Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Southwark Satanic Farce! by Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike

Sabine McNeill -               Ricky Dearman -             Belinda McKenzie

Sorry, folks, but St Anthony is now totally FED UP with the total Satanic FARCE at Southwark Crown Court where known baby-eating Satanists have a free rein to come and go, including Satanic High Priest, Ricky Dearman, 48, in Hampstead who initiated the whole Hoaxtead saga. You see, folks, anyone who speaks the TRUTH is prosecuted, jailed and murdered, while the baby-eating Satanists are allowed to publish the biggest pack of lies in the history of the world and get away with it!! So, one needs to ask the question, who runs Britain and who runs the world? Yep, you guessed it, SATAN!! In this respect, the latest person to suffer at the hands of Southwark Satanic Court is none other than Belinda McKenzie, 72, in Highgate who mentioned about Sabine McNeill's case in a Facebook post which immediately resulted in her being arrested and jailed for daring to mention about her friend, Sabine McNeill, 74, but was then released on condition that she never sets foot in Southwark Crown Court ever again forever. Meanwhile, the baby-eating Satanists are allowed to come and go as they please, physically attack people and threaten to kill them and publish whatever lies they want about Sabine's trial without a peep from either police or the court. Now, doesn't that strike you as STRANGE that the UK Govt would go to any length to protect Satanists and harass, imprison and put to death those who expose Satanism and Satanic Ritual Child Abuse which is all being committed at the highest levels of the UK Govt and in the church and society as a whole? I mean, this whole situation beggars belief, but astoundingly its all TRUE!! So, folks, what is needed now is a massive Cromwellian REVOLUTION to overthrow the Satanic Govt and install a benevolent God-fearing THEOCRATIC Govt which of course is what St Anthony did in April 2008, but nobody listened because they're all demo(n)cratic capitalist 9-5 zombie slaves of the New World Order of the Antichist. O well, c'est la vie, that's life!!

Yours in the battle for planet earth,
Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)

Cosmic Research Foundation
Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
Tel  91-8596-224312/9959-684635
Date       12th Dec 2018

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