Monday, 21 December 2015


By Ella Draper.

Hey Tricky Rick, Mr.Tickles, TICK TOCK, Pookster, Lucy Mullins, Snake Logan, Post Nein, Constance Waring, Jack Burton, or whoever you think you are today. Congratulations. 

You REALLY are famous. You've incriminated so many, where does it end? Tavistock, CIA, Monarch Trauma Based Mind Control TBMC which you and your ilk subject victims to, including your own offspring, from one generation to the next. 

There is a documented history of state sponsored mind control instigated by (although not exclusively) the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA created in 1947 as a result of the influence of the Tavistock Institute- specifically the CIA's precursor, the OSS. Well, the State sponsored MK/Monarch Trauma Based Mind Control gig is up. This bizarre interactive alliance that developed between Satanism and large segments of the intelligence community, Tavistock (the CIA) etc. has been exposed thanks to YOU. 

Just how many schools in the U.K. have been infested with this scourge? 

At least 10 in the Hampstead, Camden area. Is the Education "Authority" involved ? !! ( Just slipped that one in, quick, lie cry or deny !!??) The children named 7 of them that they had visited with YOU. 

  • The McMartin Pre School scandal, 
  • The Franklin Cover Up, 
  • The Nigerian Musa family case, 
  • The Amidlisa case in France, 
  • The Irish Kincora Boys Home, and 
  • Jakarta International School. 

Mind controlled sex slave U.S. President Barack Obama programmed at Jakarta International School, which came to prominence in 2012 when Canadian Teacher Neil Bantleman was accused, later convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for crimes eerily similar to the testimonies of Alisa and Gabriel. 

Jakarta, Similarities with Hampstead case 

1. Children claim they were sodomised by groups of adults. 
2. The school initially rubbished the children’s claims 
3. Medical examinations corroborated the children’s claims. 
4. The children claim that they were anaesthetised. 
5. The children testified that they were raped in secret underground rooms, which have since been demolished or refurbished. 
6. Mother accused of coaching her child the children. Secret rooms 
7. Gangstalking reported by mothers in both cases. 
8. Use of illusion and virtual reality to confuse and create non-credible disclosure which is a common feature in Monarch Trauma based mind control cases. 

Our research leads us to believe that the particular Mind Control Programme in the Hampstead Cover Up is one known as the 'Alice In Wonderland" Program. 

See Pauffley's references to Alice in Wonderland in her Fraudulent judgement 14th of March 2015. Bantleman was recently released from jail on appeal after serving less than one year of his 10 year sentence. 

According to Alisa and Gabriel; on his return to the U.K., their biological father Ricky Dearman was introduced by Claire Wilmer to teacher Lewis Hollings and other Teachers & parents of Christ Church School who were already sexually abusing children in Jesuit Satanic sadistic rituals with elements of, Talmudic Blood sacrifice. 

Ritual Blood Sacrifice and Royal Arch Freemasonry meet Monarch Trauma based mind control Dearman introduced the Monarch Trauma Based Mind Control element to Christ Church School and certain teachers introduced these techniques to other schools in the Hampstead area. 

Everything else makes sense with this strategic piece of the puzzle in place. 

They'll need more than a 'D' notice to cover this up. 

A DA-Notice (Defence Advisory Notice)—called a Defence Notice (D-Notice) until 1993—is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security. 

The system is still in use in the United Kingdom. 

State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control TBMC. 

How else could you have convinced the children to consider killing a mother lovingly devoted to them? AND why else would so many members of U.K establishment LIE, and PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE thereby incriminating themselves so blatantly & publicly in the ATTEMPTED Hampstead cover up!!? 

Why the prevalence of C.IA.,MI5, cointel, Bitches, Witches and snitches , pimps ponces and nonces , shills trolls and moles all over the Hampstead Cover Up. 

Why so much obfuscation, muddying of the waters? 

What could be so important? 

Our Website blog has been hit thrice in the last 13 days, and is presently down, since we exposed the Crown and State sponsored TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL PROGRAMMING INFESTING THE WESTERN WORLD'S EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS. 


  1. Excellent. Tho I may be lambasted therein and I forgive but excellent in accuracy and analysis. I personally am not MI5 and the Pope is NOT a catholic but a satanist. Things are rarely what they seem after half a century of targeted mind control both micro and macro. There ARE slaves sometimes still unwittingly on assignment even by remote control, but the HOLY SPIRIT indwelling guides into all truth, disables handlers and their agendas, turns what the devil meant for harm into GOOD, hangs the evil by the very nooses they erect for others, short circuits and sabotages evil ambushes and LAUGHS in the face of lucifer and his minions.....ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE CHRIST JESUS AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSES. Darkness can NOT overcome true light and LOVE covers a multitude of sins. Devotion to evil will reap evil eternally.

    1. Angie, we LOVE you .... Ella & Abe

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  2. Great Blog Matt. We'll call you soon ,

    e & a


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