Monday, 31 October 2016

Sussex Police take down blog to cover-up their cover-ups.

Matt Taylor's blog Shadow Sussex Police Crime Commissioner blogspot has been taken down for a second time, following concerns three 'Special Reports' published online, threaten to bring Sussex Police into disrepute.

Following an appeal against the Google Blogger Team's decision to remove the blog on grounds of harassment, against Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner  (SPCC) Katy Bourne in August 2016; the blogger successfully argued he was entitled to call her a "Liar", in light of the criminal investigation against her by the Independent Police Complaint Commission's (IPCC), about her expenses.

The website was subsequently reinstated a month later in September 2016.

Since then three controversial articles calling into question Sussex Police handling of the Camber Sands tragedy and the Shoreham Air-show Crash, (which collectively killed 17 people), have been posted.

Clearly concerned the information within these 'Special Reports' can cause Sussex Police serious harm if a wider audience were to be informed; the force (in conjunction with the Office of SPCC) have appealed to the Google Blogger Team to remove the blog for a second time.

Having built up a reputation as an investigative journalist covering stories which the mainstream media daren't report, the ex-Royal Military Policeman has been a constant critic and source of frustration to the Chief Constable and Commissioner since 2012, when he stood in the first ever SPCC election.

Under fire from all quarters, Commissioner Bourne and Chief Constable Giles York are under even more pressure to police the county with less resources, than any other time in the history of Sussex policing.

"I don't think people would have voted for the Commissioner if they'd known what she was going to do."

Brighton's Hanover and Elm Grove Councillor Emma Daniel, is the latest in a long line of critics to highlight the failings of Katy Bourne.

A member of the Sussex Police and Crime Panel and the Chair of Brighton and Hove City Council's Neighbourhood Communities and Equalities Committee; Emma told Brighton's local newspaper The Argus; "The Police and Crime Commissioner seems to feel the lower level crime isn't a priority but all I hear from residents all over the city is how worried they are since they lost their PCSO."

Responding to an incident at the City's Level Park, in which out-of-control skate-boarders harassed a mother and son; Emma pointed out the contradiction in her Police Plan, saying "Commissioner Katy Bourne had campaigned on a manifesto of strengthening neighbourhood policing but is reducing PCSOs."

Most damaging of all, is the comment that "I don't think people would have voted for the Commissioner if they'd known what she was going to do," which will most likely bring Katy Bourne to her knees and call into question her ability and suitable to hold Sussex Police to account and deliver a practicable Police Plan which works for all Sussex.

Running scared and on the back foot, Bourne and York know that any more adverse publicity and serious investigation into the Camber Sands tragedy and the Shoreham Air-Show Crash, will undoubtedly reveal secrets which they would rather remain secret.

Fortunate to have a compliant, docile and submissive local press in Sussex; the Police have been permitted to deny a blogger his Human Right of expression and freedom of speech, to hide him publishing information proving corruption runs deep within their higher ranks.

More Special Reports


Do you think its expectable that Sussex Police and Katy Bourne take down a blog which high-lights serious wrong-doing within their ranks and office?

I am being denied my Human Rights of Expression and Speech. If the editors and reporters of Sussex don't report this story, who else will?

This effects all of us... Our Freedom of Speech and Expression is at stake.

I need your help... Not just for me but for other victims of Sussex Police crime too.

As this email from David Neilson demonstrates:

Hi Matt,
Private and Personal.
Your site down again
I am going to try taking legal action I have to find a solicitor who won’t be scared off.
It’s clear in my research that I have a lot possible cases. Each one opens a lot of doors
1 Katy Bourne Malfeasance in public office.
2 East Sussex Social Services Elder Disabled abuse 
3 Philip Anthony Brotherton Top Flat (I am sure that’s whose car drove off) Elder Disabled abuse harassment intimidation) Bear in mind I have never seen this man who he is and why he does not want me to see him is a big question.
I have all the paperwork and statements you did about the arrest and the attack on me 2013 plus Sussex SS.

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