure of fun, and from where I sit the only people dragging the truth movement through the mud are the likes of you & Catshit... Why the fuck should it matter to you what Danielle believes or doesn't?

She is entitled to her opinion and just because it differs from yours is no reason to spit your dummy out.

And lets face it Matt, you have made some awful errors of judgement of late... Like apologising to that drug addicted paid troll in the jungle for one... What the fuck has that self obsessed soppy cunt ever done to help further the movement that you are so concerned about being dragged through the mud?

My advice to you is worry about your own shop before trying to put other peoples in order... And that most definitely includes mine, because right now you are coming across as an egotistical, spoilt brat, with fuck all to brag about.

Who I support and who I don't has fuck all to do with you or anyone else... However, now you have brought the subject up, I don't remember seeing you at my court case last month... Course, shouting your mouth off at me is a sure fire way of losing mine.”


I had never been on the receiving end of Chris Spivey's wrath before and in all honesty it hurt.

While I thought he was way of the mark, I was willing to take his remarks on the chin and carry on.

After all:

  • Tom Cahill had up until that point attacked nearly everyone in the Alternative Media. While Spivey choose to react by calling him names, I choose to extend my hand of friendship. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer!
  • I believed it did matter what Danielle La Verite believed. She was targeting the Alternative Media audience and was using her fame to discredit testimony which I believed and still believe to be trustworthy.
  • Being called “an egotistical, spoilt brat, with fuck all to brag about,” was hurtful but I could handle it. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.
  • Though what stung me the most was his comment, “I don't remember seeing you at my court case last month...”

Yeah, I don't remember him coming to my defence when I was arrested for saving an OAP's life too.

We know from his blogs that Spivey hasn't got time to read anyone else's blogs because he's too busy writing his own. Its a shame, because if he had read shadowsussexpolicecrimecommissioner he would have known that I was tied up fighting Sussex Police corruption and spending all my time, effort and money helping a very scared old man fight of dangerous thugs, who were in partnership with a corrupt Sussex Police force.

But either way; I let it go because I knew Spivey was under considerable pressure from Essex Police himself.

I've been in the same position. When I left the Army following the death of my mother, I returned home to discover my sister was a heroin addict and that my two nieces, aged 6 and 9 at the time, were living in a heroin den, in danger from the weirdos and drug users my sister was letting in.

I contacted the Social Services myself, only for them to goto my sister for clarification, where my sister manipulated the facts and turned them around calling me the mad one, whose information was unsound.

I fought hard, tooth and nail for the next 6 months to get my nieces away from danger and my sister the help she needed to kick her heroin habit.

I knew what he was going through... While Spivey had no idea what I was going through!


Time went by and Spivey's blog became more prolific and his claims more bizarre and strange.

Take for example his article 'Double Crossed' which is a good place to start.

I challenge anyone to read through this without scratching their heads. It ends with his contention that “Brenda Leland – the so called McCann troll who topped herself – who in turn is the late Jade Goody’s mother, Jackiey Budden… Just sayin’.”

He started to back up his claims of various crisis actors being one and the same, by introducing a face comparison application, which matched the likeness of each face in percentage terms.

Father & Daughter

Any scientist who makes a claim usually publishes their methods to allow other scientists to re-create their experiments to determine whether their claims are sound or not.

Pryce is the Pope & I'm Barry from Eastenders

I became interested in what face comparison application Spivey used because someone made the bizarre claim that the actor Jonathan Pryce was actually Pope Francis and I wanted to test the comparison myself. So I asked him what face comparison application he used via Facebook messenger.

To which I receive a message from Lisa Peabody telling me I should “ask him personally.”

And here's me thinking sending him a Facebook message was asking him personally.

What I found most amusing was her comment, “I could easily find out and perhaps would, if it was someone else asking, however I am very loyal.”

I should have expected it really, after all, Lisa Peabody doesn't like to be questioned!


I reached the end of my tether when Spivey posted his last blog before his sentencing on 27th August 2015.

The first line read:

Ahead of Thursday’s sentencing, here are THE TRUE FACTS of what has really taken place since July 30th 2014, ALL OF WHICH CAN BE EVIDENCED. Please share this report far and wide because next time it could be you caught up in a nightmare from where there appears to be no escape.”

I was particularly interested in reading this because I wanted to know how my name was mentioned twice during his court date. Apparently I had been accredited with creating and posting the mock Sun Newspaper front page which had gotten Spivey in so much trouble.

Taken from the Court's transcript:

  • The Sun 'mock headline' was posted by a Matt Taylor as anybody can post on Spivey's Facebook account. Spivey had been threatened with violence regarding various posts and subjects on Facebook in the past.”
  • The Prosecution suggested that the 'mock' Sun posting on his Facebook page, even though posted by Matt Taylor had then been 'adopted' by him by not deleting it, and asked if Spivey agreed with its content. Spivey replied that he had, "No feelings one way or the other".

Surprised that Spivey promised to lay out “The True Facts,” I was disappointed he never addressed how I was apportioned blame for posting the mock Sun newspaper front-page.

After-all Lisa Peabody had already admitted it was her.

I was simply interested as to how it happened; especially considering everything I posted on Chris Spivey's Facebook page never stuck and was always refused with an error message.

I asked one more time in the comment's section of Spivey's 'Harassed' article:

Good recap of the facts, but from a personal point of view, it doesn’t answer how my name came to be mentioned in court?”

To which Pongo was kind enough to reply:

Matt – your name was mentioned because of the `screen grab` on Chris` Facebook page when you posted it, that was in the `legal bundle`.”

And that was fine... My question was answered and while I was still confused as to why they could 'screen grab,' something I had never posted, I was willing to let bygones be bygones and leave it be.

But little old Lisa Peabody just had to add her penny's worth...

And its for this reason and this reason alone that I am so disappointed in Chris Spivey.

If I had wanted Lisa Peabody's opinion I would have asked Lisa Jane Pea. The reason I ask Chris Spivey's opinion is because I want Chris Spivey's opinion, not someone I've never met and know nothing about.

And still Chris Spivey remains silent on the Hampstead case... I've come to realise that Spivey isn't all he's cracked up to be!

Leaving the last word to Lisa Peabody:

    Yes we know what issue you would like everyone to address Matt, unfortunately the reasons you want them addressed seem to be more about "you" than anything else... how you feel, blah blah blah..... You feel let down, after all you gave bill 20 kwid once.. I gave the peoples voice a fiver and iI'm not still banging on about it. You have a blog, write what you want on there, find the time to do your own research instead of making demands from everyone else. I see you feel so strongly about this that you have unfriended me and yet not Chris.... I think you are somewhat deluded and confused x”

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  1. Great article, Matt. Agree entirely re. Chris Spivey and Danielle La Verite (or 'George').


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