Friday, 1 July 2016

PCC Katy Bourne is under investigation for Electoral Fraud

Sussex police have confirmed they’ve started an investigation into Katy Bourne’s electoral fraud, having received a complaint that she knowingly lied during the May 2015 PCC election over her expenses claim.

Alleged to have broken her oath of office, Katy Bourne is accused of being dishonest in claiming she has never claimed allowances or expenses during her time in office.

A day before the vote in which she was re-elected Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SPCC), Katy Bourne posted a Facebook update which said, “I have not claimed any allowance or expenses during my term in office. #Public Money”

The truth is plain to see

Proved to be incorrect, with Freedom of Information responses published on her own SPCC website which chronicle her expense claims since November 2012, Katy Bourne is facing the real possibility of being sacked for dishonesty.

Mark Townsend, Staff Officer to the temporary deputy Chief Constable Robin Smith of Sussex Police, has confirmed they are investigating the complaint by responding, “Thank you for your email dated the 3rd June where you have outlined a complaint you wish to make against the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner.

I would like to make you aware that it has been forwarded to me to research, and a colleague or I shall be in contact with you in due course.”

Sussex police are currently investigating claims that newly elected Conservative Lewes MP Maria Caulfield, failed to fully declare the costs of her General Election campaign in May 2015.

Tit for Tat

The Conservative party in Sussex have retaliated by making an official complaint that ex Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker, also failed to properly declare his election costs during the 2015 general election.

Conspiracy theorist Norman Baker, who famously wrote a book about the murder of David Kelly (famous for revealing details about the sexed up Iraqi dossier) said, “This is a pathetic action of the most juvenile kind from the Conservative party.”

MP Maria Caulfield is said to welcome a “full and extensive” investigation into the election fraud claims, while the Sussex Police and Crime Panel, tasked with holding Katy Bourne to account, has answered on her behalf, that they are “satisfied that the Commissioner has not claimed for her expenses during her time in office, despite being entitled to do so.”

Katy Bourne | Where is her integrity?
Corruption appears to be alive and kicking in the rolling countryside of Sussex.

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